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Are there any great reasons for or against having a paid for tier for the main SE sites, and what could that entail?

There's been a few suggestions from fellow users that we should consider having a paid tier on SE. Now, SE's fundamentally against being behind a paywall of any sort. I also remember someone ...
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Which is the right Stack Exchange site to ask a question about how much someone has to be paid for making an Android application?

Some people asked me to create an Android application for them, and I want to know what is the right amount of money that I have to ask them for that.
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Why aren't Stack Exchange moderators paid for their service?

Why are moderators of Stack Exchange communities never paid for their service? Moderators remove spam from the site, so why should they struggle and never get paid?
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Would it better the community if we got compensated for posts? Even with minuscule alt coins?

If we are effectively generating more traffic to Stack Exchange sites, would it become a better community if users were compensated somehow besides rep points? Even with minuscule alt coins?
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Please bring back bacon as an acceptable payment for unicoins [closed]

I spent the past 6 to 8 weeks cooking bacon because I was hoping to add a unicorn animation to my voting buttons. I really wanted it, somehow you knew. To my dismay, and after cooking all of this ...
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Are questions looking for paid help acceptable?

I saw this question, .net api for amazon and eBay (the link is for 10k users), and realised I wasn't entirely sure how to respond to it: Hi I am willing to pay for some help with eBay and amazon ...
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Please make an optional $1/month no-ad version of the site

Please make an optional $1/month membership level! I never click the ads... my "ad" worth to the site must be less than $1 per month. Make the paid version of the site exactly the same as the non-...
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How do you respond when someone offers to pay you on SO?

I've had a couple of occasions where someone offered to pay me for completing their project or simply fix one bit. Though I like money and who, I mean besides Bill Gates, couldn't use a little more, ...
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Is the Stack Exchange team now getting paid more than slave wages?

Since the beginning of Stack Overflow, Jeff Atwood has been saying that the team have been paid slave wages. With the success of Stack Overflow, Server Fault, Super User et al has this ...
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Showing credit/debit card types supported by careers [closed]

I just tried paying for a careers subscription by Switch/Maestro debit card (a fairly popular payment method in the UK) but got a "card number invalid" error. I assumed that's because that card type ...
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Alternative means of payment for Careers?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that I think stackoverflow llc won't handle my data securely, but, it's just that, well, I'm a developer too and I've seen where credit card data ends up. Is there ...
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