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For questions about the "My Logins" page in the profile settings.

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Can't log in to my Stack Overflow account [duplicate]

I created another Stack Overflow account for another community that was not related to my main account, but I mistakenly added a GitHub login method with the mail from my main account. After that, my ...
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What does the 'Stack Exchange' entry in the 'My Logins' section of my account represent?

I am a novice user of the Stack Exchange platform. I was recently reviewing the details of my accounts. Within the 'Settings' tab is a 'My Logins' section, i.e. Account > Settings > ACCESS > ...
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"How to add or remove login credentials" pop-up on the Contact page has incorrect instructions

On the Contact page, after selecting "I need to add or remove login credentials", the following pop-up is shown: How to add or remove login credentials Open up your user profile page and ...
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Cannot delete a login

I have two email addresses associated with this account. I was trying to remove the previous email. However, the remove button in the "My logins" page did not work. I thought it was an issue ...
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Contact page - issue with "My logins" description about navigation to the section

In the Meta Stack Exchange Contact page's, Contact support section, when selecting the option as "I need to add or remove login credentials", there is a popup opened. In that, I see the ...
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Can't change account's password from "My Logins" page

Here is a weird thing, I simply can't change my account's password. Go to your profile Select Edit Profile & Settings tab In the left side sub menu select My Logins In the page select change ...
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"my logins" is not loading in the network profile

"my logins" feature does no work and UI is not displayed properly after login on so website and visiting stackexchange profile page, in my example: In ...
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Find my username and password for a Stack Overflow account

I know this might have been asked before. But here the scenario is somewhat different. So please read the question. I am a little bit confused with the thing about Stack Overflow. I created my Stack&...
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Add login by email [duplicate]

I've created my account a couple of years ago using the Google login. Is it possible to add a new login method just by email and password? At the "Add new login" screen, I don't see this option.
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Changing account email and logins on SE network [duplicate]

first, I read the threads and documentation about changing IDs. I may have miss something, for sure, but I read before posting. I created my SE network login with my gmail address some years ago. Now,...
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I can't log in!

I have an account I accidentally created on Area 51. I want to use this account, however. It won't let me post on A51 Discussions for some reason, and I can't sign in on this account. Can that ...
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Cannot add Google sign in to My Logins

I created my Stackoverflow account using a Verisign Open Id. Yesterday I tried adding google as a sign in, but find it's not working. I follow these steps This brings me back here My logins haven't ...
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