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Questions about keeping SE sites organized. For SE the entity/organization, see the [company] tag.

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Reward linking questions

Reward linking questions to leverage and organize existing knowledge There is already so much knowledge stored inside the Stack Exchange network. The chance is high that an answered question relates ...
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Could we get a tighter layout for questions and answers when moderator tools are visible?

Currently, when moderator tools are visible it pushes down the comments section: That's a lot of unused white space--kind of unsightly and it makes you scroll further for comments. Could we get a ...
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Suggestion to improve the "unanswered" questions page

When viewing the My Tags page of the Unanswered section, I would ideally like to have in front of me a list of questions that I could contribute to in descending order of upvotes. However, I find ...
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Why are there two different tabs for unanswered questions?

I read the other question on why there are two different tabs, but why is the questions > unanswered tab not renamed to "no answers accepted" or something similar? This would allow users to understand ...
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Should a "Work Type" Category be Added?

I posted a question regarding etiquette and the homework tag. I can see a lot of the viewpoints on the issue, and understand them. I actually had a pretty good idea for a solution i wanted to share. ...
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Better way to keep track of questions

As I've started to ask more questions on StackOverflow, I've realized it would be nice to be able to separate my questions into at least 2 groups, if not 3 groups. Unanswered Answered Accepted Answer ...
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We should encourage high quality organizational and "guide" style questions, rather than closing them

I just noticed that Git for beginners: The definitive practical guide was closed and locked just over a month ago with the note that such questions are no longer accepted by the community. Is this ...
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Make lists of questions useful to me?

I've asked over 100 questions on StackOverflow. The site would be more useful to me if I could organize my questions (and other users' questions I find useful) into lists or categories of my own ...
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1.5 million questions on SO - organization beyond tags? [closed]

I've only been a member of SO for about 6 months and even in that time I have noticed a dramatic uptick in the number of questions asked each day, and a decline in quality of questions in terms of ...
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Jobs: Search / Tag by Technology

Would like to have the ability to tag/group by technologies. Existing browse feature requires me to click on each one before seeing whether it's PHP, .NET, Java, etc. Ideally,...
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How do I organize these "Pearls of Wisdom"?

I consider the answers that I receive to questions on StackOveflow as "Pearls of Wisdom". I'am afraid that these shouldn't get lost in the mountain of questions that I keep asking day in and out. I ...
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Should there be an incentive to generalize questions?

So you dug yourself into a hole and are desperate enough to ask a question on Stack Overflow. Someone can answer your question in a much more general way you thought about the problem. Now the ...
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How does SO manage tags? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How is the tagging system implemented here at S[O|F|U]? I am currently building a website in which users can tag a submission, similar to that of SO, Flickr etc. I'm just ...
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