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Questions tagged [outdated-information]

For discussion of questions and answers with outdated information, affecting quality. Not used for outdated Help or other system webpage files.

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Old And Incorrect Answers Are A Big Problem

There has been discussion about answers which have been incorrect due to language/framework updates (Introducing Outdated Answers project, and the various linked questions in that question). ...
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Dealing with outdated questions with incorrect answers

I recently came across a baffling, transient issue on one of my systems. It self resolved (or I accidentally fixed it), but I'd documented one of the symptoms of the issue while troubleshooting which ...
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Making the 'Original Question' and 'Last Answered' dates easy to see instead of assuming duplicate, as tech evolves [duplicate]

There's a lot of talk about removing or penalizing questions because they are "duplicates", but there's a lot of times when a question should be reasonably reasked because the technology or ...
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Will the "Content Health" feature come to public Q&A on Stack Exchange?

It was announced in The Overflow today there's a new Content Health feature is being launched on Stack Overflow for Teams. Are there currently plans to introduce this to public Q&A sites on Stack ...
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Outdated Answers project kicking off on Stack Overflow

As we announced on Meta Stack Overflow, we are kicking off a project to begin tackling the issue of outdated answers. That post goes into detail on the initiative and our approach. We are focusing our ...
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Re-ordering answers with deprecated solutions to the bottom [duplicate]

Since some software is constantly changing the solutions for the questions are also changing quite quickly. E.g. Stanford Parser and NLTK, with different versions of the software, the API to the ...
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2 answers

Tags as a proper way to indicate deprecated code in answers?

Was just in review queue and had a quite a few pop up with a tag add ember-invalid. Not sure what was "invalid" so I looked in more detail at the new tag and what it's purpose is, as I haven't seen a ...
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Place warnings near questions/answers using deprecated functions?

Sometimes I come across questions and/or answers under the PHP tag (I'm sure the problem persists for other tags as well) that use deprecated functions. While some of this might be a result of new ...
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Deprecated posts [duplicate]

There are a lot of posts that are 'deprecated' (correct at that time, but not today). E.g., Google Maps v1 (not available these days). The problem with these is that, many developers (especially ...
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Could common mistakes (i.e. deprecated functions) be detected? [closed]

Disclaimer This is subtly different from other suggestions I've found, like auto-answering common questions. There is one exact case that was handled here, but it was localized only to PHP/mysql_*()....
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3 answers

Outdated questions - tagging approach [closed]

It seems to me that Stack Overflow has an infinite amount of outdated questions that pop out in Google, the SO search, etc. I frequently limit Google search to the last year to get accurate results. ...
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4 answers

Edit a 3 year old answer or create a new answer?

It is well known that questions using mysql_* on Stack Overflow have been getting the canned Please, don't use mysql_* functions in new code. They are no longer maintained and are officially ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Responding to new posts containing deprecated code

It is not uncommon for new posts to contain deprecated code: whilst there may well be good reasons for it in a legacy project, it's usually discouraged in new projects. Some users no doubt end up here ...
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should version numbers of technologies be it's own field? [closed]

I never have any idea what version somebody is talking about. I've encountered version specific bugs in any number of libraries. Wading through questions/answers to find appropriate solutions are ...
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4 votes
2 answers

How can I mark a question with an out-of-date answer?

Maybe I'm missing something but an example would be this question about rails: Rails validation over redirect with the selected answer from 2009. I'm sure there's now a better way to do this, is ...
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17 votes
1 answer

A better way to mark tags as obsolete / deprecated

Currently some tags are marked obsolete by editing the wiki to include the text "don't use this". I didn't hover on the tag long enough to see the wiki, so I created a question with it because I didn'...
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What to do about deprecated questions & answers? [duplicate]

Sometimes I hit some questions with code samples in the question or some of the answers that are deprecated. Example: The before destroy callback In this question from 2009 about some feature of ...
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7 votes
3 answers

Will SO have a big issue in 'x' years time with a mass of now incorrect answers?

It is hard to see it not becoming what it is trying to fix (A repository of incorrect information). In 5 years, a lot of the top voted answers could evolve to be incorrect due to progressions in the ...
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75 votes
8 answers

How to deal with obsolete answers?

I was thinking about this issue from time to time but I didn't know whether it really exists or just an speculation on my side until today when I woke up [!], I saw a very old answer of mine which was ...
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