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Number of network sites and the Stack Exchange about page

The About page says, "Comprising 173 Q&A communities". It's known that the number of communities shown varies in different places. As of May 2023, so many sites don't make sense to ...
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Top network askers?

This is probably very easy for anyone who knows how Data.SE and whatever programming language it uses, but beyond my non-existent programming knowledge. Is there a way to get a list of who has asked ...
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A few sites are showing up as having no questions or answers on the network-wide stats

At the bottom of this list, I see: I don't think this even needs hand-drawn circles to highlight the problem. Something to do with the recent HTTP -> HTTPS change, maybe?
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Some questions regarding SE network statistics on about page

About us of both SE and SO shows "2015 Stack Exchange Network Statistics" with same figures. I think both can show their statistics i.e "SO statistics on SO about page" and "SE statistics on SE about ...
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Stats on handling my spam flags across the network [duplicate]

I am flagging spam posts detected by SmokeDetector, and I want to see the network wide impact on flagging the spam. Spam content is getting deleted immediately from the sites like MSE, SO. Response ...
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How many active users/contributors does Stack Overflow/Stack Exchange have?

I heard that Joel Spolsky recently said Stack Overflow has more monthly active users than Wikipedia. Is that true? What are the trends? What about other Stack Exchange sites and all SE combined? The ...
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Network-wide site comparison statistics

It seems to me that different sites on the Stack Exchange network are very different when it comes to statistics such as average views per question, reputation per user, badges per user, etc. I would ...
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Can the statistics on the 'About Stack Exchange' page be updated?

If you scroll down the 'About Stack Exchange' page, you will find some statistics for the network. Since these statistics are from 2014, they are… a little bit out of date. Well, more than a little ...
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