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Relating to elements such as menus, bars, and links which help users get around the site.

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Keyboard shortcut navigation stops working when changing page in the question/answer page for a user

Steps to reproduce: Go to a user's questions or answers page. Important, there have to be multiple pages of posts. Go to any other page. Important: do not reload the page. Use keyboard shortcuts to ...
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Design Vision Updates to the Left Navigation

Update – August 22nd, 2023 We have reviewed all the answers and comments — thank you to everyone who took the time to read this post and provide feedback. Based on the reactions to the visual changes ...
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Area 51 Discuss Link Goes to Old Chat Parent

If you go to Area 51 and click on the "chat" link, it redirects to a list of rooms that seems to be parented to, while the parent site that is used for new ...
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For paginated results, add a way to type the page number to which to navigate

I'd like to request a feature addition where navigating to the page of the result I desire to view (in any SE website) is able to be done by simply entering the page number of the results page you ...
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Dropdown within mobile navigation menu on doesn't open

On Stack Overflow's marketing website, nothing happens when I click on the dropdown in mobile responsive view. The same goes for every page on that website, such as /teams. With this ...
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Navigation and UI research starting

We’ve been running the site satisfaction survey on Stack Overflow since 2019. Since its creation, the Stack Overflow audience has told us that Stack Overflow’s design is a pain point—stating that the ...
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Is adding a Back button and/or a Next Question button a good UI/UX decision? [duplicate]

In terms of UI/UX it is a good decision, also for accessibility reasons. But is it worth the screen space it takes? To clarify, I'm talking about a Back button that would take you the previous ...
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"Show skipped reviews" is forcibly checked every time I navigate to another page

This is most likely only reproducible by users with 10k+ rep. If you go to the Review History of any review queue, click on "My reviews", scroll down to the pagination component, and click ...
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Trying to access community list beyond "Top 5" always lands me on my user page

I frequently switch SE communities by tapping the hamburger logo and then tapping on a community name. The initial tap gives a menu with my "Top 5" communities. If I want to visit one ...
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Inconsistent/confusing breadcrumb navigation on some moderator tools pages

Moderators have access to a couple of tools via the /admin/links page. There is some inconsistency in the breadcrumb navigation for the different pages, which I noticed after being puzzled by the one ...
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Bottom banner not showing link to meta [duplicate]

On my phone I get in the bottom a link to the meta page of the website On my desktop (Ubuntu with Firefox) I do not get this link. This makes it more difficult to navigate. Do I miss something, or is ...
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Why do Stack Exchange URLs expand to include an additional fragment to the route?

A Stack Exchange question URL has the form: A Stack Exchange user profile URL also has a similar form: However,...
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Add ability to open selected question in a new browser tab using keyboard shortcuts

On the homepage or /questions, one can press U, J, or K to select a question, then press Enter to open the question. Unfortunately, however, there doesn't seem to be a way to open the question in a ...
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How do I add education and company logo to my profile? [closed]

I am a very new user (< 1 hour). As I was filling out information on this site, I believe that I saw a section in profile about education and a place to insert a 60x60 pixel company logo in the ...
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Navigation page buttons are orange everywhere

On a similar note to this question: Page change buttons in user profile "All actions" and "Responses" tab appear in Stack Overflow orange rather than site theme color (which only ...
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Could we go to the meta sites more quickly?

Currently when wanting to see the current questions in a meta site of a specific community (without using the URL because that would involve extra work), this means I have to: Click on the Stack ...
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How long has swipe left/right been a feature?

I use a Mac touchpad and only by accident discovered that a two-fingered swipe left or right navigates between topics. How long has this been a feature and what exactly does it do in terms of ...
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Setting for hiding left navigation is ignored on logout page But on logout page this setting is ignored:
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Is there a link to the corresponding meta site? [duplicate]

Do Stack Exchange sites have a link to their respective meta site somewhere?
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Unify moderator's pages navigation

There is nav tab on several pages: On some pages (e.g. the are breadcrumbs: Others (e.g. don'...
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Add the "Unanswered" menu to Stack Overflow, including the international ones

All StackExchange sites have "Unanswered" menu item in their navigation. For example this one: Except for Stack Overflow and its localized versions. While the menu (AKA left nav) for Stack Overflow ...
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Provide an easier way to find the meta of each Stack Exchange site [duplicate]

I could not find the meta of Web Applications. It should have been easier to find (I did not find it actually, I just added "meta" to the URL).
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Find a random unanswered question

I'd like to find a random unanswered question on my site. I know of the 'Unanswered' tab on the All Questions page (/questions), but that sorts by votes. Is there a way to get it to sort randomly? ...
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Add a button to scroll me to my answer if I view a question which I have previously answered

If I open a question that I have already answered, it would be nice if there was an icon or link telling me something along the lines of "You have posted an answer to this question." This ...
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If someone is tabbing around the site, offer to turn on keyboard shortcuts

Turning on keyboard shortcuts... isn't the simplest thing to do. You have to either previously know about them, or happen to stumble upon them buried deep in your settings. This isn't really helpful ...
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Navigating through the site. Is it clunky?

