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To answer or not: What makes the difference?

The statistics show that Stack Exchange family websites have a lot of users. For example, Stack Overflow has more than 14M users. However, it seems that the majority of answers come from only a little ...
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Why is it a problem, to collect so many rep as possible? [closed]

The rep is not given for anything. It correlates well with the useful work for the sites. People doing this, they are not "rep farmers". More exactly, yes they are, but it is a good thing (...
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Is there a Stack Exchange site for motivation?

I would like to know whether there is a Stack Exchange site for discussion on motivational (motivating oneself and others) topics. If yes please point me to it. And if not, why not?
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What is the average time distribution of reputation accrual?

I am wondering if anyone has analyzed average reputation points accrued over time. Given that posting a good answer to a question will accrue a total of x points over a year, I imagine there must be ...
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Ethics of participating on Stack Overflow being not 100% altruist

This question appeared in my mind with relation to another my question (Yet another question about Tenacious badge), but I think this one is worth being asked separately. I made some analysis of my ...
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Motivation to edit when already downvoted

One thing I've noticed among new users is that their questions don't meet the basic quality guidelines, usually failing to include what they tried to solve their problem (on SO) or failing to include ...
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19 votes
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SO parallels to gambling

I do not want to offend anybody; I just figured out that some Stack Overflow characteristics are similar to gambling. I read an interview once with a psychologist explaining why people lose their ...
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Does Stack Overflow encourage writing *good* answers?

I can guess, that to the most of Meta residents I looks like no more than some irritating rascal, only good for raising unrest and harassing people. That is not so true. Great most of time I spend on ...
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How to motivate users to write tag wikis?

A very large number of tags on Stack Overflow don't have tag wikis at all. How can users be motivated with enough rep to write and edit them more often? Rationale: A great deal of users asking ...
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How do I regain my editing motivation?

This is an offshoot from a comment I posted earlier today: Not everyone is interested in editing. I used to be a very heavy editor -- editing way more than closing. It was, for quite some time, my ...
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What is the motivation for answering questions? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: Why do programmers help each other without pay? What motivates people to answer questions in Stack Overflow? You have StackOverflow, and you have Wikipedia, and you have ...
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47 votes
11 answers

Is Stack Overflow a type of game?

I hope this question isn't perceived the wrong way. I am sincerely interested in hearing some of your thoughts about the title of this post. Sometimes, answering a question on Stack Overflow is an ...
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15 answers

Lost my motivation after 3000 points

So now that I've gotten past 3000 points on Stack Overflow, I don't feel much incentive to keep playing. Nothing new will happen until 10000, which seems unachievable. Shouldn't there be something to ...
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Why do I get more satisfaction out of participating in SO than out of my job?

Alternatively, are there good ways to get more satisfaction out of my job, possibly by leveraging my participation in SO?
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StackOverflow tidy-up day!

For the last couple of days I've been digging deep in the Unanswered Questions tab and looking at all those questions that do have answers and no upvotes and upvoting if there is a correct answer. ...
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What is Stack Overflow?

I asked few questions on Stack Overflow and got the perfect solutions for my questions in no time. Thanks a ton to all you folks. But I am just wondering, who are the people who are answering my ...
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C++ / How can someone that asks questions like this have 3500+ reputation? [duplicate]

Also see: Should the weight of downvotes be increased? Response: Is this really an exact duplicate, and so deserving to be closed? It may lead to an ultimately similar discourse, but Rich B's ...
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23 votes
5 answers

Badge for upvotes after rep cap is reached

How about recognizing upvotes which do not convert to reputation after the daily cap is reached? I am still thinking up a good name for such a badge (ProBono is a good name) and, suitable criteria ...
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What does it mean when a question "skews towards reopen"?

I've seen the phrase "skews towards reopen" used a few times, and while I understand the connotation — that users think that it is easier to reopen a question than to close it — I don't ...
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What motivates people to answer questions on Meta? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why are you on meta? (requires 10k MSO rep) Okay, we're finding out about what motivates people to answer questions on Stack Overflow; but what motivates people to answer ...
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What motivates people to answer questions in Stack Overflow? [closed]

I want that too - motivation to answer programming-related questions. What is yours?
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Theoretical question: Hide rep above 10k?

Imagine, when you get to 10k rep (obviously the point where you can comment, edit, vote to close and delete, have access to the moderator privileges).. instead of it showing an ever-increasing number, ...
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26 answers

Why does Stack Overflow work?

I have a few questions about Stack Overflow and how it works: How do intelligent programmers the world over find time to answer everybody's questions? What incentive do people have to answer ...
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17 answers

What's the incentive to answer questions?

I am still new to this website but I am curious, what is the incentive for people to answer questions? It seems like there is a much higher time effort of people to answering versus asking, which ...