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For questions about pasting text, images or other content into the Stack Exchange websites or app. General questions about copy-pasting are off-topic.

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What's happened with copy and paste? [duplicate]

I want to copy and paste a small code snippet from OneNote into an answer. I have done this dozens of times, but today when I attempt it, the window thinks I want to paste in an image or a link. I ...
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Pasted text is reduced in size when copied from ask question description/body [duplicate]

Steps to Reproduce ## Tap ask a question type some text in body/description field copy/cut Paste in different location Notice text size is smaller Expectation Given I have copied text, when I ...
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Copying text from OneNote and pasting creates an image instead of text

Steps to reproduce: Write something in OneNote Copy that text Try pasting in Stack Overflow It opens the image upload dialog box (Example: The image in this question) PS: I tried pasting the same in ...
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Can't paste data to question, get prompted for Image?

I am trying to ask a question on SE, have some mock data in Excel I've copied, and am simply trying to paste in to my question. I've done this before dozens of times, but suddenly am having this ...
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Should copy-pasted answers be deleted?

Answer with a link only is bad, but if it's copy-pasted from that link, should it be deleted? I think its value isn't lost and it should be kept. The question What to do when plagiarism is discovered ...
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Problems pasting into answer and comment fields

Has something recently changed with Answer and Comment fields? Pasting text into them has suddenly become very unreliable. Sometimes, after selecting text, I need to mouse-2 several times before the ...
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Unable to paste in comment input [duplicate]

I can copy but pasting yields nothing App Version: Device: iPhone 6s Plus OS Version: Version 11.2.1 (Build 15C153)
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Can't paste on iOS app [duplicate]

I'm trying to copy and paste on the iOS app and I can't seem to. Whenever I click paste, nothing shows up, even though I have copied text to my clipboard. I've copied from the app and then pasted in ...
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Copy-Pasting Text into Bodies

While I can post external texts into question and answer bodies, it preserves the old font style, spacing and size (although the markdown display won’t be affected by that.) App Version: ...
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iOS 11-13 - unable to paste into comments

I’m able to copy-paste from any application to any application. I’m able to copy from a comment or from a question or from an answer. I’m able to paste to a question or answer. However, if I attempt ...
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Has pasting images directly into the upload box been dropped? Or is it just me?

Very recently (May 2014) it was possible to paste images directly from the clipboard into the SE "add an image" dialog. I'm not sure when this feature was added but it was probably after this question ...
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When I paste a URL auto upload it same way raw binary image is being uploaded

For some time now, we can paste a picture from clipboard directly to the image upload dialog. (Chrome only, as far as I can tell) Great, and I'm now using this instead of storing all the pictures on ...
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24 votes
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Allow us to paste in an image from the clipboard without clicking the image button first

I love being able to paste an image from the clipboard in having clicked the insert image button, but I don't like needlessly clicking on things if I don't have to (mostly!) Currently what happens is ...
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Markdown bug with Lisp-y code

I can't see quite what causes this, but there's a funky markdown bug apparent in my answer here: The two Lisp-y code snippets should be formatted just the ...
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Pasting runnable source code to Stackoverfow?

Runnable source code is often used as an additional part of the answer. Since it is not possible to paste runnable code to SO (as far as I know), the code is pasted to external sites like ideone or ...
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Is it okay to link to gist code pastes?

I have an issue that I detailed with code pastes on Would it be okay to provide a written description and link to the code pastes, or should I paste them in my question body ...
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Pasting text into input boxes behaves incorrectly

On the "Ask Question" page, the Title input box initially contains "What's your programming question? Be descriptive." in grey text. Typing text erases the prompt and displays what you type in black ...
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