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-100 rep penalty effectiveness for spam?

I quite doubt the effectiveness of the -100 penalty to spammers (per post) because I've never seen spammers with 6+ reputation, not even 100. So -100 makes hardly any difference from -10, -1k or -1M. ...
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In what ways are users affected when they don't follow up on Area 51 commitments?

When committing to an Area 51 site one has to promise to participate on the site, by posting at least ten questions and/or answers. Obviously, this is good, since a "commit" wouldn't really mean much ...
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Does marking an earlier question as a duplicate of a newer one harm the asker?

In multiple meta questions it's suggested that an older question can be marked as a duplicate of a newer question. For example, from the accepted answer to "Should I vote to close a duplicate question,...
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What happens if your answer is converted into a comment?

My understanding is that if your answer is deleted by a moderator, there is penalty (at least one that may count toward an answer ban). What happens if your answer gets converted into a comment by a ...
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What about someone use "receives 6 spam or offensive flags:−100" rule? [duplicate]

What if a bunch of jealous bad guys just want to interfere with SE Community and they decide to cast 6 spam flags on an innocent person? Will the poor guy lose 100 hard earned reputations?
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What does it mean when my post is gray? [duplicate]

I hope I didn't do anything wrong, but when I returned from editing my answer, the text of the entire answer was gray. What does this mean?
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Reputation loss with a spam or offensive flags

As the help page says: You lose reputation when: One of your posts receives 6 spam or offensive flags:−100 I think this should be changed. This means that in less popular tag posts this is more ...
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Can I request that my question (that may lead to a discussion) on StackOverflow be closed without being penalized?

I currently have an open question on StackOverflow: How can an Android background thread detect if another activity is active and ready to receive data? If perhaps the question starts off OK it ...
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Potential FGITW "fix"?

If you post an incomplete answer for FGITW, and then edit it in the intervening five minutes, adopt the last time of the five minute window as the actual timestamp. So this timestamp adjustment then ...
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Flag tooltip mentions "unconstructive"

The tooltip for flagging comments is now: flag this comment as unconstructive, offensive, or spam I searched meta, and I have to conclude that the tooltip is the only place where "unconstructive" is ...
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Do we need a rep penalty for flagged offensive comments?

Of late (based on the 10k tools' flags tab), I have seen a lot of people being just nasty to each other in the comments. Sometimes it is the same people who don't seem to want to play nice. I wonder ...
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2 votes
7 answers

Should there be a penalty for asking questions that get closed?

There seems to be a lot of off-topic questions coming at the minute (several re Oracle/Google ring a bell etc). It often seems to me that people are asking off topic questions for maybe a bit of "rep-...
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Down voting perfectly good questions without leaving a comment

With respect to this question (and its implemented answer), is it possible to increase the reputation penalty for users that down vote a question without leaving a comment? The reason I'm asking is ...
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3 answers

Why were 9 of my questions deleted? and -100 for each of them?

Why were 9 of my questions deleted? (Stack Overflow) and -100 for each of them? I do not know why I lost 100 points for each (I don't see it in this faq). If you look at my profile you'll see I ask a ...
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What are the penalties and warnings Joel talked about?

In his video here in Google Tech-Talk, Joel Spolsky is talking about warnings and penalties for bad users. He mention it in the last 10 minutes when asked about bad users behaviors. Joel says there ...
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