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A badge that is earned by answers achieving a score of 10+ and can be earned multiple times.

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Why is the awarding of Nice Answer badge much faster than Enlightened badge? [duplicate]

I have this answer I did yesterday on SO: Convert type str (with number and words) column into int pandas And I got my tenth upvote today. So I got the Nice Answer badge an hour ago: https://...
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Nice answer and Enlightened achievements refers to the question in the iOS app [duplicate]

Recently I've got "Nice answer" badge and noticed that tapping on related achievement item in the iOS app refers me to the question instead of the answer: Using web achievements panel refers to ...
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Why did I get a Nice Answer badge when the score is only 8? [duplicate]

Is it possible that the downvoter accidentally upvoted at first, earning me the badge? (And then changed it to a downvote as intended?) I don't think badges are removed if the score drops down again? ...
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The Nice-answer Badge should be awarded based on upvotes only

I am adding this as a feature-request or a suggestion. Considering that most of the answers however good they may be will be voted down(revenge voting), Can the mod's or admins consider that a nice-...
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Nice answer badge received for a +9/-1 answer [duplicate]

I received a Nice Answer badge for an answer with 9 upvotes and 1 downvotes for a net of 8 points. Awarding this badge during the upvote revocation timeout period seems like a bug to me.
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Badges earned today. vs. UTC time

On Stack Overflow clicking on the dropdown by my name, it says I've earned a nice question badge today. it also says the UTC time is 16:15. Clicking on the badge it says 19 hours ago, next to the ...
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Badge list view broken for Answer Badges [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Empty titles in new answers to questions more than 30 days old EDIT I realize (a bit late) now that this might be by design. In that case, this question may be converted into ...
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Nice answer badge weirdness. Possible bug

I'm not sure whether this should be reported as a bug, but the behavior is inconsistent. This user has 10 'Nice Answer' badges. But if you look at the answers (sorted by vote) or the details page ...
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Missing a 'Nice Answer' while having 10 upvotes

I did receive 17 upvotes for my answer to this post. I however havent received the 'Nice answer' badge for this question. It's already a couple days old, so data should've been processed by SO already....
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Missing "Nice Answer" badge from non-deleted answers

I realize it's possible that a "nice answer" badge will not be received if a previous nice answer has been removed; but in any case, the number of applicable, non-deleted answers in the profile page ...
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Did not receive 'Nice Answer' badge

Not sure if this is a bug or I am just missing something but I did not receive a Nice Answer badge for the following question: Why does .NET add an additional slash to the already existent slashes in ...
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Nice Answer / Enlightened badges broken?

Just looking over users I see user The user has 18 Enlightened badges and 23 Nice answer badges, but only ...
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Nice Answer — strange behavior?

In August I received the Nice Answer badge on a question which was subsequently deleled. The badge is still pointing to that question. Now, I guess, I qualified for another Nice Answer badge. By ...
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The reputation process has changed, but does that affect how users earn badges?

I have posted an answer to a question and received 11 upvotes. If you view my profile I have received the Enlightened badge from it, but not the Nice Answer. Has the reputation change in any way ...
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What happened to the Nice / Good Answer badges?

I just got a Guru badge for this answer, and I still (after 3 hours) haven't gotten Nice Answer and Good Answer badges for it. Similarly, Eric Lippert got an Enlightened badge for this answer, but ...
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Why didn't I get 'Nice Answer'?

I did not get a 'Nice Answer' for this post, is it disabled on meta, is it a bug, or is there something else I'm missing?
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