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New users are those users who may be new to the Stack Exchange Q&A format, and generally have a low reputation score, which starts from 1 at the time of registration.

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What is the expected way for a NEW user to identify the correct SE for a question?

Are the different SE sites intended to operate as a whole? Or is there no expectation that any one site should care about getting questions answered unless they are on topic for that site? Use case: ...
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Add on-topic notice to the top part (logo row) for 1 rep users

Whenever I see the blatantly off-topic questions on the site, I'm curious why the asker did this. This is probably due to a hidden from the asker's eyes on-topic notice. What if we make the on-topic ...
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4 answers

Does the new user rate limit apply even when you are a new user on only one site?

I am registered on about 80 SE sites, am an "avid user"(>200 rep) on about 30, and a modest user (103-199 rep) on about 20 more. Once when I tried to ask a question on Open Data (my "new user" site), ...
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Can new users not be bait-and-switched?

As a new user on SE, I shared the common new-user experience of questions downvoted, and closed, and the feeling of being kicked around by (well-meaning) moderators, and perhaps worse, the suspicion ...
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Flag link for new user own post does nothing

A new user (tested only on an unregistered one) has three links below their own question: share, edit, and flag. The last one (flag) actually doesn't do anything. No popup is appearing. Is there ...
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51 answers

Could we please be a bit nicer to new users?

There is a distinct decline in the level of civility on all the sites here. Some of this is due to new users coming in and posting spam and other nonsense, but the off-topic and downvote buttons are ...
186 votes
17 answers

What about the community is "toxic" to new users?

In Chapter #2 of The Loop, the following graph is being shown: The blog post states the following as explanation for what it defines as "unwelcoming": Unwelcoming community (10.6% of responses):...
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Add context "refers to site" for "About" used on welcome block for new users

If you are a new user to the site, you will see the welcome block on the right side of the main page: That block has three links in the bottom part: About Help Meta Sometime ago, we decided that ...
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5 answers

Invite low rep users to participate in chat

I'm aware of the preference for 'general answers to general questions' attitude on SO, and wholeheartedly agree that questions that are focused on specific, one-time issues are not as valuable to the ...
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2 answers

Feedback about joining a new Stack Exchange site (with suggestions)

I'm not questioning the moderator decision; this is about the experience. I'm an experienced Stack Overflow user, but I just joined this Web Applications Stack Exchange site today to ask a related ...
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Request for new user limitation: minimum character count to ask a question

Over at Worldbuilding we periodically receive new users who (not surprisingly) don't believe they need to take the tour or read the Help Center pages before they use the site. Call it being human... ...
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Effectiveness of site name / descriptions of sites for "power users"

This is a follow-up of How can a community know who outsiders think a community is for?. While it could be argued that people posting "bad" don't read the directions of the Ask Question form ...
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1 answer

What can I do if an answer in the "First Answers" Review Queue is objectively wrong?

All the options presented to me through the UI do not seem to address the situation correctly. Here is a screenshot of the options available to me. And here are the Share Feedback options. The only ...
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4 answers

Long-term goal: Automated Stack Overflow sandbox site for beginners?

First, this a long-term idea and I'm hoping we brainstorm (this isn't all-or-none). And please think about the overall idea, not a single implementation roadblock. It seems that a lot of problems are ...
33 votes
3 answers

Could or should the "search first, ask question later" principle be made more prominently visible?

I'm relatively new (roughly a month), so please excuse any great misunderstandings. Presumptions / Impressions: (A) It may vary a bit per case or community, but in general, the approach seems to be ...
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Reputation graph suggests you've been a member for longer than you are

I joined a new site two days ago. When I look at the reputation graph on my profile, it looks like I've been a member for a couple of weeks already: Wouldn't it be better to limit the graph from the ...
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10 answers

Introducing new user onboarding project

Following the Public Platform Q2 2021 roadmap, the team is kicking off the new user onboarding project and announcing our plans for the product-discovery phase. New user onboarding – Purpose We see ...
109 votes
7 answers

Are we creating divisions in our quest to make new users welcome?

