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For questions about the Open Source aspects of the software that makes up the Stack Exchange Network. Do not use this tag for questions about unrelated or your own open source projects.

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Stack Gives Back to Open Source 2022

Beginning 2010, we have made annual donations to charities on behalf of moderators through the Stack Gives Back program. At the same time, in recognition of the many ways that we benefit from open ...
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Could SE be *actually* convinced to open source chat?

While usually nothing good ever comes out of Twitter—a recent tweet by the former Community Manager Tim Post caught my eye I wish we'd put more effort into the Bonfire chat we developed at Stack ...
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Is Stack Exchange contributing back to ProseMirror?

Stack Exchange has released an alpha version of a new WYSIWYG editor based on the open source project ProseMirror. In addition to benefitting from this open source work, is SE giving back to it and ...
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Issue badges as open digital badges (Open Badges)

Stack Exchange badges are limited in the sense that they are only easy to view and display on the associated Stack Exchange sites. A user wishing to display their badges to the world generally must do ...
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Is it OK to publish or reverse engineer the PageDown + MathJax integration code?

The math sites have a nice Pagedown + MathJax integration. It seems mostly based on this Apache 2-licensed code by MathJax developer David Cervone with some minor updates to work around an IE bug ...
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Any plans on making the `chat` platform into an opensource platform like discourse?

This is following Jeff's advice. I asked him: How about plans to making the current SEN chat into an opensource platform like Discourse? To which he quickly answered: Don't know, you would have to ...
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Open sourcing Stack Exchange Android App [duplicate]

There are many feature requests for the Android app. I asked for like 4 features and others have asked for more features that aren't added yet. I know that the developers team might be busy fixing ...
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How to offer personal open-source libraries?

I noticed that there are a bunch of questions asked on how to advertise or link to open-source contributions in the Meta section, but they all seemed to be geared towards actual advertising of open-...
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Create small package combining SO answers? [duplicate]

I'd like to combine 2-3 existing SO answers (and add an icon and .desktop etc.) to create a small, but useful open-source (Debian) package. I can license everything under "CC-by-SA 3.0", which is the ...
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Is Stack Overflow suitable as a support tool for an open-source project? [duplicate]

I'm thinking about running an open-source project and the absolutely crucial part of it is community support. Is Stack Overflow a suitable environment for user support? I don't mean having an issue ...
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arrows not updated when ordering open source projects in careers profile

When using the arrows on the right side to change the order of your open source projects the arrows are not updated properly. The first and last initially just have a down and up arrow respectively. ...
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Careers 2.0 - Open source section - can't add technolgies

Keep on getting this 'Use Original' link, and it doesn't seem to like what I enter into technogloies. After that, I can't save (well, the save button is there but does nothing), and I loose my ...
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Stackoverflow Careers Site not pulling all Github open source contributions [duplicate]

When I click the Github button under Open Source Contributions, I only see my own repos and a couple of the repos that I have made contributions to; there are about 5+ other repos that I have made ...
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Why can't I enter an open source project on my Careers profile if I don't have write access?

I contribute to a few open source projects for which I don't have VCS write access (the main developer prefers patches instead or I simply don't contribute that often) so I can't use the built-in sf....
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Does being a contributor or owner of an open source project count as it being "yours"?

How close does a user have to be to an open source project before they have to acknowledge their involvement or provide a disclaimer of their relationship with the product? The FAQ entry on "Self-...
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"Best of" Stack Overflow answers in the form of a DLL? (extracted code from answers from Stack Overflow) [closed]

Update: Wow this received much more negative attention than I expected! I still think there is value in culling out the quality reusable code that lies in the SO repository. I don't have interest ...
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Open source project order editing is broken on Careers 2.0

The order of Open Source Projects on my careers page doesn't always auto-save. After a refresh the items go back to where they were before I moved them.
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Is this website open source? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is the Stack Overflow source code available? I know that Stack Overflow has an API to let you know when you get a notification. I am wondering if this website and its features ...
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Link to projects on / has connectors for various hosting sites but nothing special for (and the deprecated using the same "Kenai" infrastructure). Until a connector is added, a ...
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Can I publish my own solutions on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Posting and answering questions you have already found the answer to Should I ask a question I know the answer to? Etiquette for answering your own question I know Stack ...
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How can I stop StackOverflow becoming a source of misinformation about my open source library?

I have a small open source library that I maintain, which now has its own tag on StackOverflow with just over 50 questions (I'll not name the library and keep this question generic, but it wouldn't ...
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Classroom specific Stack Exchange site?

If I wanted to have a Stack Exchange site whose community is initially a single class, how could I go about it? I like the way Stack Exchange fosters a community and gives badges for ...
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What about Tag images for OpenSource projects?

I know that the ability to put an image on a tag is one way that SO does advertising, but what about open source projects that don't have a commercial sponsor? Would it be possible to allow images to ...
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Finalize possibility of open sourcing SOIS engine

The possibility of open sourcing the engine has never completely been put to rest but nearly a year after accepting VC funding can we have a final statement on the matter? My expectation is that now ...
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How to remain technical/objective without advertising my open source library too much

Hm, there are a lot of interesting links in the related questions to my own question. I'll still ask it though: I love stackoverflow for the high-quality feedback I get. I use it essentially for my ...
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Where to ask for feedback on (Perl) CPAN modules?

