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Moderators can move comments to chat if the need arises; use this tag for questions about that feature.

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Start a chat with OP before reaching the 10+ comment mark

I was trying to solve someone's question and due to a language gap, they were unable to describe it properly. I know that the "let's continue this on the chat" message and link auto adds to ...
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Comments migrated to chat are assigned a new timestamp, rather than preserve the original timestamp

I'm betting it's intentional for some technical reason, but when you migrate messages from comments to chat, the timestamps are lost and the new chat messages are assigned new timestamps, the time of ...
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3 votes
1 answer

My comment was moved to a chat room, and it is not attributed to my site-specific username [duplicate]

On one of the StackExchange sites, I have changed my display name from pacoverflow to something else. Recently there was a question on that site in which a lot of people left comments, including me. I ...
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Please change the wording of the comment generated when mods move comment threads to chat

Currently, when a mod moves a comment thread to chat, the system enters a very curt and borderline rude message that seems to be chastising users for doing something wrong instead of attempting to ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Moderator has moved a discussion to chat - and swept my non-discussion comment with it

I made a comment on a post with many comments. Most of these comments were a sort of a discussion among commenters (well, arguably). Mine, though, did not refer to other comments, but rather directly ...
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20 votes
1 answer

Bug causing profile picture to change when moving comments to chat

I have a profile picture set on site A and a different profile picture on site B. Site A is my default parent site, so it's the one that should show in all chat windows. However the image changes to ...
57 votes
1 answer

Chat rooms associated with posts should never be automatically deleted

Chat rooms that have been inactive for a period of time and which have fewer than 15 messages are automatically deleted. This is a very reasonable thing to do in general, but not when the room was ...
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17 votes
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"Would you like to automatically move these comments to chat?" could be clearer

When two users message each other in the comments one too many times, Stack Exchange presents a message as follows: Would you like to automatically move this discussion to chat? I clicked on it ...
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