I like jumping around between Stack Exchange sites. I enjoy World Building, English, Physics, etc. Sometimes I like to browse to see what other subjects there are. It seems that I have to make ...
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Show Requests and Bugs links in left sidebar

It's not obvious when you go to how to add a feature request or bug report - clicking on Ask Question is counter-intuitive - it takes some digging around on the site to ...
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Three “hamburgers” but still no direct link to meta

Users from EL&U will know I am not an admirer of the new theme which has befallen on my once beloved site. See my answer on English Language & Usage's updated site theme is ready for ...
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Making the left navigation more useful

This post is not about the left navigation bar being annoying or something to disable. Unfortunately we do not seem to have a post about suggestions to make the left navigation more useful now that ...
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Rollout of new network site themes

For the remainder of updates, see the tracking post: Rollout of responsive design site themes - Tracking post See updated schedule below and updated stock theme As promised (albeit delayed), we ...
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Better way to quickly find appropriate site?

When I go to and want to find the appropriate site for my physics question, I immediately think to use the search box at the top of the page labeled "Search all sites". So, I type in ...
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How can I remove or hide the left navigation bar?

Can I remove the navigation bar as this is distracting and clutters the site especially on Stack Overflow.
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New side menu back to header

New side menu can be very handy but is it possible to place it back to the header where it was before on the top? From the visual perspective it seems consume the side part of the page from questions/...
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"Hot Posts" Removal with New Nav?

In the comments to one of the answers under the new nav question, theres a comment about removing the "Hot Posts" from the sidebar, show below. This comment was the first I've heard of it, and I've ...
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Live: Left nav, new theming and responsiveness

This post is now locked due to a lot of off-topic or very tangentially related issues being posted here. It's so large that it is pretty hard to find/triage issues listed. If you have a concern ...
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Responsive site design widens profiles, pushing some info and controls farther to the right

I'm a member of a team on SO, so I have a preview of the responsive design that'll be coming soon to the rest of the network. To reclaim more space, I'm using a Stylish style to shrink the left nav ...
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Change default start page on Stack Overflow

By default shows me a page named “Top Questions”, but I would rather see the following: My unanswered questions (to see what’s going on with them) The unanswered questions with my ...
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151 votes
31 answers

Ch-ch-ch-changes: Left nav, responsive design, & themes

Thanks everyone for your feedback. The team has responded to feedback in the post Left nav, responsive design, and theming next steps . Check it out. Ch-ch-ch-changes are coming. As you've ...
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3 answers

How do users navigate to Meta?

How do you expect users to: Know that a site's meta-site exists (and what it's for)? Find the hyperlink to the meta-site? I know it exists, of course, and how to get there; I'm wondering how (or ...
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35 answers

New top bar is coming to the Stack Exchange network

Update: See: New top bar next steps and response to feedback I'm the new product manager for the DAG team. I’m excited to announce that the top bar design that has been on Stack Overflow ...
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The maddening brown review number in the navbar displays the wrong number [duplicate]

Currently, the review number does not serve to alert me about review tasks I can perform, only that there are review tasks outstanding. I am already aware that this is a known issue, so I am not here ...
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Link to "All sites" ( shows an error [closed]

When navigating to All sites from main page or directly via in Chrome browser, there's an error page displayed with message: ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS Similarily, ...
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Can we have a clear place for the help section in the new layout?

The new layout has been rolled out everywhere. The help section is in the footer It took me a while to figure out it wasn't at the top (and I've been here a while). You have to click on the sites ...
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Download popup will show up when navigating [closed]

I am not sure if it is a problem with Google Chrome, or maybe one of the extensions on my browser. In last month, in many cases when crawling in Stackoverflow or meta site, browser open a download ...
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Drag to "visible tabs" while editing the tab bar on the iOS app

The current design requires you to press the + or - buttons on the left of each tab to make it visible on the menu bar or not while editing on the iOS SE app. The design can be improved if ...
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Feature Request: Add a "My Questions" button at top on stack

I want to have a quick look of the questions I asked on stack. Currently for that I have to go to my profile, find the required stack community and then the question. Is it possible to have a "My ...
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Why do "Badges" have their own tab in the navigation?

I'm talking about the tabs provided in the navigation (menu-bar): "Questions", "Tags", "Users", "Badges", "Unanswered" and "Ask Question". I think "Badges" is a topic in the help center and can be ...
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What percentage of users use the /questions page to view questions?

There are two primary ways to view questions: The questions link (clicking the "questions") The homepage link (clicking the site name icon or from the base url) My question is what the total page ...
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Accessing the Stack Exchange home page from a community page [duplicate]

I am trying to understand how to go to the Stack Exchange homepage from a Stack Exchange community's page. Here's where I want to go: I like this page because it's full of questions. It's exciting. ...
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Two years later: How has moving the Meta link affected Meta usage?

Two years ago the link to a site's Meta was moved from an always-visible position in the top bar to subitems in the help and Site Switcher menus, as part of the top bar redesign progressively rolled ...
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