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myOpenID was an OpenID authentication provider previously to use for account login.

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Is OpenID deprecated on the Stack Exchange Network? [duplicate]

I'm clearing the clutter from my list of login credentials, and I'd like to know if it's alright to delete my personal OpenID from this list?
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How can I use my SE OpenID to log into other sites?

I want to post a comment at someone's blog. The author doesn't allow anonymous commenting. I am offered the opportunity to log in using OpenID. Supposedly, as a StackExchange user, I have an OpenID....
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Changing account email and logins on SE network [duplicate]

first, I read the threads and documentation about changing IDs. I may have miss something, for sure, but I read before posting. I created my SE network login with my gmail address some years ago. Now,...
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How do I "flag a moderator" to get control of my now-orphaned account? [duplicate]

I initially set up my account -- -- in the summer of 2008 when the site was still very much in beta. Since I used for authentication and ...
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I can't access my old account that used myopenid [duplicate]

I didn't get the memo regarding myopenid shutting down. As a consequence I cannot log in to my account anymore. Is there a way I can recover ? I tried doing it with this account, using the same email ...
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Missed the MyOpenID demise; account lost forever? [duplicate]

Is there any way to get my old account + metadata back if I have lost an account ties to MyOpenID?
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Steps (with screen shots) to merge MyOpenID account into social network accounts/email providers accounts [duplicate]

If you have taken the time to merge your MyOpenID StackOverflow (and StackExchange) account into a social network account such as Google or Facebook, can you describe the workflow (maybe with screen ...
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Please merge SEDE accounts, normal options unavailable

Original SEDE account ID: 6306 Newly added account ID: 11949 Please allow my Stack Exchange OpenID on account 6306, and discard/merge account 11949. MyOpenID is not working anymore for the Stack ...
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Will/Does SO/SE support any way to migrate accounts from myOpenID [duplicate]

myOpenID have announced they are closing from February 2014. All my SE accounts are linked using a single myOpenID id and I'm sure many thousands of others have the same situation. How are we advised ...
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I can't login using MyOpenID, Google or Stack Exchange accounts nor recover Stack Exchange account

My MyOpenID login is working right in Ask Ubuntu, but I can't log in to Stack Overflow or Meta Stack Overflow using MyOpenID, Google nor Stack Exchange. The only page I see is the "Oops! ...
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MyOpenID is no longer supported - alternatives most likely to be immune to this type of change? [duplicate]

Following myOpenID shuts down February 1, 2014; add an alternative login method to your account, I would like to follow the suggestions and add a new means of logging in, as suggested by the OP of ...
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myOpenID shuts down February 1, 2014; add an alternative login method to your account [closed]

Janrain has announced end of service for myOpenID, one of the many OpenID providers. MyOpenID will not be available starting February 1, 2014. (An earlier Twitter announcement from Janrain hinted at ...
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Multiple different Stack Exchange profiles with one myOpenID account?

I'm trying to have different "identities" on some of the different Stack Exchange sites (e.g., one for my professional activities, and a different one for my hobbies) such that they have different ...
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Cannot login in skeptics chat with MyOpenID account

I tried to log me in into the skeptics chat, but the site simply does not accept my login without any error indication, but redirecting me to the exact same page. Some specifications: Firefox 20.0, ...
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What to do about MyOpenID?

I have an account where I log into MyOpenID every day while I am work and sit on StackOverflow. Again today for the hundredth time, MyOpenID is down. I would like to make the suggestion that MyOpenID ...
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How do I login without an OpenID account?

I registered a Stack Overflow account with a MyOpenID account, and I deleted the MyOpenID account. So, I cannot log into the Stack Overflow account. I have tried to re-register MyOpenID account, but ...
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Can't Login to StackExchange Because of Long URL

I cannot log into stackoverflow sites using my myopenid account because where I work they do not allow long URLs and very long URLs are passed back and forth between stackoverflow and myopenid. I ...
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Log in with does not work any longer

I tried to log in with my account on SO, but I have only this answer: Unable to log in with your OpenID provider: No OpenID endpoint found. So, I had to create another account (this ...
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190 views still shows MyOpenID login as recommended

From the question unable to log in using it seems MyOpenID is no longer recommended, bringing down the list of OpenIDs you see at login to four. Since this simplifies the interface and we'...
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How to recover my old questions attached to MyOpenID? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What happened to MyOpenID? It seems that MyOpenID is not longer active to access stackoverflow. I created a new account with stackexchange but how can I link my older MyOpenID ...
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What happened to MyOpenID?

