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Don't you think minus rep could cause negative effect? [duplicate]

When you gain something, it means that you will lose it some days. That is indeed. However, there is 2 kinds of losing. Lost something without aware of it and vice versa. And I believe that when we ...
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Does negative reputation count as due? [duplicate]

At Stack Exchange, one's reputation can never decrease below 1. Is negative reputation that is not counted in case of insufficient reputation deducted later on, i.e. when reputation is earned? EDIT: ...
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Reputation points conflict in summary and detail views

I'm trying to understand why a number of reputation points show as negative in my summary and positive in my detail views: It looks like I received the 3rd upvote that day, which would explain all 3 +...
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Reputation Negative Change Log [duplicate]

Till yesterday, I had 56 reputation, and right now, I have 46 (This is for StackOverflow). It's a change of -10. Now, 1. When I logged in, the reputation change log showed "-8" in blue on my ...
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Reputation deducted by 5, comment says removed [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What does “user was removed” mean and why did I lose 5 reputation for it? I see a change in reputation that says "removed"and the reputation changed from 808 to ...
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Should negative reputation be discouraged?

I know that the concept of negative reputation doesn't theoretically exist, but in practice, if you look hard enough, you can find users that have negative reputation; it's easier to see this in the ...
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