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Questions about the meta site that every Stack Exchange site has (also called 'child metas').

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How long can Moderator Resignation notices be featured?

How long are moderator resignation posts allowed to be featured in the sidebars of our sites?
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Don't lock votes on Meta sites

When I talk about Meta here, I mean any meta but this one. I understand the Idea behind “Your vote is now locked in unless this answer is edited”. However, I don't think this reason applies to meta ...
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What does it mean to "burninate" a tag?

There are requests to "burninate" tags all over the place! What does this really mean; what happens to a burninated tag? How is it different than removing a tag or black-listing a tag? Would it be ...
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Make voting activity on your posts available on site metas (what you would get from rep if metas had rep)

Child metas don't have rep, so there's no point in tracking a rep stat or reporting changes. But one of the things rep updates do on main sites is to alert me when there's activity on older posts. ...
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Why can't I suggest edits on SE meta sites?

When you click "edit" on a meta site as a non-edit-privileged user, the error message appears: Suggested edits are not allowed on non-tag-wiki posts on meta sites. Right as I was going to ...
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Update the "new contributor" indicator on meta to say "new contributor to meta"

Earlier today I saw the New Contributor indicator attached to a user who had 2,700 reputation and had been a member of the site for over 2 years. When I went to leave a comment, I saw a banner of “(...
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A way for "new users" to ask about their post specifically

We currently require that new users have 5+ reputation to participate in meta support discussions (bugs, feedback, governance, etc). This is primarily because the use case for meta is not ...
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Please don't bring The Loop to per-site metas

On my fourth reading of the blog post introducing The Loop, I noticed something that seems to indicate that the company wants to introduce changes in how the child metas function - something I didn't ...
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Hot Meta Posts: Allow for removal by moderators, and thoughts about future improvements

We have just released a new feature for Moderators across the entire network: the ability to remove a Meta post from showing up in the Hot Meta Posts (HMP) section of the Community Bulletin on the ...
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How do weekly topic challenges work?

A handful of sites have conducted a variation of the "weekly topic challenge" idea. I, myself, have become quite fond of them since they do seem to be effective at increasing asking rate and can be a ...
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Show your work: one simple trick to make meta effective

Every day, good-hearted people come to these sites and run into serious problems. And then you come here or to another meta site, seeking to propose a solution to the problem you've encountered... And ...
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Moderator Resignations are now being un-featured early. Is this the only solution? Why can't we moderate them as usual? [duplicate]

Ex-Moderator Madara Uchiha's resignation notice was recently untagged as featured by a staff member, which removes it from the featured box on the related community's sidebar. This is rather early for ...
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How is consensus determined on Meta sites?

On our main sites "the best answer" is somewhat fluidly defined as the superposition of the highest voted answer and the accepted answer. Truth be told, the system is rather insistent on ...
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How is meta participation calculated?

On per-site metas, users are given a rank based on meta participation, and this ranking is seen on the default tab of the users page on each per-site meta. How is this participation numerically ...
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Hot meta posts section is no more?

I was browsing Stack Overflow for tags of interest-related questions and I noticed that there was no 'hot meta posts' section on the right side! I navigated to the corresponding meta and found the ...
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Bounty-like feature on metas

Sometimes on a site's meta, I want to draw more attention to a question that has been sitting in the dark. Usually when this happens, I am even willing to offer my reputation as a bounty. But metas ...
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Meta sites in "Your Communities" display different reputation

While using the top bar to navigate across communities, I noticed that the reputation displayed on meta sites on that list does not match the one of their corresponding main sites: I have noticed on ...
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When an account is deleted, don't auto delete its negatively scored posts on the meta site

Meta is different. Negatively scored questions are not always bad questions, and sometimes they have merit and draw good answers, especially discussions. When an account (in the main site) is deleted,...
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Two years later: How has moving the Meta link affected Meta usage?

Two years ago the link to a site's Meta was moved from an always-visible position in the top bar to subitems in the help and Site Switcher menus, as part of the top bar redesign progressively rolled ...
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Combine flag and edit queues from main and meta on SE 2.0 sites

Abstract There's no need to have two flag queues (one for meta, and one for main) for moderators to check. There's also no need to have two edit queues, if suggested edits were allowed on meta sites....
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3 answers

Remove impossible badges from per-site metas

Per-site metas lists some badges that are impossible to get. For example lists: Altruist Benefactor Beta Investor Precognitive Promoter But these are ...
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3 answers

Allow me to get notifications for new Meta posts, like mods do

I'm currently helping out on a beta site. One of the most valuable things on new beta sites, especially private/early public betas, is Meta participation - see this mod newsletter: Treat Meta ...
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Should I really have been awarded mortarboard badge on a Per-site meta?

The Ask Ubuntu Town hall digest caused me to win the Mortarboard badge, yey! But wait. [Mortarboard] Hit the daily reputation cap for the first time Per-site metas don't have any reputation... I ...
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On meta sites, require at least one non-required tag [duplicate]

A question with just a required tag isn't really a tagged question. discussion doesn't really explain what topics the discussion is about... it's basically a meta tag. A useful meta tag, but quite not ...
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Could we allow child Meta questions to be closed as duplicates of Meta.SE ones?

Now that we have one central cross-network Meta, we have a core place where network-wide issues can be discussed. There are a lot of great frequently asked questions and answers here, ones that will ...
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Can the Meta sites have non-color-based visual cues to help distinguish them from the Main sites?

