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Questions tagged [negative-badges]

Posts with this tag have to do with badges that highlight negative behavior or events.

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Stack Exchange Achievement Suggestions

Maybe we could have some alternative achievements?
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New Badge: Tactless

Take this with a light heart. Ok, so we've all been there. You answer a question with a perfect answer, but then the question goes dark, falling into the stackoverflow abyss. The OP never comes back ...
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7 answers

temporal Anti-badges with negative side effects to discourage bad behaviour

The idea is to "award" temporal anti-badges for bad behaviour, which will be removed when some kind of penance has been done. [edit One could even include side effect which activate some constraints.] ...
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5 answers

Badge suggestion: HATER, LOVER, and FAIR AND BALANCED

I wanted to suggest three new badges: HATER: If you've downvoted any one person more than 20 times. LOVER: If you've upvoted any one person more than 20 times. FAIR AND BALANCED: If you've upvoted ...
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-21 votes
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How about a "Irritable" badge for someone who downvotes often?

EDIT : How about a forced comment dialog...which forces the user's to comment when they downvote otherwise they can't....right now it just shows a popup to suggest posting a comment...maybe ...
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What about a set of negative badge catagories?

What about negative badge catagories: Rust (corresponds to Bronze) Earth (corresponds to Silver) Grave (corresponds to Gold) or something like...
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I suggest a closed badge

I suggest that a set of 'closed' badges be added. Bronze for first question closed, silver for 10 questions closed, and perhaps a gold...
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2 answers

A new badge proposal - "John List"

I have recently noticed several cases where people edited posts (not mine), by changing some minor 1-2 character spelling issues. While this in and of itself is probably a good thing (it's well-known ...
-31 votes
4 answers

Badge suggestion: Zealot (got 3 questions with at least 10 downvotes each)

Or maybe some other variation of that, like "20 downvotes anywhere within 1 day". Probably it should be bronze regardless. It seems like there's a script running against this badge, but that'd be ...
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We need a Nepotism badge

I see a number of cases (won't mention names) where a person will answer a number of questions for the same person over and over to where I start to believe that someone is gaming the system. Could ...
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