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For questions about network-wide suspensions, which can be applied by the SE team and prevent users from contributing across all SE sites.

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How can a network-wide-suspended account be posting questions and accepting answers?

Please reference this question: Why was Booster 9's 29 engine static fire ended 2.36 seconds early? The user's profile states that they have a network-wide suspension, yet they posted two ...
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Auto suspend the user network-wide if their accounts have been destroyed on a certain number (e.g. 3) of sites

Possibly related; might be an extension or alternative to: A user should just be destroyed network-wide automatically if it has no upvoted content and is destroyed on two independent sites by mods ...
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Are users being suspended for being on strike?

Does Stack Exchange suspend users solely for striking or supporting the strike? Of course, users who are on strike could still be suspended for unrelated activities, or for promoting the strike in ...
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Does network-wide deletion exist to be performed by Community Managers for spammers/trolls?

Staff can issue a network-wide suspension for a user for an arbitrary number of days. Even for hundreds of years. I'm interested to know if there is also a network-wide deletion path which Community ...
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How can I request a permanent ban of my own account on all sites?

Can I ask Stack Exchange moderators or employees to ban me permanently on two or three emails, all the emails I have, on every SE site? I mean forever, no coming back unless I start a new email ...
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Network wide suspension isn't really network wide (For real, this time, most likely)

Unlike what's being reported in User is suspended network-wide, except not really and Account said to be suspended network-wide, but it's not, which are due to moderators manually lifting the ...
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Account said to be suspended network-wide, but it's not [duplicate]

There is a user account that has a suspension message on Mi Yodeya that says they are suspended network-wide until 2025. However, they have several other accounts, and none of them appear to be ...
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Why can't they just delete the account instead of suspending a user network-wide for more than a century? [duplicate]

On this question, a user is mentioned who is "suspended" till 2292, which means the suspension period expires on the 23rd century (2201-2300). This question mentions another user who is suspended ...
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Stack Exchange app for Android not recognizing my suspended account [closed]

How do I associate my suspended account with the app that I am using now? I have a network-wide suspension but I do not want to extend it by using this app to read until my suspension is over.
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12 votes
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Add a string with a network-wide ban reason into Transifex I've found the string with key 229e40df2284bc1723ab27d08cd748eb: This account is $linkStart$temporarily suspended$linkEnd$$reason$. The ...
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Can suspensions be bypassed? [duplicate]

If a user is suspended from Stack Exchange, couldn't they just create a new account with a different email address and then just merge the two accounts after their suspension? This would completely ...
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Different text for network-wide suspended users on meta [duplicate]

If you look at a profile of a user who is suspended networkwide, you get the text: "This account is temporarily suspended network-wide. The suspension period ends on..." However, if you click on "...
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How does a network-wide suspension work when the account is unsuspended on at least one site?

I've run into an account that seems to be hitting some edge cases with the network wide suspension process. From what I understand, accounts with a network-wide suspension are prevented from creating ...
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Are suspensions considered infallible? [closed]

I'd suppose and hope that the bulk of users who are served with suspensions, (i.e. given a 1 rep., and banned from asking or answering questions), merit their bans, and the SE network is much better ...
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What is the purpose of network-wide suspension if the regular mod can unsuspend the user on specific site?

Today I learned that if the user is suspended network-wide this means nothing due to possibility of the specific site moderator drop this suspension on the site. Why it's allowed, and what is the ...
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How can a network-wide suspension be not entirely network-wide? [duplicate]

Today I noticed this user is suspended network-wide according to the text on the profile page: No other SE sites are visible in this profile page, only MSE. Just out of curiosity I went to ...
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Suspended user can change display name by copying it from another site

I'll start from the bug result: Having the name "Community", with 1 rep, is causing confusion when the user has lots of content and activity on the site, especially for new users. Also, the user ...
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Why not avoid the Streisand Effect for network-wide suspensions?

For site suspensions, initially, no reason was displayed, but following the arguments at Avoid the Streisand Effect - be clear about the reason when suspending an account, a brief reason for the ...
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What determines whether a user is banned from a single site vs. all sites?

Let's say a user is banned on EL&U. Are they banned on all SE sites? Is there a different criterion for when they are banned for a different reason?
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Could network-wide suspensions last longer than 10 years? [duplicate]

The dupe candidate deals about suspensions in general, the essential part of this question is the increase of the network-wide suspension length from 10 years to 30. The answer to the question has ...
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If somebody gets a 10 year long network-wide ban, who communicates it to them and how?

In the case of the bans issued by mods, the mod communicates the decision to the offender. What happens if one gets a network-wide ban? These can be caused only by the CMs. What are the rules in ...
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User is suspended network-wide, except not really

A user has been active on one of the sites recently, even though they're concurrent suspended network-wide on the rest of the network. How is this possible, and is it possible to evade a network ...
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De-linkify links in network profile if a network-wide suspension is applied

I noticed this network-wide spammer, with a network-wide suspension. They've filled their profile clear full of spam links, and the thing that delinks links in suspended profiles is working on per-...
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Why do network wide suspensions originate from per-site metas?

In the moderator annotation log suspensions that have been applied seem to be logged as originating from per-site-metas rather than the site themselves: Why is this? Is it a mistake in the wording ...
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What are the typical reasons for a network wide suspension? [duplicate]

I have come across a user profile that has been recently suspended until January network-wide. I have checked out all his various SE accounts and could not find a single negatively voted post in his ...
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