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For questions related to news events or articles about Stack Exchange in other media.

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54 votes
11 answers

Stack Overflow made the BBC news - Copycat coders create 'vulnerable' apps

Is this an attack on Stack Overflow? Q&A sites? GitHub? The Internet? What are we doing here? Does it benefit anyone? Do we have a moral conscience/responsibility to think and act about these ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Should tags include a news section?

I'm concerned about the news section of tags, like on Should it be there? If yes, is there a limit to how old the news can be? If yes, is there a limit to how ...
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4 votes
0 answers

Let the hover text for the blog link at the page bottom always show the latest entry's age

I like the new button that now appears when a new blog entry is there, and it has a hover text stating the age of this new entry. But why not display that age for the blog link itself as well so one ...
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3 votes
2 answers

What's new in Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

You keep seeing little improvements here and there to the Stack Overflow engine, but apart from the Stack Overflow blog that talks of the major events I haven't heard of a blog-like site that tells ...
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-9 votes
4 answers

Can we discuss topical news on Stack Exchange sites?

Can we discuss recent developments in the world of IT on Super User, recent programming news on Stack Overflow, etc.? I can see reasons why this would be great. We have great informed communities and ...
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