Say I've written a new Perl module on CPAN (or open-source module in any other language). Is there an appropriate place, either on stackoverflow or any of the other stackexchange sites to ask for ...
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Is asking for people to join an open source project allowed?

Currently I am planning an open source project using VOIP over HTML5 websockets which uses HTML Media Capture which only released 2 months ago. My question is, am I allowed to ask people who are ...
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Why isn't there an open source Stack Overflow clone written in ASP.NET? [closed]

I've looked through the list in Stack Exchange clones, but it seems that Stacked is the only one available mentioned there, but it does not seem to be active. I would be very eager to contribute to ...
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Inflector.NET not correctly attributed to Andrew Peters in Stack Exchange Data Explorer

Inflector is not correctly attributed in Stack Exchange Data Explorer code base. The source inaccurately lists Subsonic as the source and include the BSD license. This license may or may not be ...
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How can I tell if a site that looks like Stack Overflow is "official"?

I recently came across a website which supports OpenID. After I logged in to that web site, it said my account was successfully associated with the one I have at Stack Overflow. The UI of that web ...
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StackExchange Data Explorer is going open source

We are almost ready to announce on the blog that we are open sourcing SEDE. Before we do that I wanted to get a bit of feedback to make sure that what we are doing makes sense and is easy to follow. ...
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can stackoverflow client scripts be (legally) re-used in another project?

Can some of's JS and CSS be re-used on non-Q&A projects? For example, the the following features would be useful in a project I'm working on for a plugin gallery for our product:...
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Statistics are not updated in Open Source Ads list?

I would like to know how frequently the statistics in the Open Source Ads list are updated. Because some of the ads show that they are up for 3 days for a long time and some ads do not show ...
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Will a clone force Stack Overflow to open source?

First, take a look at Shapado, an open source clone of StackExchange. While the site is far from mature, it is fast growing and active (if there are other similar clones, this question can refer to ...
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Stack Overflow open source books?

Maybe it's just an optimistic dream of mine, but so many people offer up great books on here, and there are so many great programmers that I would love to see a cumulation of the knowledge in an "open ...
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running open source ads on 3rd party websites

As commented by @dlamblin on this question I would also be interested by the ads system of stackoverflow to be reusable on other websites. Would it be possible or a similar system does exist already?
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What's the deal with the WMD editor?

In 2008 Jeff announced the plans for a wmd open source project, progress was made, then drobbins picked up for a few months and stuff seemed to progress for a while. Since then there have been 6-7 ...
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What is the architecture of SO? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: What are the architecture details of Stackoverflow? What was Stack Overflow built with? Does anyone know the architecture of Stack Overflow? I did a quick Google search but ...
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Is there any open-source code we can get for something similar to Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: SO Clones? I've found that source code of is not open-source. What similar apps are there that have source code available?
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OK to mention an Open Source project in SO post?

I am currently writing documentation and setting up a website for a open source PHP project under the LGPL - a very flexible content aggregator that for example can turn a XML datasource into a valid, ...
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Is the Stack Overflow OpenID component open source?

I love the whole OpenID/Google/Yahoo/AOL login system of Stack Overflow. Are there any plans to open this component, and the backing code for authentication, up to the public? You talked about ...
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Stack Overflow iPhone app [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Native iPhone app Am I the only person who keeps on searching the iPhone app store for a Stack Overflow app? There are probably 100,001 less useful apps out there. Is this ...
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Is Stack Overflow build out of an open sourced framework or can it be open sourced? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: Will Open Sourcing Stack Overflow Destroy Our Business Model? What was Stack Overflow built with? Stack Overflow is a very modern discussion forum, very fast and effective. ...
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Use Stack Overflow as the official support site of an open-source project

I have an open source question with a very reduced community, among other reasons because it is a relatively new project. The project's target audience is programmers. I think that more developers ...
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What would you contribute (or try to) to an open sourced StackOverflow?

Most of the discussion has dealt with whether or not StackOverflow should be open sourced, but a more interesting question IMO is what tangible (ie. non-idealogical) benefits the community could hope ...
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Will Open Sourcing Stack Overflow Destroy Our Business Model?

Warning. This discussion took place during the Stack Exchange 1.0 days, when FogCreek sold Stack Exchange licenses for a fee. It is worth noting that Stack Exchange licenses are still being ...
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Will Stack Overflow's engine be (someday, or ever) open sourced?

Will Stack Overflow's engine become open source one day? Warning: Some of the answers to this question no longer apply to the current situation. In the time since the question was asked Hosted ...
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How should a SO answer be credited when used in an open-source project?

I've looked through a few of the questions about the licensing of posts on SO, but haven't found any really satisfactory answers. Can an answer be used in an open source project (with an MIT license)? ...
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Is the Stack Overflow source code available? [duplicate]

Do the SO admins have any plans to release the underlying code for SO at all? I appreciate that the code may be part of their competitive advantage, but it strikes me that the underlying system would ...
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