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For questions about Personally Identifiable Information of users, which is available to ♦ moderators of that particular site (though access is logged).

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Which user IP addresses can moderators view?

Moderators may view user IP addresses. E.g., moderators can view the user's last known IP address, when viewing a deleted user. Which other user IP addresses can moderators view? E.g., can they view ...
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There's no longer any point in storing users' real names on public Q&A sites now that its prior uses no longer exist; can it please be removed?

TL;DR: I don't think there's any point in having a field for a user's real name in their public Q&A profile now that the only two real uses for it, for use by Stack Overflow Jobs and Stack ...
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Is it possible to permanently erase information posted in questions/answers? [duplicate]

I came upon a certain Stack Overflow post today, and I was browsing through the edits (because I wanted to find a link to the raw markdown, because it was using snippets strangely and the edit queue ...
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Can moderators view my registered email address? [duplicate]

Can a moderator (or ex-moderator) view the registered email address if : I am a member of the particular SE site of which the moderator is moderating? I am not a member of the particular SE site of ...
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Clicking on area near text loads and displays users' personal information!

In the user's mod dashboard page I was selecting some text, but I accidentally clicked on or around the area near "(access to PII is logged)" and it loaded the user's PII when I didn't expect it to ...
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Could a site be created that does not collect PII? [duplicate]

Last fall, Tim Post ♦ mentioned that the primary reason that the accounts of underage users are deleted on sight is that there are laws against holding a minor's Personally Identifiable Information (...
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What is the purpose of "Full name" field in my profile on the Stack Exchange network outside of Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

On Stack Exchange sites, the field has no explanation for what it is used, other than it is "not shown publicly": On Stack Overflow there is a hint text "Shown to employers only if opt-in": ...
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Under what circumstances will Stack Exchange, Inc. share private/sensitive information with the press?

What are Stack Exchange, Inc.'s policies regarding whether and when private or sensitive information will be shared by the company with the public, and particularly with the press? By "private ...
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Are moderators allowed to use Imgur for screenshots of PII?

Sometimes it is useful to show certain PII (Personally identifiable information) to other moderators when asking them for help. The most common case would be asking for help when dealing with sock ...
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The PII section in the mod dashboard should state which PII exactly it contains

There is a section in the moderator dashboard on user profiles that is called "Personally Identifiable Information (PII)". If you click on it, you see a whole bunch of information that is considered ...
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Accessing preferences as a moderator should not show email

When accessing the preferences tab of a user profile from another user as a moderator, I see the following: Unlike the other places where the user mail address is shown, it is shown by default ...
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Can I promote our site by email?

I've recently started thinking that law students would be a great target audience for the Law site, and so I'm planning on sending a couple of emails to student law societies introducing them to our ...
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How safe is our user identity?

I am new to Stack Overflow. I keep seeing so many beautiful posts/answers. It's really a great place for everyone getting to know about software programming. Lots of people post so much knowledge in ...
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