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For questions about when the Stack Exchange network or specific sites go offline for whatever reason.

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99 views is no longer a blog. Can we stop calling it that?

I was greeted with the "offline for maintenance" page just now. It appears to have been a short service interruption, as the page I was looking for loaded just fine 2 minutes later. Looking ...
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Offline maintenance message not legible on Christianity.SE [closed]

The offline maintenance message is not easily read on Christianity.SE because it's white text on an almost white background.
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Generic site icon and theme in "We are Offline" page

I noticed that some pages look like a generic beta page when they are down: I think all these pages are supposed to have their icon/background color/font because this is what ELU looked like: Is ...
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Stack Apps offline page with 007 image

Just before I got the offline page for the StackApps site. Along with the following warning message Stack Apps is currently offline for maintenance Routine maintenance usually takes less than ...
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CloudFlare 522 errors on some SE sites at the moment

The picture below says it all :) Currently noticed on: StackOverflow Travel.SE Webmasters.SE It's a little intermittent as well. Error 522 Ray ID: 2aef4188a0151d80 2016-06-06 22:21:27 UTC ...
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Favorite questions not saving offline

I switched to Airplane mode and here is what I get on opening a favorite question: It does show the question title, but not the question body and the answers, as it should. Also, a favorite ...
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Had the love overflowed to the servers? [closed]

Meta.SO was just offline (like 60 seconds, if that). Was this planned? Or is the LoveOverflowing? Or was it just me? Explanation: And the Feature Request
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Best way to use Stack Exchange sites offline or on dialup

I am going offline. Or rather, I will have intermittent or bad Internet access for a year, hopping on random Wi-Fi access points, crappy 3G or dialup connections. How can I keep participating here? I ...
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Where has the elections site gone?

The site with meta data about SE elections seems to be offline. In the event that this is a location change, the links from active election pages on the network ...
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Has CrossValidated ( gone offline? [duplicate]

Not sure where to ask this so am posting it here. (Apologies if it's not the right place.) Does anyone know whether CrossValidated is having server difficulties? Half dozen of the other stack-...
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Stack Overflow em Português offline? [duplicate]

Stack Overflow in Portuguese is offline, and its meta as well. Other Stack Exchange sites appear to be normal. Any idea what's going on?
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Stack Overflow is offline [closed]

I can't reach Stack Overflow any more. Yesterday, the status blog said: After our weekly index optimization, SQL Server is no longer caching our query plans causing high CPU load. This will likely ...
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How do I back up my Stack Exchange bookmarks for offline use?

The more I use Stack Exchange, the more it is getting a knowledge base for me, that I don't want to loose again ever. So in case SE will seize to exist one day, I would like to backup all my work. I ...
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How often is it that "Meta means murder"?

Is the "routine maintenance" periodical (or on some sort of schedule)? If so, how often is it? What is the MSO maintenance timetable?
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What if I can't open a Stack Exchange site?

If I can't get to any of the Stack Exchange sites, where do I look to get a status update? Return to FAQ index
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Ability to isolate and export answers?

I've just seen an answer to a question that is so useful for me I'd like to clip it out and save it for later. What would be really great would be some kind of link that would isolate the answer (with,...
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Add a link to the logo on the maintenance page

The logo on the maintenance page (the one with the nice Meta Means Murder) does not link against the site, I think it should do that so that we can use it as a cheap Refresh alternative (to try if it ...
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Add an HTML5 offline fallback page

I request that Stack Exchange sites add an HTML cache manifest with a fallback error page for when the site or the user is offline. CACHE MANIFEST FALLBACK: * offline.html This would allow people to ...
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Reading Stack Overflow offline [duplicate]

Is there any application that can read Stack Overflow's data dumps while I'm not connected to the Internet? I mean an offline reader similar to WikiTaxi.
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"Blog" link on offline page links to wrong blog

The blog link on the SO offline page links to Since is the main SE blog, it makes sense that issues regarding the maintenance would be posted there. ...
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SO's "We are offline" page has nested IFRAMES (Inception-style). Why?

Click to enlarge. Why are the IFRAME elements nested? Is this a bug?
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Offline page contains links that are trapped in an IFRAME

A recent change to the way that sites display their offline page preserves the URL that the user requested in the title bar of the browser instead of redirecting to an error page. This is a great ...
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URL doesn't reload if sites go offline [closed]

Site went offline. After that I was trying to reload the page but it kept on showing me that the site is offline. Here is the link that I was using and it's still showing me that the site is offline, ...
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SE Offline Pages aren't skinned

The App_Offline page for every new SE site except AskUbuntu don't redirect to the Sketchy offline page.
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Is Stack Overflow offline?

Has anyone else seen this today morning? Does it happen generally or is there some problem at my side? Also after SO is up I was still not able to get it worked by refreshing. I have to open new ...
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Meta Lost its Offline Page

At least in Firefox, Meta is showing StackOverflow's offline page. EDIT: I don't mean that Meta's page is showing the wrong image. I mean that when Meta is down, it redirects to SO's down page. ...
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Graduated sites show "sketchy" offline page

The Area 51 sites that have graduated (WebApps, Webmasters, Gaming, Cooking, etc.) show Stack Exchange Beta on their offline page as seen below. Shouldn't the name and logo from their graduated ...
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"Offline for maintenance" should not lose the link I tried to open

Once in a while it happens that I want to open a question from the main page and once I click it I get to Offline for maintenance page. Usually that's because there's a temporary overload and the ...
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What is this Stack Overflow offline page all about? [closed]

What is R6003, R6009, ^@, ^C, ^A etc? I don't understand the page.
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Stack Overflow logo on maintenance page has the wrong aspect ratio

Here's the issue: The <img> in question has a height property of 70, when the actual image's height is 61. Note: This is a duplicate of this question which is marked status-complete. However, ...
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How does Stack Overflow's "offline" website work?

What is the technique for serving the website offline message? Do they have a different IIS site that takes charge on the deploy action?
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What static caches exist for stack overflow?

Stack overflow is currently overflown. Apart from google, what static caches (official or otherwise) exist for it?
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Offline page should not point to the blog if there isn't anything to read

Currently the offline page points users to the blog for more info about the outage, but there isn't actually anything posted about the maintenance. Offline Page
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Offline Access to StackOverflow

I'm going to start studying/developing at my local university's library, but since I'm not a student I won't have access to their wireless network. Therefore, I won't be able to access StackOverflow ...
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