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"People Reached" is the count of views of pages where your helpful posts had some decent probability of being seen. It is shown in the User Profile under the heading 'IMPACT'.

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View "people reached" data/trend through time for user

Is there a way to view a trend (graphically or tabulated) in the number of "people reached" per user per site? E.g., to see how many people a user's posts impacted monthly or annually, etc. ...
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Inconsistent vertical spacing to tooltip on impact block [duplicate]

There's an inconsistency with vectical space for tooltips in impact block of profile page: Helpful flags tooltip looks generally correct: But others have much more vertical space as expected between ...
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What does the "reached" property mean on Stack Exchange? [duplicate]

If you go on my profile you will see that I have "reached" 703k: First I thought it was the number of persons who: saw an answer of me saw a question of me or an edit I made on a question ...
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My people reached count decreased from 250k to 11k

I have used Stack Overflow for the last two months. One week ago, I had a 250k "people reached" count shown on my profile. Suddenly, it decreased and it shows 11k people reached. I don't ...
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If you answer your own question will you be credited once or twice for the "people reached" statistics in your profile?

I found an answer explaining how the "people reached" statistics is populated in the Stats box in the Profile tab. Basically, if your answer qualifies, you will be credited the # of views ...
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Is there is any benefit/privileges for increasing impact/people reached? Why is it counted?

If I earn 20k rep I will be a trusted user, and for 25k rep I can get access to site analytics. What about impact/people reached? If there's no benefit, why is it counted?
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Do edits increase the number of people reached by a user?

Let's say I edited some questions and answers which required edits. Do the new visits, from then on, increase MY (the editor) impact (i.e., the number of people reached)?
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How multiple answers by one user on same question impact on People Reached

EDIT We're working on a new stat to help convey the reach of your posts here discuss the Big Question #1: Do you have any suggested tweaks to improve the calculation method? Big Question #2: What's a ...
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When viewing own profile in mobile theme, "People Reached" showing even when empty

Using the mobile version of the website in Chrome. In some of the communities, when going to my profile, can read "People Reached" tells you how many people found your posts here while searching ...
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How accurate is the "people reached" counter?

I have a kind of relatively high number for "people reached" (3.5 million) on my Stack Overflow account and I'm just kind of wondering what that really means. Is it the sum of the view counters on all ...
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What's the formula for the "impact" figure on my user profile page?

How does Stack Overflow calculate the number "impacted", for the impact figure at the top of the user page on each site? I know there's an explanatory comment, but it's kind of general and vague....
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Is the total impact of an user's combined accounts visible somewhere or can it be queried in the Stack Exchange Data Explorer? [duplicate]

Is the total impact of an user's combined SE accounts visible somewhere or can it be queried in the Stack Exchange Data Explorer?
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Badges for impact [duplicate]

In the profile page there is a section where it displays the impact of a user. What is the use of this section other than... showing a number? I propose making this stat at least somewhat useful by ...
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Showing wrong impact count (people reached) 204k in my profile?

On Database Administrator Stack Exchange I have given only one answer at that time the question was already viewed by more than 100K (approx) people then I have added my answer so the total impact ...
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How to query users in SE data, sorting by "people reached"? [duplicate]

I'd like to see the number of people I reached on a specific tag compared to others in my country. Found how to compare using the reputation. How can I compare using the number of people reached ...
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People Reached number calculated regardless to answer views

A few hours ago I posted an answer to an old question on StackOverflow Moments later I've noticed that my impact jumped from ~2K to ~72K I started researching and discovered that it is a known issue ...
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Graph showing Impact over time

When I navigate to the Activity tab of my Stack Overflow user profile, one of the dashboard items is something called Impact, which is supposed to be an estimate of the total number of people reached ...
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Massive change in 'People Reached' overnight

On Stack Overflow, your profile page provides a facility to determine the impact of your questions and answers. Yesterday it was showing 7k and right now it is showing 19k, so in single day it ...
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Quick way to see how many people helped across all SE sites [duplicate]

Is there a quick way to see how many people I've helped ("reached") across all SE sites?
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Add "Impact" to Accounts tab of Network Profile

The Accounts tab of my Network Profile provides a convenient way to quickly compare my reputation, badges, and Q&A counts across all of the Stack Exchange sites I've linked together, but to ...
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Total people reached in all SE sites combined ("global impact"), under network profile?

