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For feature requests, bug reports, and other discussions about numbers shown to users by the Stack Exchange engine, including issues related to alignment and thousands separators.

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Why are these symbols and numbers in my ID?

I don't care about my reputation, but I have some confusion about symbols in my Stack Exchange ID (shown below) I don't understand the meaning of these symbols and numbers. Why are these symbols and ...
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Is there a preferred format for numbers on Stack Exchange? [duplicate]

In the US and UK, numbers have a comma separating the thousands and a period separating the decimal portion. The median round-trip time is 1,256,532.65 milliseconds. In much of the EU, as well as ...
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Can we add a thousands separator to the reputation on the "This page requires more privileges" page?

Can we add a thousands separator to the reputation in the "This page requires more privilege" page? If we have not yet achieved the reputation to the privileges and are trying to access the ...
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Can we add thousands separator for reputation tooltip in stack exchange grid view

Can we add thousands separator for the reputation tooltip in the Stack Exchange grid view, for each site's top user's reputation tooltip. It will increase the number readability. Currently the ...
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Left-aligned numeric columns in network profile

In the Top Questions and Top Answers sections of one’s network profile, the post scores are misaligned. For example: Notice how the 1 in the 1046 line is in the same column as the 9 in the 938 line. ...
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Thousands separators in reputation leagues

I found today that reputation was difficult to read because there is no thousands separators for rank and rank change values in reputation leagues. (I saw this for Stack Overflow.) So for now it ...
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Extra number of gold badges appearing in profile [duplicate]

For a dupe clarification: My question is not a dupe of this. Instead, my question is like a follow-up of that question. That one mainly reports the re awarding of badges, and not the number, which has ...
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Why does this number show up as a link?

I posted the following number in an answer to a question, and surprisingly it is showing up as a link (as it does here)! 150103844.77 Out of curiosity, I clicked the link (something you should ...
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Eliminating Stack Exchange inconsistency when using thousand separator?

First, I appreciate Stack Exchange is using a thousand separator character at all. Not many sites and programs do. Can Stack Exchange implement it more consistently? Some examples where the ...
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Related tags don't have thousands separators

The tagged questions pages (for example) show a count of questions at the top, like "14,849 questions tagged". Below is a list of related tags, and their counts. However, the counts are missing ...
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Can the "viewed number" on a question have better formatting? [duplicate]

A few times now I have glanced at the "viewed" field for a question and had to count digits to figure out if it has been viewed 4 million times or 400 000 times. Adding a thousand separator would go ...
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The rounding bug is still here

As of right now, I have 21,650 reputation on Meta*: As I understand it, this should be rounded up to 21.7k in post owner boxes. However, it's being rounded down: Depriving me of like .2% of my hard-...
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To comma or not to comma, that is the question

In the badges page there are lots of numbers on display, including 1000, 2500 or 10000. The display is erratic though: Same number, two displays. Both appear valid to me: 1000 or 1,000 but please, ...
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Add thousands separator in suggested tags

Is it possible to add thousands separator in suggested list of tags that appears when adding Favorite or Ignored tags? To improve readability (of course) and to be coherent with the rest of the site. ...
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Should the network use thousands separators in numbers?

Currently the network has a very inconsistent track record when it comes to injecting thousands separators in numbers >= 4 digits. Sometimes on the same page there will be commas in one element and ...
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Can we be accurate about how many moderator candidates there are?

Browsing over to the 2012 SO moderator election (currently in the election phase), the sidebar at the top says: moderator candidates18 but then there are only 10 candidates listed. I realize that ...
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