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For questions about nominating for ♦ moderator during an election.

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Withdrawing from an election and re-nominating allows nominees to invisibly push themselves to the top of the candidate list

According to election notice on nomination phase: All nominees are displayed in reverse order of nomination. But if someone withdraw yourself and apply again (the nominee notice even remains, so the ...
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Impossible to use stacks editor's toolbar on iPadOS

The toolbar on stacks editor on the moderator election nominee page is not responsive to taps. Tested on: Chrome browser (111.0.5563.101) for iPadOS 16.4. Safari iPadOS 16.4.1 Same behavior ...
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Include link to the mod agreement when collecting nominations

Apparently some sites or some pages include it already. I am specifically referring to this page: It's important for moderator candidates ...
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Revising the criteria for moderator nominees

It is very easy to be a candidate in a moderator election. If we exclude the prerequisites to become a moderator on Stack Overflow and the necessary 1,000 rep for Mathematics, a nominee needs only ...
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Post Flag History page for nomination doesn't show a title

One of the nominations in our election received a comment flag. When I look at the post flag history (link for staff to reproduce), the description of the post is missing: Normally, that's filled ...
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Links in nomination flag descriptions aren't colored unlike for Q&A's

The links ("does not disclose the author's affiliation" and "inappropriate for respectful discourse") aren't colored for the "spam" and "rude or abusive" flag ...
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Server error for non-diamonds when attempting to look at some old election pages

When I attempt to access the "Nomination" phase of an election which has concluded, I get the "Oops! Something Bad Happened" page. This happens both on sites which I am a member of ...
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In the 'Responses' tab on the profile, comments on nomination posts should link to the comment instead of to the nomination post

I received a reply to a comment I posted under a nomination in the current election on Mathematics SE. It shows up in my 'Responses' tab on my profile with the heading '2021 Moderator Election' (...
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Is it intentional that nomination posts can be edited by the candidates even after the nomination phase has ended?

In the ongoing election on Mathematics, one of the candidates noticed that they are able to edit their nomination post even after the nomination phase has ended. The nomination posts otherwise seem to ...
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Split moderator election nomination phase into private submission phase and public commenting/discussion phase

Context This post is inspired by two controversies that arose during the nomination phase of the current Stack Overflow moderator election. One of them pertains to allegations of plagiarism by one of ...
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Flag notices on nominations are confusing for moderators

The new election system has solved several problems with regards to flagging nominations and comments (both were badly needed), but the UX has fallen down in a weird way. I visited the SO election ...
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Implement a "waiting period" between the close of nominations and the voting stage(s) of elections

During elections, the primary or election phase (depending on the number of candidates and open spots) begins immediately after the nominations phase closes. One consequence of this is that comments ...
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Add "Return to nomination" link to nomination revision page

Any post revision page contains a link "Return to {post}" at the top of the page: But there is no such link in candidate nomination revision page, e.g.: Without a link it's impossible to ...
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Image uploader close button is not responding on election nomination page [duplicate]

In the election nomination page, the image uploader section have the old UI. The close icon on the page is not responding, so unable to close the uploader page. Screenshot for reference: ...
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Background checks on election candidates

Does the company run any background checks on users who nominate themselves for elections? For example, can Community Managers see if a candidate deleted an account in that election year? Can CMs see ...
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Please notify voters if a nomination is withdrawn during the election phase

I did recast my votes in an election due to a withdrawn nomination. Thanks to my luck, I didn't waste any of 3 votes. Hopefully no more nominations will be withdrawn without notice. Nomination ...
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Are existing moderators allowed to stand in elections for reconfirmation?

A while ago, I noticed that existing moderators were re-nominating themselves for elections. In other words, the system allows existing moderators to nominate in elections (even though they are ...
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Ask hard questions on the Moderator Questionnaire

The Stack Exchange Moderator Questionnaire is a routine part of the election process. It's a way for the community to gauge the candidates' fitness for the job; for voters to read a bit into who ...
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Narrow moderator nomination

On Safari in portrait on my iPhone SE, the first moderator nomination is too narrow and is also pushed off the screen at the bottom. I have only seen this with the first nomination on Arqade, but I’m ...
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Loosen the "no suspension in the past year" requirement for nominees, or at least listen to the community

Recently on Physics SE there's been a dramatic election, where the only 40-scored and top nominee was banned from nominating due to their suspension in the last year, which created a dense wave of ...
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Is there a process to handle a user wanting to run in a moderator election, but being absent during the election period?

I recently encouraged a user in chat to run in the pro tempore election on Interpersonal Skills, to which the user responded that they will be quite off the grid during the election period. This ...
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Election schedule: don't end nominations on Mondays

The current method for scheduling moderator elections seems to be, with the usual UTC times, question collection begins: Monday, 20:00-ish (manual) nominations begin: the next Monday, 20:00 ...
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Hide previously suspended nominations unless approved by Community Managers

Recently, Physics SE has finished the 2019 moderator election nomination phase. Earlier today, within 24 hours of the nomination completing, a user was removed from the nominations. The user later ...
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Nomination owner highlight is displayer in the comments only after clicking the "show n more comments" link [duplicate]

When navigating to the election nomination page, in the comments section, by default there is no highlight for the nomination owner. But when I click the "show n more comments" link at the end of the ...
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What happens if there are no candidates in an election?

