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Privilege creation: answering and upvoting without JavaScript, targets vision impaired people

I would like the creation of the privilege to answer and upvote, logged in, but without JavaScript. Set it at as high as 1000 points, if you fear robots. You may even take, for example, 200 points to ...
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Add 'Works best with JavaScript enabled' to[userID]?tab=reputation

This is the page if JavaScript is disabled: A table or the "works best with JavaScript enabled" would be sufficient.
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Why is Stack Overflow using <noscript>?

The question is not about how <noscript> works, and why it's used, I'm fully aware of that. Knowing that: <noscript> only works when JavaScript is disabled by something browser-related (...
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How to set Firefox to log in to Stack Exchange chat

I cannot log in to Stack Exchange chat. If I check the Login help page, I get the following error. Test 5: Communication with – failed IFRAMEs – ok Referrer – ok JavaScript – ok ...
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The "Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled" doesn't work on Google Chrome

I wanted to do the same on my site and noticed that it doesn't work on Chrome, and it looks like for Stack Overflow either.
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What happened to the formatting buttons?

When I asked a question on SO, today, I noticed that the formatting buttons that used to be there are missing. What happened to them, and will they be restored soon? Edit Thanks to Eric for pointing ...
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