A color-blind user posted a feature-request on our English.SE site, asking for non-color-based visual cues to help distinguish the Meta site from the Main site. I think it is an excellent request to ...
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Allow suggested edits on site metas and show them in the main site queue

Suggested edits are disabled on per-site metas, which means that only users with full edit privileges (>2k rep on graduated sites or >1000 rep on public betas) can edit posts on a site meta. This has ...
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Require reputation earned on the main site to vote on a per-site meta

Upvoting requires 15 reputation, but the association bonus is taken into account, so if you have at least 200 reputation on any site, you can upvote on all sites in the network. This is a bit ...
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Turn off the roomba for child meta sites

Automatic deletion is useful and great on main sites, but on child metas it deletes my negatively voted feature-requests. >:( Can it be turned off for child metas?
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What's the protocol for requesting a tag warning?

On a particular site, RPG Stack Exchange, we've decided on our meta on a couple of tags that should have tag warnings, and on what those tag warnings should say. I am a diamond moderator on the site ...
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3 answers

Accessing per-site metas gives 403 forbidden from cloudflare-nginx [closed]

Clicking on doesn't connect me with the meta S.Ex.SE site. EDIT: For some entry points, no meta site can be reached. Observation courtesy Gilles. I consider it ...
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Will yearly moderation statistics be published on all sites this year, and future years?

For the last couple years, at the beginning of every new year, Stack Exchange has posted annual moderation statistics on all meta sites in the network. These posts include a full table on how many of ...
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33 votes
2 answers

Differentiate meta from meta

Meta, meta, meta... On the community bulletin, can we differentiate MSE from the per-site meta? Right now, the two are listed identically in the community bulletin. Instead of MSE posts saying '...
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Make network-wide FAQ posts available on per-site metas

There are now a lot of SE 2.0 sites, and many users on those sites might not even know about Stack Overflow or Meta.SO. If they have a question about the site, they ask it on their per-site meta, ...
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The black hole known as Meta Stack Apps

Firstly, there isn't a Meta for Stack Apps. However, Stack Apps' help centre seems to disagree: Meta Stack Apps is the part of the site where users discuss the workings and policies of Stack Apps ...
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Questions migrated to localized meta sites get the [discussion] tag in English even if it's synonymized to the localized tag equivalent

Questions that get migrated to localized meta sites have the discussion tag in English, instead of the localized equivalent of the tag. E.g. in Russian Stack Overflow: in question Где найти практику? ...
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4 answers

Gold badge for meta participation

At the moment there's Quorum and Convention which encourage participation on meta and seem to be related (bronze / silver style.) However, there's no gold badge in this family - would this be a good ...
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Lowered reputation threshold for meta participation on some sites is not working

According to What are the reputation requirements for privileges on sites, and how do they differ per site?, some sites have a lowered reputation (e.g. 1-rep) threshold for participating in meta: Ask ...
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Which meta am I supposed to post on?

I'm mostly active on IT Security and we have a separate meta. Most of my questions on IT Security meta have answers with links here. So my question is, where am I supposed to post what i.e. feature ...
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Should any Meta post that calls out a user by name be deleted, not just downvoted?

How can I report a specific bad user? suggests that calling out by name is, at the very least, discouraged. The context is when the Meta post reports "bad behavior" and suggest a ban for the user. I'...
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Moderators recording themselves as absent/inactive should work for main site and Meta simultaneously

A moderator on a Stack Exchange site can record themselves as absent or inactive. Currently the status changes independently for each main site and the corresponding Meta. I, myself, had taken a ...
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Why do site meta questions get posted on Twitter?

I follow the Twitter accounts of the sites where I moderate. Over the weekend I noticed that they were Tweeting meta questions. These questions were really esoteric questions that only someone very ...
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Shouldn't you take the plunge and have a per-site Meta for Stack Overflow too in favor of [duplicate]

Update 2: It looks like this is finally getting addressed (see The future of meta.stackoverflow and meta.stackexchange) - I'm quite happy that Jeff has reconsidered this indeed as envisioned in his ...
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Why is there one remaining page on Windows Phone Meta SE?

Note: while theoretically this question "Only relates to one network site", the per-site Meta is gone (or not!), so I can't really post there, so I picked MSE. On November 17th, 2022 Windows ...
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Why doesn't Stack Apps have its own meta?

Now that all SE sites have their own meta site, why doesn't Stack Apps have a meta? Sure, Stack Apps is somewhat of a limited site (or rather, a site about a limited subject), so by some counts, it ...
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Make error message if a new user removes or misplaces the mandatory header text of meta questions about their own post more clear

Currently, when a new user with less than 5 reputation uses the feature to ask about their own post specifically, they are prompted to enter a link to their post, and then they are given access to the ...
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What is the process for having a site's close threshold lowered?

Stack Overflow now has a 3 close vote threshold We’re lowering the close/reopen vote threshold on Stack Overflow from 5 to 3. Shog9 then made this comment Other sites can have whatever ...
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FAQ sidebar for per site metas

Meta Stack Exchange has a nice side bar over when you are on the main page (the one you hit when you go to the 'meta' link, not the 'questions' tab). It's great. You can see there is a 'faq' ...
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Add a "became hot meta question" timeline event

As I understand, per-site meta questions can become "hot". For example: However, this event doesn't show up on their timeline. For the example above, its timeline shows: This is unlike non-...
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Should site-specific Twitter feeds be tweeting meta questions? [duplicate]

Like the title says: Should site-specific feeds be tweeting meta questions? I say no. It doesn't serve much of a purpose, to be honest. The twitterbot tends to tweet crap in general, but lets ...
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