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A method for one user to notify another user present in a chat channel. For 'pinging' other users in comments, use the [comment-replies] tag.

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How do I ping the right bob?

We have two bobs at the moment. Bob (with the fox avatar) is a long time user, and bob, with the green avatar. I'd like to ping Bob, without bothering bob with my pings. I see two ways to do this - ...
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Add pingable groups to chat

My proposal is to add the ability for Room Owners to create pingable groups within a chat room that people can register themselves against. This would allow the easy pinging/sharing of knowledge to ...
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Chat not pinging when name is too short

As seen HERE, pings aren't registered when they use less than 3 characters. His name "C X" is 3 characters, but because of the space and the way spaces are removed for pings it doesn't seem ...
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Ability to ping chat room owners

A recurring hassle in chat is to get a hold of a room owner when something needs their attention. As a crude workaround, some rooms have separate guidelines for users with an explanation of how to ...
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Please can I disable pings from rooms I'm no longer in?

I've read this question, so I know why I'm getting pings from the Maths room: I went there. I was there for a few minutes and then I left, and now I'm getting a bunch of pings because someone else ...
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Why does @Oɹʇɥo ping @Ortho?

My understanding was that if the first three characters of a name match a username present in the chat for the previous seven days, the person will be pinged. Out of curiosity, why does @Oɹʇ ping @...
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Let comments retain their pings when they are moved to chat

It often happens to me that someone has replied to (user @rus9384) me in comments, comments have been moved to chat, and I don't see the response (if the post is not mine, I don't see any notification ...
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Wrong network icon used on chat notifications when in multiple channels?

When you're in multiple channels associated with multiple different networks, the channel notifications popup seems to just choose one of those networks and always use the icon for that network. For ...
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Make user unpingable in chat

In our chat room, there is a regular (and RO) named Tom. Recently, another user named Tom came into the room. He didn't say much; not much was said to him; and now he's gone. The problem is that he ...
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The help for chat on pingability is too vague

The chat help pages say To get another user's attention, mention them – type @ and then the first part of their name. Your mention will be highlighted on their screen – @someone. This will happen ...
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Ping commenters to write answers when a question is reopened

My question was closed. While closed, it accumulated comments from people who could potentially answer, not just comment. After reopening, I wrote a very brief comment to each person, inviting them to ...
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O 4 other users, who art ye?

When starting to ping someone in chat there appears some user boxes that you can click on or tab key to select that user to ping. When there are many n number of users that match your ping search it ...
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Show the rest of the users you can ping in chat when there are too many to display at one time

I have recently noticed that when there are more than a certain amount of people with a similar name you get this However it is not very clear at all who the other people not listed are... So I think ...
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In a chat room, what are the full mechanics of being "in the room"?

In a chat room, what are all the mechanics around being listed as "in the room" or not? The various states of being "in a room" I know of at least three states that a chat user can ...
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Extra support for characters when pinging in chat

Currently, the rule is that if there's a single character of punctuation after a username in a mention, that user will be pinged. So for example: @Second, @Second! @Second. would all ping me, while @...
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Receiving chat notifications 5-10 seconds before the message that caused the notification?

So here's the situation, I'm chatting away on The Bridge, and suddenly I receive a bunch of notifications indicating somebody just @pinged me: However, as you can see, I've received the notifications ...
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How to ping users with the same display name in chat and in comments?

Notion To simplify writing, I'll simply refer "users with same profile display name (case insensitive) user" as "users" (with quotes), and an arbitrarily user picked from "users" as "user" (with ...
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Notification about already answered chat reply

Steps to reproduce: Enter a chat room in a new browser tab. Close the browser tab. Have someone ping you in the room at least twice. (not just once) Open new tab, enter the room again. Even though ...
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Intermittently cannot dismiss chat ping notification

I often am in chat to be reachable by users and other moderators. Sometimes I happen to receive a ping while I am online. For the past few months it often happens that I cannot dismiss the ...
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Is "The Stack Exchange Network" room really haunted?

I've been told that this room is haunted, but I didn't really believe it until I heard a ping (while I was in the room and another), looked everywhere, but couldn't find its origin... This happened ...
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Pinged by a comment link in chat

The other day, someone in chat posted a link to a comment that pinged me. To clarify, the comment contained the text @DJMcMayhem, but the chat message did not. When they posted the chat message, I ...
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Ping notification in chat does not always fade properly

I've noticed recently that the chat notification of a ping does not fade properly after clicking it, nor after sending a new message on many occasions. Either it will look like this, or part of the ...
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I don't get pings from person A between unignoring person A and refreshing the page in Chat

When chatting, after I unignore somebody, but before I refresh the page, when that person mentions me or replies to me, I don't get the ping sound nor the green bubble indicating the amount of ...
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