Apologies if this has been covered. A search didn't find the answer I seek. While trying to log in to a beta site (Writers.SE, if it matters) for the first time today, I found that the MyOpenID icon ...
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Fix Myopenid by re-adding the button and using a higher timeout

During the last couple of days StackExchange often failed logging in with MyOpenid. The "solution" was to remove the myopenid button. Since MyOpenid is not really down, just a bit slow, the button ...
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unable to log in using

I have started a new job, and from the new work computer, I am unable to login to using myOpenID. I get the message: Unable to log in with your OpenID provider: No OpenID endpoint ...
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OpenID no end point found error

I am using OpenID (MyOpenID) to login to Stack Overflow and other Stack Exchange websites. But sometimes, I get an error message saying: Unable to login with your OpenID provider: No ...
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Is something wrong with the myOpenID

I experienced some weird behaviour when I tried to login to, it gives me an error that repeats after I refresh the page and the login screen shows up again. This traps me in a cycle. ...
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Does the newsletter go to myOpenID e-mail?

I was wondering, if I can leave my e-mail address out at my profile and still receive the newsletter from SO. I have changed from e-mail address lately and I don't know if the e-mail goes to my SO-...
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MyOpenId Login no longer working [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: myOpenID - The OpenID Provider issued an assertion for an Identifier whose discovery information did not match I am normally this user:
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Why has Stack Overflow stopped recognising MyOpenID ID?

On Stack Overflow, I am However, I can no longer login as that user via MyOpenID; whenever I try to login, Stack Overflow now says: [The login it ...
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Problem logging into stackoverflow with MyOpenId [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Login via MyOpenID does not work I can't log into using MyOpenId. Why not? When I try, I get the following error message from StackOverflow: Unable to ...
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myOpenID - The OpenID Provider issued an assertion for an Identifier whose discovery information did not match

When trying to log in for the first time to using myOpenID openid I got the following error: The OpenID Provider issued an assertion for an Identifier whose discovery ...
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My OpenID is not working properly [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Login via MyOpenID does not work When I try to log in using my OpenID the following happens: I click "log in", and get redirected to Enter credentials ... ...
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I get an error when trying to login with myOpenID [closed]

I cannot log in with myOpenID. After I click on the "log in with myOpenID" image, I get the following error: Unable to log in with your OpenID provider: No OpenID endpoint found. It was working ...
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I can't automatically log in to a site where I have not created an account

I'm having this problem after migrating away from MyOpenID and setting my SE Open ID as primary. I just tried clicking on theoretical cs and I got the Q&A notification bar. I'm using the 'SE open ...
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How to recover the password for a MyOpenID ID in Stack Overflow? [closed]

First of all, thanks to the Meta Team that I'm again able to post questions. Now my problem is here: I have two user IDs on associated with the same Gmail account and ...
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myOpenID might not be a good OpenID provider to recommend [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: MyOpenID account mysteriously vanished When creating a new account on Stack Exchange, one has to pick an OpenID provider. myOpenID is one of the top five providers that Stack ...
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Is there an issue with MyOpenID?

It might be too localized a question, but I'm having issues all of a sudden logging in via MyOpenID. I can log in to my account directly at the site (, but I get a "No OpenID endpoint ...
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Recovering myopenid password

I have created an OpenID and using that in Stack Overflow. When I created that Id, I did not confirm the email address. So now I cannot reset my password, as I have forgotten it. Whom can I contact to ...
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Login via MyOpenID does not work

I have an account on Stack Overflow with a MyOpenID account. I have not logged in for a while, so I am not sure when it broke. But when I login now I get this: Unable to log in with your ...
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Unable to log into

I am not able to log into - specifically, this url: I receive the message: Unable to log in with your OpenID provider: No OpenID ...
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Associate two gravatars images to one myOpenID account

Can I link two grvatar images to one myOpenID account? I have associated all my SUFO and stack exchange accounts to only myOpenID account. I would like to use one image (my current image) for my ...
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OpenID login no longer working on meta, SU

Yesterday I noticed my OpenID URL stopped working on meta, SU and SF. I was already logged into SO and didn't want to risk being locked out of my account so I h. My OpenID provider is, ...
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Cannot log in with MyOpenId (delegated to own domain)

I've used to log into SO before, but now it's not working for me (past two days). The following message appears on the log-in page: Unable to log in with your OpenID ...
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