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Use for questions about the stock messages moderators can choose from when they send a message to a user.

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Translation for "consistently low quality questions over time" mod template isn't used

Existing translation not used for mod template "consistently low quality questions over time". There are two original sentences. I don't really know which one should be used, but no one is ...
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The "choose a template" modal for moderator messages is obscured on my mobile browser

If I attempt to create a Moderator Message ("contact user privately") in my mobile browser (Chrome on Android) for Mi Yodeya, with the new responsive design, the modal that allows me to pick a message ...
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Please update the moderator message template to include the code of conduct

Now that the code of conduct is rolled out, please edit the moderator tools to include that link in the template for rude and abusive warnings and suspensions. The new code to me feels much more ...
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Link to /help/referencing in the moderator message template for plagiarism

The current “plagiarism” template for moderator messages (minus lead-in and fade-out, but including original emphasis) is: It has come to our attention that several of your answers consisted ...
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24 votes
1 answer

Mod message templates should not use the first person singular

Moderator messages are now signed by “${SITENAME} moderation team” rather than “${USERNAME}, ${SITENAME} moderator”. However some moderator message templates still contain “I”, which does not make ...
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14 votes
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Modification to the 'excessive self-promotion' moderator private message

The boilerplate text for the 'excessive self-promotion' moderator contact form includes a direct quote from the help center: Be careful, because the community frowns on overt self-promotion and ...
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Could the "abusive to others" message template be revised to include a link to the Be Nice page?

We've got a great Be Nice policy, and when a user runs afoul of it, it seems like a good idea to point them in the direction of that page. However, the current candidate moderator message template ...
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80 votes
2 answers

Add a moderator template for a pattern of bad answers

The "consistently low quality question over time" moderator template is very useful and flexible, and I've generally found a good response when using it. I've also found similar results when using a ...
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54 votes
2 answers

Allow moderators to add their own mod message templates

On Physics, I rarely use any of the boilerplate mod messages. One of the more common actions is warning a user about many homework questions1. For this, I have a template in the chatroom that I copy ...
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Grammar error in boilerplate moderator message

The template for the "abusive to others" moderator message contains the following: This is only a warning, but please take it under advisement. Looking through your history I can see that you ...
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