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A bronze badge for giving into "peer pressure" and deleting your own post with a score of -3 or lower.

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Should the Disciplined and Peer Pressure badges be (partially) retired?

For context: the Disciplined and Peer Pressure badges are awarded for deleting one's own content with a score of 3 or higher or -3 or lower respectively. Earlier today, someone posted a comment that ...
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11 votes
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What proportion of Peer-Pressure and Disciplined-badge-earning posts stay deleted?

As far as I know, one can earn the Peer Pressure and Disciplined badges by deleting and subsequently undeleting posts with the appropriate scores (-3 and +3, respectively). See: I cheated on the ...
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Downvoting Of questioning or answering [closed]

If I fare badly in questioning or answering. I attract downvotes and hence receive negative scores. In spite of this fact, I have earned the Peer-pressure badge even downvoted. What do you do with ...
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Drop lower value for "Peer Pressure" badge [duplicate]

Currently the "Go get it" link for the "Peer Pressure" badge contains lower value -100: I.e. posts with score below -100 points will be excluded from the search results. Use of search pattern ...
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4 votes
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Is the "Peer Pressure" badge revoked when undeleting a post? [duplicate]

I recently earned the Peer Pressure badge for deleting one of my posts with a score of -3 or lower. That got me thinking. The peer pressure badge is only awarded once per user. What would happen if I ...
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15 votes
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Questionable query produced by "Go get it" Peer Pressure badge

If you are tracking the "Peer Pressure" badge progress and you click "Go get it" here: It would produce the following query: user:me score:-100..-3 Is there a particular reason for the -100 lower ...
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Usefulness of Peer Pressure Badge [duplicate]

I realize this has been discussed before, but I still feel the peer-pressure badge in no way promotes good behavior on the site. Look at this comment: when I noticed he was deleting all his answers ...
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3 votes
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I've deleted post, to receive badge then undeleted it [duplicate]

I have one post with 3 downvote and to receive Peer Pressure badge I've deleted it, but after I've got what I wanted, I've restored it. Is this legal? Can I use this technique in the future?
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Do I need to delete a post myself for the peer pressure badge? [duplicate]

I asked a question, which was poorly received. At the time of writing I wasn't thinking straight so I ended up asking a primarily opinion based question. Usually when this happens I just let the ...
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-9 votes
5 answers

Please get rid of the peer pressure badge

The peer pressure badge awards users for deleting their own bad post. Some users like to game the system. Just recently, I saw a post where a user posted an intentionally bad question. The user ...
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Can't remove own question

I got -4 and there's a badge for removing under peer pressure. I was thinking it's a good time to get it now (first time I get so downed, haha). However, I can't do that. It says that I need to talk ...
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28 votes
1 answer

Peer Pressure Badge not awarded when somebody else voted to delete my answer

I wrote an answer which was voted down to -3. I then deleted that answer, but I got no badge, yet. I think that happened because the answer was voted to be deleted by a second user. deleted by ...
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What is the "Peer Pressure" Badge? [duplicate]

I have earned the Peer Pressure Badge on my question on Stack Overflow. The question title is, "Setup And Deployment By Reading Bios Of User System". I don't know why I earned this badge; is there ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Does the peer pressure badge get awarded more than once?

I deleted an old answer that had a -3 score, and didn't get a peer pressure badge. If it's not intended to be awarded more than once, it loses its reason to be, that is encouraging people to delete (...
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15 votes
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Peer Pressure badge worded incorrectly

According to the Peer Pressure page, the badge is awarded to those who "deleted [their] own post with 3 or more downvotes." I did this recently and didn't get the badge. The answer in question had 3 ...
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23 votes
6 answers

Should I remove a wrong answer (Peer Pressure)?

So I answered a Stack Overflow question with a completely wrong answer. It was quickly downvoted as it should have been. The answer I gave though might have been a typical conclusion to the question....
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3 votes
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Peer Pressure badge on Meta

I've now deleted two different answers of mine on Meta, and haven't seen a Peer Pressure badge. Does this badge not work correctly on Meta?
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4 votes
2 answers

Does the Peer Pressure badge apply to answers as well as questions?

I gave a dumb answer to a question on SO. It earned a sum of -3 on my answer, and I was resigned to scurry away from the question and hide in the corner to lick my wounds. The displayed sum was minus ...
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