The impact (people reached) infobox on the profile page is a motivating feature. Any plans adding a similar infobox on the network profile to display the total people reached across all SE sites?
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Difference between Profile Views and People reached

My profile showing me, ~48k people reached and 341 profile views. What's the difference between both?
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My Impact Rose... But My Answer Never Made the Requirements

According to this answer, my answer or any answer must reach all the necessary criteria to be able increase the People Reached score of the answerer: Answers - Views of the parent question for ...
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People Reached tooltip is cut on some sites when viewing own profile

When I moved my mouse cursor over Impact (Approximate no. of people reached) in my Pro Webmasters Profile Page, few of the contents are not visible. They are going behind the header banner. But I ...
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How can I sort my posts by impact/people reached?

Since the new profile was introduced, there is a new stat for impact, which measures how many people you have reached (based on views of highest-voted answers on questions etc). I've been a bit ...
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Is the new statistics, number of people reached available in the data dump [duplicate]

I am interested to see how this new statistics motivate users to contribute. But in the data dump, this variable seems not to be in the data dump.
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My "people reached" score went from 69K to 7K on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

My "impact" on Stack Overflow was 69K yesterday. But now instead of 70K, it is showing 7K. Is this a bug?
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How many people have I actually helped?

In my Stack Overflow profile, it says that I've "reached 7.9 million people." That's very flattering, but how many of those people were just there due to a Google Search, and they happened to land on ...
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Can the People Reached measure be a little more accurate?

There are currently 219 users on the elementary OS site (36 per page, 6 full pages +3). And yet, despite that my impact is ~808: On any other site, this would be fine - external visitors. But as it ...
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Change People "Reached" to Impressions

Over at Open Source.SE, it's easy to figure out how many people would've seen a post, since it's still in private beta. With 313 users, you wouldn't expect to have reached more than that amount. Yet: ...
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"Impact" metrics for new answers to old questions

I noticed this because of this new answer to a old question on Raspberry Pi Beta. I was leaving a comment for the author, which I usually preface with "Welcome" if that person is new to the site. To ...
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Why is the number of people reached by Community account only ~612? [duplicate]

On Meta Stack Overflow, this automated account has voted 16k+ times, edited 338 posts and has 59 helpful flags besides announcing the results of elections. Yet, why is the Impact as low as 612?
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Can Impact (people reached) Go Down? [duplicate]

I was looking at my Impact rating on Arqade earlier, and I noticed that it had reached 945K. Excited, I waited a few hours to see if it was climbing at a steady rate, only to find it had gone back ...
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Impact stat says I have reached a thousand thousand people

The new Impact stat on the profile pages switches to displaying the number 1.0m when you reach a million. But it only does so at 1,001,000. When you actually hit one million it displays the rather odd ...
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Why would my People Reached (Impact) drop by ~13k? [duplicate]

So, between yesterday and today, my "People Reached" metric on SO dropped by ~13k. I believe I was somewhere in the range of ~906k and now I'm down to ~893k. Sure, it's a (wildly) fuzzy metric... ...
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About impact measure

From the beginning, I liked the impact measure (aka: people helped), but I must to admit that my personal case is pretty much inexact. A shadow grows between the datetime of the question and my ...
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Can we separate the Impact people reached by category?

Is it good to separate the Impact people reached by category(questions and answers) so we could identify on which category you have more impact? Like this:
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Can we sort users by impact?

With the recent release of the new profile, we received the impact stat. It would be really cool to see all users listed by impact. Example: Add an impact tab to the Users page, and sort users by ...
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Include the "People Reached" and "Helpful Flags (count)" data in SEDE

I know the new profile design hasn't been updated for every site on the network yet, so maybe this is a bit too early. Nonetheless, please include the "People Reached" data in SEDE at your ...
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What happened to the other people? My Impact (people reached) just dropped

I posted this question a few weeks ago. The photo I posted shows that I had impacted 25k people. Now it says this: I only impacted 1k people, 24k less than what my impact was a few weeks ago! I am ...
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We're working on a new stat to help convey the reach of your posts here

We've got a new statistic on the shiny new Profile Page Prototype. It's not perfect yet. And we did a pretty crap job of explaining what it's all about! Let's talk. What you do here isn't just about ...
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