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Clicking on a link changes the text layout in the Stacks Editor

Clicking on a link changes the text layout in the Stacks Editor. Example: Tested with Chrome + Windows 10. It doesn't happen in the Markdown-only or Markdown+preview views. It only happens when there ...
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Nothing appears to happen when pressing Enter in the middle of a line

When using the beta Stacks Editor1 in this example, pressing ENTER doesn't create a new line right before character W in the rich text editor mode. Nothing appears to happen in the editor. Env: Chrome ...
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How can I properly embed a code block into a Markdown table cell? Alternatively, how can I insert newlines into a code block without using `Enter`?

I have the following fenced code block: ```<br>a = 1<br>b = 2<br>``` I would like to replace the <br>s with some other character ?, so that it acts like a newline, so that the ...
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How can I make newline and align the equation of the math equation in CrossValidated?

I want to input a math equation in CrossValidated like this: But I want a version of vectorized latex equation, not an image like above (you can zoom in the webpage to validate it). When I input the ...
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New line on the answers list starts too early

A new line of the question title on the user's answers page starts too early (e.g. Shog9's answers): It seems that the width of the blue margin (on the picture) should be slightly (?) reduced to ...
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Newline In Stackoverflow Comments? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How about newlines within comments? When posting a comment in stackoverflow how do I add newlines? I pasted some multi-line code example and stackoverflow stipped the newline ...
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How to do a single newline

How do I do a single newline/carriage return when typing a question or answer? For example, if I wanted to write some columns with values as in an Excel spreadsheet. I see people do it all the time, ...
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Four space indentation doesn't format as code immediately after newline

The next line is indented by 4 spaces and should appear as code: This should appear as code Picture of issue: Possibly related to this issue?
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