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What scope to supply to get a refresh token from Stack Exchange?

In the process of implementing a OAuth app for Stack Exchange, I noticed that none of the approaches that conventionally work - supplying a offline_access scope, for example - result in the OAuth ...
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Chrome warns me my connection is not secure when authenticating in SEDE with a Google account

When I go to the login page of the Stack Exchange Data Explorer here and click the Log in using Google button, I'm not getting logged in but instead greeted with a Chrome message protecting my privacy:...
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StackExchange's OAuth login broken - identifying an HTTPS request as non-HTTPS

Recently (as in, the last few hours - however, it may have been broken for a few days), I've been unable to login via Stack Exchange for a third party application with Stack Exchange's OAuth support. ...
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Port not included in client-side OAuth flow

I was recently making an app using the SE API's client-side auth flow. What I noticed is that there was this Unable to post message to http://localhost. Recipient has origin http://localhost:5000. ...
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Redirect parameter `state` is missing in case of error

Testing OAuth authorization in my app I noticed a case when state parameter is not passed to redirect uri. I use state to track auth process at server side. If user doesn't authorize application, he ...
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Authentication API - port number in redirect_uri is ignored

We're using the API explicit flow for identity brokering in our Keycloak SSO server to provide users with the option for logging in using their Stack Overflow account. Recently, we've noticed that ...
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Using oAuth in API throwing internal server error

My application has 26 users, but yesterday several (prospective) users started receiving an error page (/error?aspxerror=/oauth) saying that it is all [stack exchange's] fault and that the data is ...
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4 votes
1 answer

API authentication channelUrl from a userscript?

The Stack Exchange API has this Javascript library for authentication. What do I pass as channelUrl for a user script running on SE sites? The docs said it needed to be "a blank page on the same ...
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redirect_uri not honored in stackexchange oauth [duplicate]

In StackExchange OAuth flow the redirect_uri is not honoring it seems. When logging in (say login with google) once the authentication is successful we are not being redirected to redirect_uri even ...
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OAuth redirect URL is not honored

Repro: Logout from all Stack Exchange accounts, open: After login, I got ...
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StackExchange oauth login redirection duplicates state and return 404

We are integrating StackExchange with OAuth. And authenticating user by redirecting to URL like:
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Trying to authenticate via the API results in "Oops! something bad happened"

Since 10/16/2015, Stack Exchange OAuth has been failing for us with an unexpected error from Stack Exchange in Authorize flow. - User gets navigated to Stack Exchange login page. - User chooses to ...
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2 votes
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Should no_expiry be used for OAuth to only identify accounts?

I'm about to integrate StackExchange as an OAuth provider into my web application. The documentation states: expires will only be set if scope does not include no_expiry, the use of which is ...
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Is StackExchange OAuth broken?

Logging in to via oauth (Google) was temporarily not working, but it's solved now. While logged in my gmail account ( and also happily logged in to StackOverflow: I can see my ...
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does stackoverflow support indieauth OpenID delegation

I've been following this post on replacing-myopenid and have setup a github page as per the instructions from I want to add '' as an alternative open id url ...
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OAuth login weirdness

I just noticed this in my app: I'm all for making the most popular choices easiest to hit, but I'm not sure this is the solution. Note that I'm the author of the app, and I'm not doing anything ...
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How do you see what applications you've authorized on Stack Exchange with OAuth access?

I'm working on an app that integrates with Stack Exchange's OAuth interface, as defined here. I can approve the application, but can't figure out how to find the apps that I've approved. How do I ...
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