One of the more frequent accusations that get leveled against long-time users of various sites is that we treat new user questions differently. That we downvote and close vote them maliciously, to "...
17 votes
5 answers

Closing questions while being friendlier to newbies

The SO community is very aggressive about closing duplicate and off-topic questions. This is a good thing overall, but I feel like the experience for new users who ask dup or off-topic questions is ...
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9 answers

What are the most effective ways to guide new users?

New users' first contributions to a site, by their nature, often require improvement. There are different methods of dealing with this, and I am looking for evidence that would help understand which ...
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1 answer

Add new / low rep users to chat rooms created "continue discussion in chat" by gold tag badge holders (or alike privilege based)

According to Moderator moves comments to chat - can low-rep user participate?, low rep users are allowed to chat when a discussion is moved to a chat room by a moderator, but not when the chat room is ...
6 votes
3 answers

Are there any tricks for finding beginner questions on a network site?

Since the vast majority of questions on this site are way over my head, I used to browse the "beginner" tag and I learned a lot that way. I'm still looking for those beginner questions, so ...
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4 answers

Definition of a beginner-question (Spolsky-question)?

A beginner question has an obvious answer. A newbie could be stuck on it for hours and still blush when the answer is presented. There are couple of good reasons for this kind of question: Help ...
13 votes
5 answers

Newbie trainer badge

During the last months I have seen significant increase of interest by newbies to the SO community/site. Probably it's just my personal feeling. Nevertheless, I see that experienced users used to ...
21 votes
4 answers

Confirm post preview for low-rep posts

Those of us who have been using SO (or any SE site for that matter) for a while know that the box where we type our text is not identical to what is posted (because of various markdown capabilities we ...
4 votes
2 answers

Guidance for "me too"ers (answerers / commenters and upvoters)

On Web Applications SE we have a lot of short questions that get lots of views and "a lot" of "me too" or alike answers, comments and upvotes. Regarding me too upvotes, from ...
11 votes
3 answers

Is it okay to use comments to guide new users into proper usage of the site?

I provided one of two answers to a question of a new user. A day later, the user had written a "Thanks!" comment to both answers, and accepted the other answer. From there, I ended up in a meta-...
16 votes
5 answers

How to educate new users about accepting answers

I just had a pretty heated discussion - at least on my side - with the moderator casperOne about a comment to one of my own answers asking the user to accept my answer. My answer was the only one to ...
14 votes
8 answers

New members' behaviour

I have seen this many times and experienced it myself as well. When a new member asks a question, It may be not formatted well It might not contain the relevant tags, etc... As far as I can see, ...
36 votes
14 answers

How should I deal with questions from people who don't know enough to ask?

I've been hanging around C/C++ questions mostly, and I am seeing some questions where the only useful answer is "go take computer science 101" or "go read K&R, and don't come back till you ...
181 votes
2 answers

Usability issues for first-time Stack Exchange users - a micro-study

I come from lands afar, also known as Hardware Recommendations Stack Exchange. Over there, we have a serious problem with first-time Stack Exchange users coming along and asking off-topic questions - ...
2 votes
3 answers

Would a grace period or a sandbox mode help introduce new users?

Inspired by casperOne's interpretation in the comments of this recent question, I'm wondering if a small grace period or a sandbox mode for newer users will help their introduction to the system. ...
19 votes
4 answers

Ways to make impact on a site in which you have little knowledge of the topic

Stack Exchange is a growing network of individual communities, each dedicated to serving experts in a specific field. As you can see, the network, and all of its sites, makes it clear that the sites ...
9 votes
1 answer

Why are questions only about one site in the network considered off-topic here?

