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For questions about how Stack Exchange sites appear on Opera Mini. Note that this browser is *explicitly not supported* by Stack Exchange.

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How do I solve the 'Verification Human CAPTCHA Secret sign' on Opera Mini? [duplicate]

I am trying to log in using Opera Mini. How can I solve the 'Verification Human CAPTCHA Secret sign', since it doesn't pop up any button to click on?
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Japanese version of Stack Overflow not working in Opera Mini browser [duplicate]

I am unable to use the Japanese version of Stack Overflow. I have an account on here. The problem I am facing is this: Whenever I try to upvote/downvote or post questions/answers, I get an error: ...
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Captcha Challenge without a Captcha

I am using Stack Exchange and its sites through my basic mobile Nokia C1 using Opera Mini 4.5. I was prompted frequently to prove that I am a Human and not a Robot before providing an answer for a ...
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Elements overlapping and white space issues in the mobile site with Opera mini

I've noticed that if you browse a SE site from a phone, there is a bit overlapping on the "unanswered" and "ask" link, making it difficult to click. Can the SE site designer/s take this in ...
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Delete button not working in Opera Mini

When I log in through my Nokia Classic device, a delete button appears at the bottom of my answers. But when I click the delete button, the page simply reloads instead of deleting my answer. Is this a ...
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Unable to start a bounty using Opera Mini

I am unable to start a bounty using Opera Mini, despite the fact that pretty much all other JS/AJAX functions work. When I choose to start one, the mini-wizard appears, as it should, but I cannot ...
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551 views serves desktop version to Opera Mini on Android 2.3

Starting yesterday afternoon (i.e. 05/12/2012 at about 16:00 CET) started serving the desktop version of the site to my handheld using Opera Mini on Android 2.3. (whereas it used to ...
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Am I infringing on Stack Exchange's copyright with this?

I've made this because I'm a regular 15x7 mobile user, and I can't log in to the mobile version of Stack Overflow. I don't see any log in buttons: log in with Facebook, log in with Google, log in ...
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Problem with mobile layout on Opera Mini

I am using Opera Mini 7.0.30697 on my Nokia C6-00 (Symbian S60 5th edition) and the layout is broken, here are the screenshots, on native browser it even not mobile, but the full site layout, so it is ...
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Hyperlink markdown doesn't work in mobile version

I was attempting to type a hyperlink using markdown on my mobile device running Opera Mobile 12.0.1 and for some reason, the link didn't render correctly. However, when I looked up examples of ...
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Can the ALT text for the checkmark be more specific?

When I go to a SE site on my phone (using Opera Mini 4.2), I can accept an answer by clicking the text "accept". However, after accepting, it still says "accept". Since the switch over to using ...
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Opera Mini DOES request compressed data!

As per this question, I need to make something clear: Opera Mini does support compressed data. Don't believe me? I went to with my phone and ...
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Why do you block Opera Mini?

I know this is a duplicate. I am getting quite frustrated because the procedure for accessing SOFU is quite involved: start Opera Mini wait for it to load go to SO wait until it times out close ...
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Why doesn't ignored tags work on Opera Mini?

I'm sure there is a duplicate somewhere. Please point me to it if there is. Browsing with my mobile phone with an Opera Mini browser, I added tags to my ignore list and refreshed the page, but ...
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Is Opera Mini completely blocked from the SOFU sites? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why do you block Opera Mini? I've been using Opera Mini to visit these sites pretty constantly ever since I joined (although most posting has been done via a PC). However, ...
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