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Allow complex queries to be saved in one's profile

As an alternative to this suggestion to enhance the ability to track feature requests, and thus the development of the SO platform, I'd like to suggest another alternative. Rather than bookmarking ...
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What's the preference on using real names and photos?

On some forums they prefer users using their real names, since it's easier to relate to a person than to a "thing". Since we have avatars, would a self-photo be better than a meaningless pic?...
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How are the feeds on the v1.0 iOS app personalized?

The Stack Exchange blog announcement touts the feed as something that can be / or is already "deeply personalized", but I'm not seeing any sort of settings to accomplish that within the app ...
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Where to logout - for real? [duplicate]

Cannot find a logout-link/button. Yes, asked before - answered before. Lots of time. Know that. Unfortunetaly no one of the answers do the job. If I log off Google, I'm still logged in to ...
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Can I configure an aggregate "home page" with questions from different sub stacks which meet my tags there? [duplicate]

I have been a Stack Overflow member for a couple of years but I'm also interested in a variety of non-computer related topics. I often check the "Hot Questions" list. But those questions, while ...
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Creating Q&A for our own site using Stack Exchange engine? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is the Stack Exchange engine available? Is it possible (or planned) to sell stack overflow as a service, so we can create Q&A for our own site, maybe link it to our own ...
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Tag set question sorting by "relevance"

I want to request for a feature where I want a new tab in the tag sets questions page. This tab would be based on how many tags a particular question covers from the tags in my tag set. I know this ...
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Why are there no user preferences on SE

Keeping site preferences on a per user basis may consume a lot of resources, but I would like to know how exactly the staff behind SE sees this. Currently, apart from favourite/ignored tags there are ...
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Concerns about Stack Overflow's current trajectory

or, Is Stack Overflow beginning to prioritise profit over all else? Edit: No. No it is not. There was a brief hairy period, but it's still the Stack Overflow we all know and love. I no longer agree ...
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