This site seems to have a rule that "questions that are only about one site should be asked on the site's own meta", and such questions are nearly always marked "off-topic" here. ...
12 votes
1 answer

What tags should we use for 2 open source projects with the same name? [closed]

I am part of the dev team of Silex, an open source website builder. We think of getting rid of the old forums of Silex and we would like to send the users to Stack Overflow instead. But the problem ...
100 votes
50 answers

Come Take a Look at our New Contributor Indicator!

This feature is now live across the network. We've been doing quite a bit of research into ways that we could help new users have better experiences that ultimately lead them to becoming increasingly ...
15 votes
1 answer

Which SE sites require 10 reputation points to post images?

On most Stack Exchange sites, new users can embed images in posts regardless of reputation. But there are a few sites where embedded images are not accepted from users with reputation less than 10. ...
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1 answer

Why can new users only answer every 30 minutes? [duplicate]

Since a new user to Stack Overflow like me can only post an answer to a question every 30 minutes, this makes it extremely irrelevant for new users and will in short; drive users away from Stack ...
-26 votes
2 answers

New feature to encourage improvement and discourage hasty closing of almost-good questions from new contributors [duplicate]

A new contributor asks a question that, on face value, is poor. Maybe the wording is off topic, or is phrased to solicit opinion, or is a little cloudy or asks too many questions. If: the situation ...
4 votes
1 answer

What is the threshold for the review-needed indicator (the red circle) in the First Questions and First Answers?

In the dropdown for review, we sometimes have an indicator (red circle) showing that there are many reviews - and that this particular review queue needs attention. The thresholds are mentioned in ...
-29 votes
2 answers

A Modest Proposal for Making a More Civil Community

Stack Exchange constantly encourages people to be more civil to the new users. People sign up to a new account on Stack Overflow, ask for someone to solve their homework questions, and get upset if ...
12 votes
3 answers

How to ask a "Where to start" question?

I have this issue: I've been asked to develop a c# with DB with a "magnetic card", Where to start? But the thing is how should I ask a generic where to start if any where to start ...
27 votes
2 answers

Are "Point me in the right direction" questions acceptable?

This seems to relate to newer users asking directly, "Hey, go do this work for me" but to a lesser extent. Examples: Google Maps API states passed through calculated route Traversing through a 1D ...
4 votes
1 answer

Let post authors under 15 rep flag comments on their posts as "no longer needed"

Proposal Allow new users to flag comments on their posts as "no longer needed" (NLN), even without 15 rep. See my later suggestion (at the bottom) on how to cut down on possible abuse-cases. ...
4 votes
0 answers

Is it possible to make the tour more prominent to new users again?

The tour (redirects to the Chemistry SE tour), is something that gives users a brief idea on how the specific site works. However, this feature has become so hidden away that new users do not even ...
2 votes
1 answer

Is a "timeout" period for new users considered or even possible at some SE sites?

Over at Ask Ubuntu meta, I posted a question regarding new users. My experience is that there are many new users coming in that don't understand the difference between SE sites and a forum. There are ...
2 votes
0 answers

Remove an account promoting escort services [duplicate]

I just rejected a spam edit on MSO from a new user promoting an escort service. Looking at the user's profile here on MSE, it seems to have no purpose other than (spammingly?) promoting an escort ...
50 votes
11 answers

Allow new users to flag comments on their own posts

Something that has always bothered us about the new user experience was the amount of guidance we've got out there telling folks to flag rude or abusive comments, but not allowing new users to do it, ...
29 votes
0 answers

Why can 1 rep users post so many answers so fast?

I just came across this answer (10k only) on Ask Ubuntu (image link). A new, one-rep user just posted thirteen "abusive" answers over fifteen minutes. Another case: a user managed to post a ...
12 votes
1 answer

Extending the "Your first question has been published, now what?" system

Currently when new users publish their first question, a little box pops up that says Your first question has been published, now what? I'm proposing to extend this system. When the user posts their ...

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