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Would I be allowed to post links to services that bypass paywalls?

Every now and then, mainly on sites like Skeptics, I come across a Stack Exchange post that links to a paywalled article. This isn't great, because even if the post is quoting the linked material like ...
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How should mods handle links to supposedly pirated software?

How should mods handle links to supposedly pirated software? We delete it, right? But what if we don't know the legality of something? We've been discussing this on Ask Ubuntu for the last week or so, ...
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Are we allowed to embed pirated movies on SE? [duplicate]

Are we allowed to embed full length copyrighted pirated movies on Stack Exchange? If not, what should someone do if they see this happen? I flagged a post that had one but it was declined. Evil ...
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Ethics of a BitTorrent Software Proposal in Area 51

I've an interesting question for you all. I was giving some thought to possible site proposals on Area 51, and I had the idea to pose a proposal for a "Torrent Tracker Software and Management&...
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Is it okay that questions mention illegal downloads?

I flagged this question to the moderators, as the poster admitted to illegally downloading Visual Studio. And herein lies the rub. I abhor piracy in any way, shape, or form. The moderator who ...
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Clone, Licensee from 1.0 or something else? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Web applications inspired by Stack Exchange's system I've noticed the WireShark support site looks exactly like, drumroll, you guessed it: StackOverflow. What's the deal ...
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A question includes sensitive material, such as software license keys, that even when edited out still show up in the history [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Questions with proprietary or confidential information In a recent question on SuperUser (not including the link, since it will further spread the sensitive info), the user ...
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Is this website affiliated to Stack Exchange? [closed]

Is WebCheatSheet a Stack Exchange site? Or is it copyright infringment?
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What to do about downvotes because people don't like the question?

I asked this Q at SO and it's being upvoted and downvoted. It's about validating if the Windows version is genuine or not, which I want to do to prevent people from using my software on pirated ...
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Limewire == piracy?

Should Limewire questions automatically be assumed to be piracy related? To their credit, Limewire's EULA states It is unlawful to use the Program to infringe the intellectual property rights of ...
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