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Use for questions about choices/preferences that are offered on several screens, for example on the user profile or in the Migration dialog

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Why is loving hats and opting out of hats mutually exclusive by design?

This question asked why we have to hate hats in order to opt out and I noticed that it was tagged status-bydesign. Why is hating hats to opt out necessarily by design? Why can't we opt out without ...
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Can we have a user preference for ISO standard date format for all dates/times?

I'd really like a user option to show all dates as yyyy-mm-dd HH:mm after the 2 day mark. I find the existing non-standard semi-verbose American Mon DD 'YY style date to be ugly and difficult to parse....
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Adding "obsolete" and "outdated" voting options on questions

Some questions and their answers on StackOverflow are getting old. This is part of a natural process. Nothing wrong. I think that people should have an option to vote questions as obsolete or ...
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The off-topic flag window does not give you any options in meta. Why?

I flagged my first off topic question here and I was just curious why there is no window with the 5 options as it is in other sites. Is it because the vast majority of the off-topic questions belong ...
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User setting for Enter key submit-behavior

Related: Pressing Enter in comment box unexpectedly submits form Right now pressing Enter auto-submit comments and some other forms - but not others. When writing a technical answer you could ...
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4 answers

Option for "I'm not looking for new job"

I would like to my CV on careers, but I'm not looking for new job, now. But in future I would like change my current employer.
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User option to disable sponsored tags in the tag list

If you go to you will see an adobe logo fest. The tags list could end up looking like a walk through Tokyo. – random 13 mins ago Could we have an ...
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Option of be notified when a comment is upvoted?

Is there an option for this or can this ever be implemented into the website?
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