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I found lots of "promising" questions (and answers) for my problem. Let's have a way to track the answers I've already tried?

I edited my question because it was closed. The side effect is that the answer I received becomes a "good workaround" instead of "good answer". Please let me know if this prevents ...
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Issue - "Next privilege" card overlaps on header while scrolling

Today I found a strange ugly bug when I was scrolling to my questions. "Next privilege" card was open and I scrolled at bottom and saw that card overlapping the header. It is for all the pop ups ...
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"This post has been deleted" box's Z-Index is too high, overlaps dialog overlays and looks weird [duplicate]

Screenshot tells more than 1000 words: (Oh and I think it's not an exact duplicate of this question because it's only about overlapping parts of the post's content including flag bar if I read it ...
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Massive overlap between sites regarding Linux

A question about Linux could belong on these sites on the StackExchange network:, if it is about using software rather than programming, if it is ...
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Code Review and Stack Overflow overlap

There are many questions on overlap between several StackExchange sites. Code Review is pretty new, and still in beta, which probably explains why I could not find the question I'd like to ask (and ...
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scribe is an overloaded tag [closed]

It appears that scribe has become an overloaded tag. Scribe is used for a simple OAuth Java library and more recently the open source server for aggregating streaming log data written by Facebook. ...
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Overlapping Area 51 proposals (not overlapping Stack Overflow)

Similar to the Area 51 proposal that overlap Stack Overflow question, I've noticed a number of cases where a broad site exists, and more specialised sites are proposed which address a subset of the ...
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Should updating profile on one site updates it in other sites?

Related: Add a “Copy profile to sister sites” button Hi, I've updated my SO profile to correct some information and to add some more, but when I see my SO-meta profile, the old information is there. ...
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Allow cross-posting of questions to more than one SO site

There is much overlap between the SO, SF and SU sites. For instance, questions about shell programming are programming related (since they are about programming), about system administration (because ...