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Questions tagged [overflowai]

For questions about OverflowAI announcements in Stack Overflow blog. Kindly use other specific tags like [generative-ai], [announcement].

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What, exactly, is "OverflowAPI"?

The description on the OverflowAPI website is rather vague marketing speak: OverflowAPI is a subscription-based API service that provides continuous access to Stack Overflow’s public dataset to train ...
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Can the AI banner disappear globally once dismissed on any site?

I've dismissed it here on MSE, but I still see it on Super User. Given that I've already seen and dismissed the banner once, I don't really want to have to dismiss it on each site. (Ignore the font ...
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How is the Overflow AI VS Code extension going to compete with the GitHub Copilot Chat extension?

(When I say "you" in this post, I am addressing the Stack Exchange company) The GitHub Copilot Chat extension already provides "agents" one can chat with to understand a project. ...
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Does Stack Overflow require that OverflowAI partners refrain from using Stack Exchange contributions in contravention of the license?

This is a subset of What, exactly, is Stack Overflow's agreement with OpenAI?, but it seems that we are playing Twenty Questions this month. Representatives of the company (e.g. the Chief Product ...
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How is OverflowAI search going to compete with search engine + generative AI chatbot technologies?

Note: This post is primarily addressed to the company. When I say "you" in this post, I am referring to the company. A couple weeks ago, Microsoft dropped "Copilot" / "New ...
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