On Freelancing.SE, we are holding our first election. We had three Pro-Tempore mods, one of which is myself. The other two mods are stepping down after the election, and we have two spots open. It's ...
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Why don't we hard-prevent users from nominating themselves as a moderator candidate if they were suspended in the past year?

I know that users aren't permitted to nominate themselves as moderator candidates if they were suspended after one year. Additionally, such users are shown a message before posting their nomination. ...
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Suspended user shouldn't be able to run in an election on the site they're suspended on

We're having an election on Worldbuilding, and this week, nominations opened up. A user nominated themselves, but they've been suspended elsewhere on the network and are currently suspended on a ...
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Reintroduce flagging of comments on nominations [duplicate]

As seen by the following meta discussions, there is no voting for or flagging of comments on an election nomination: Unable to flag or vote on comments on moderator nominations I can't upvote ...
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Automatically remove election candidates if they get suspended after nomination

We have an election happening in Magento StackExchange. One of the candidate who is nominated for the election has been suspended by a moderator. But the problem is, his nomination is still there for ...
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How can I find the election number for a given moderator nomination in the Posts table?

In the Stack Exchange Data Explorer you can find the Moderator nominations by querying the Posts Table for posttypeid = 6, like so: select id as [Post Link] , score , owneruserid as [User ...
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Request for data regarding how user reputation relates to election success

It was pointed out to me recently that, starting with the upcoming Mathematics election, all nominees for a site election must have at minimum 1000 reputation in order to run. Notice: Starting with ...
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Make rules about candidate eligibility due to suspension more apparent

Some background The nomination phase of the election at Physics.SE started yesterday. When I first visited the nomination page, 7 users had nominated themselves. A few hours later, the number was ...
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Show users their candidate score before self-nominating to a moderator election?

A number of the candidates in the ongoing Travel.SE election indicated that a primary reason for self-nominating was to see their moderator candidate score. This forced a primary stage and perhaps ...
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Improve election schedule with respect to the questionnaire

The questionnaire is a great part of the election process, but during my first (first-hand) experience with an election, over on Code Golf, I've found that the timing of the questionnaire is a bit ...
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No cancel option when editing a nomination [duplicate]

I recently tried to edit my nomination in Travel.SE and when editing I found that there was no cancel button in case I decided not to save my changes. (see the screenshot below) Please add a cancel ...
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Let's disallow moderator nominations from people who've been suspended in the past year

Well, it's election season again. On sites all over the network, moderators are being selected from among the good folk willing to volunteer their time to help guide and support their communities. I'm ...
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Tweak Election Rules for primary/election phases? [duplicate]

Some of you might have heard rumors, but right now, Science Fiction and Fantasy has an election going on. We are currently at exactly 10 nominees with one day left in the nomination phase. As it ...
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Should election score be locked at the values of the election?

I think that the election score of the candidates should be fixed, i.e. show the score, the badges and the reputation as they were when the election ended. I think this appropriate when one wants to ...
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Links to election nomination pages from notifications don't have the right #anchor

I recently received a notification that someone posted a comment on my election nomination post. That notification linked me to this URL: However,...
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Can we have a "Reopen nominations" or "None of the above" option in moderator elections?

The Personal Finance and Money moderator election is having its nomination period extended because there are only as many candidates as vacancies and they want to ensure a contested election. While I ...
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What are the current goals of each of the election phases?

I have been watching the current election on SO extremely closely, and am participating in it as well. I have a number of thoughts and I am not sure if they are valid. I know others have had thoughts ...
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Can a high rep user nominate a user under 300 rep, during moderator elections?

Is it possible for a user X with enough reputation to be able to nominate some user Y with fewer than 300 reputation, during the nomination phase of moderator elections? The wording at the bottom of ...
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Can I get two diamonds? [duplicate]

For some reason, the election page does not seem to be detecting existing moderators correctly. Most notably the form to nominate yourself is not disabled like, I believe, it used to be. I was able to ...
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Don't lock or hide election comments after the nomination phase

I've noticed several Stack Exchange election nomination phases follow this pattern: On Unix and Linux, we had no activity for 5 days, and then two more nominations suddenly came in within a couple ...
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Suspicious Request when editing Nomination [closed]

I am trying to edit my nomination on the Super User Election, but every time I submit, I get a Suspicious Request, as below: Suspicious request Sorry, your request could not be completed because ...
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Add link to the Moderators FAQ to the Moderator Nominations page

Currently IIRC the nomination page has links to "a theory of moderation" and "moderator agreement", but it's quite hard to find out what exactly a moderator can do and is expected ...
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Make moderator election questionnaire mandatory

Note: Before I even begin, I want to stress that this is for the next election, not the current one. I can understand why candidates may want to opt out of the moderator election chat room - for some ...
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Comments on moderator nomination statements should be more visible in all stages of the election

During the nomination phase, members of the community can comment on the nomination statements for each candidate. This can provide valuable information about how the community regards these ...
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Helpful flags count in election nomination

We are showing the helpful flags count of the nominees in the election nomination page. It shows that this nominee has less than 80 helpful flags. Users without Deputy badge can't nominate for ...
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Provide a summary of review activities in candidates stats

Per my experience as a flagger, reviewing (various flags) is a substantial part of moderator duties, therefore I would like to have a better understanding of how active / experienced candidate is in ...
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