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A method for one user to notify another user present in a chat channel. For 'pinging' other users in comments, use the [comment-replies] tag.

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RFC: Better chat @mentions – A prototype

Status: 75% - We have a prototype to play with the UI Previous RFC: RFC: Better chat @mentions Problem Statement & Background Please see the previous RFC. Proposed solution The feedback to the ...
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Disable three-letter pings from chat to save Oliver, Olivier and Olive from Oli's pings

So apparently there's a feature (undocumented or otherwise) that allows you to ping people based on the first three letters of their name. I guess I can sort of see what went through its developer's ...
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Avoid pinging multiple users in chat

Several chat room users are becoming annoyed by a certain feature of the chat room notification system. When there are two people in a chat room, say John and JohnSmith, and someone pings @John, ...
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He who must not be named? (aka Anyone can ping everyone in chat)

For some or other reason, typing @ᔕᖺᘎᕊ in a chat room pings everyone who's been in that chat room for the last 7 days... Seems to work in all chat rooms (I only tested 2 as I don't want to upset ...
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Notify me when someone forgets a chat ping

TL;DR: Chat should ping like comments do. If someone forgets to @mention me and we're the only two people with access to the room, I'd like to receive a notification. As a moderator, I increasingly ...
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RFC: Better chat @mentions [duplicate]

EDIT: A prototype is available: RFC: Better chat @mentions – A prototype Status: 50% - Solution is proposed, nothing's implemented yet. Problem Statement Pinging (@mentioning) users in chat is ...
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How to make sure I'll be pingable in chat for a few days?

Let's say I want people to be able to ping me in a certain chat room for a few days. Do I have to actually say something there, or is it enough to simply join the room? And do I remain pingable even ...
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Does ping work in chat with no autocompletion?

I know that if an user has been recently in chat, you can ping him (autocompletion will appear when you start to type @user). Does this hold if autocompletion doesn't appear?
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I get pinged again when the original post is edited in chat [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Don't repeat the ping when editing chat messages Whenever I'm in chat (or out of chat), and someone "@Jae" me, of course I am alerted. Why am I alerted again when the user ...
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How do I ping the right bob?

We have two bobs at the moment. Bob (with the fox avatar) is a long time user, and bob, with the green avatar. I'd like to ping Bob, without bothering bob with my pings. I see two ways to do this - ...
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36 votes
3 answers

Ignore chat pings found in links

This chat message: Hi, renders as this: but it also pings me, due to the @Doorknob at the end of the URL. This message: Here is another sample message....
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Addressing users with non-standard first letter in chat

Not too long ago, there was a nice new feature implemented for comment replies to users whose username starts with a non-alphanumeric character; namely, that typing @ is sufficient to bring up the ...
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Does a direct reply to a message in chat create a notification, no matter what age the message is?

I know about these two possibilities when user is notified about the message in chat: One is using @username syntax. The other one is direct reply to the message. This can be chosen after clicking on ...
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An @Moderators ping

Recently, I have found several occasions where I could really use an @Moderators ping that alerts all elected moderators of the site. Do you agree? Would this be nice? Can we make this happen?
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Add pingable groups to chat

My proposal is to add the ability for Room Owners to create pingable groups within a chat room that people can register themselves against. This would allow the easy pinging/sharing of knowledge to ...
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Remove shortened name chat pinging [duplicate]

This is a not duplicate; I am asking that this "feature" be removed. This Q now has more votes than the previous request, thus making this one more valuable. Pinging the name @nick, in chat, also ...
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We need a way for moderators to ping a group of people in chat

It has come up several times in chat that it would be useful to be able to ping a group of people in one go without having to find the id of each individual person. It would be particularly useful in ...
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Let comments retain their pings when they are moved to chat

It often happens to me that someone has replied to (user @rus9384) me in comments, comments have been moved to chat, and I don't see the response (if the post is not mine, I don't see any notification ...
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Did the chat *PING* get louder?

The sound when someone pings me seems to have gotten louder and almost blasted my ears off (I have headphones on) Is there any way to change the volume of it? I still want it on but at a MUCH lower ...
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Make user unpingable in chat

In our chat room, there is a regular (and RO) named Tom. Recently, another user named Tom came into the room. He didn't say much; not much was said to him; and now he's gone. The problem is that he ...
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Ping commenters to write answers when a question is reopened

My question was closed. While closed, it accumulated comments from people who could potentially answer, not just comment. After reopening, I wrote a very brief comment to each person, inviting them to ...
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Can we have a feature to ignore specific user's pings? [duplicate]

This was asked 7 year ago Add the ability to ignore users The sites have changed considerably over 7 years. What's on topic has changed, the nature of the internet has changed and there's sites in ...
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Is the OP notified of all chat messages after comments are moved to chat?

The comments on a question are moved to chat. The discussion continues in chat. Will the OP be pinged for every single message in chat, just like OP would have been on normal comments on the question? ...
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If a user's avatar shows in a chat room but they don't say anything, can they be pinged? [duplicate]

I know that a user can only be pinged if they join a chatroom, but I'm not sure if that means they have to say something first or not.
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Chat Ping Notifications seem to be missing from inbox [duplicate]

I was trying to get an unread notification on my spare account for some screenshots. I am logged into the network, and was on recently enough to @ autocomplete I've tried pinging, superpinging, and ...
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