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For questions about moderators who later get their moderator privileges revoked, or the process by which the tools can be revoked.

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Should striking moderators resign or lose their diamonds?

I understand that there is a moderator strike action that many diamond moderators are participating in. Should striking moderators resign their diamonds and/or have them taken away? During the major ...
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Does suspension result in automatic loss of moderator privileges?

It's long been policy that users may not stand for election as a moderator if they have been suspended anywhere on the network during the previous twelve months. If someone with a recent suspension is ...
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Have the October 2019 moderator removal procedures been used?

Related: Has the October 2019 moderator reinstatement process actually been used? In October of 2019, a new set of processes were enacted to handle cases of potentially misbehaving moderators and ...
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Do we have a problem with hostile moderator resignation posts?

In a recent answer, Juan M ♦ mentioned that: Lately, we have had an increase of resignation posts that have served to host combative and hurtful words to attack Stack employees, other mods, and ...
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Checking in with "*Monica*" users

On 2019-12-23 Monica Cellio updated her GoFundMe to announce a legal settlement with SE Inc. (Latest) Since that day, I've been wondering if (or what) that means for that unorganized ad-hoc "...
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Has Stack Overflow requested a retraction of The Register article?

Obviously, the details of the settlement with Monica are not public, but has SO made the public action of requesting that The Register's article about the mod situation be removed or modified to not ...
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Update: an agreement with Monica Cellio

Stack Overflow and Monica Cellio have come to an agreement. We believe that Ms. Cellio was not acting with malicious intent. We believe she did not understand all of the nuances and full intent and ...
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Why are moderators who become Stack Exchange employees required to resign as moderators as a condition of employment?

In an answer to a related question I asked yesterday, a Stack Exchange community manager said: Remember that when a moderator is hired as a Stack Exchange employee, they have to step down as a ...
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How exactly does the moderator inactivity process interact with employment at SE and employee moderator rights?

I had previously asked a question about the procedure for removing moderators who become inactive from moderating their site, and the answer basically boiled down to this: a moderator has to take at ...
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What is the process regarding moderator inactivity removals?

As far as I'm aware, moderators can now only be removed voluntarily or for cause (following one of the two processes listed here), but prior to the publication of that post, there has also been a ...
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Did Upper Management ignore the growing tension in the TL that resulted in Monica's being axed?

I am not asking for any statements or details of the situation in TL to be revealed. I am asking just whether Upper Management ignored the situation until the situation exploded with Monica's being ...
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What processes exist to issue formal warnings or remove moderators?

Feedback and questions about these processes are on this other post. This post lists two process by which formal complaints against moderators are handled by the Community Management Team. The ...
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