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A post ban means that a user is blocked from asking new questions, or posting new answers.

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Streamlining deletion of quality block evasion accounts

A quality block system is now in place across the network, where users who ask a series of poorly-received questions (or leave a string of inappropriate answers) are temporarily blocked from posting ...
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Do downvotes/flags still affect the original owner of a community wiki post other than for rep calculation?

Some time ago I was pointed to a ranting/rude answer that was immediately converted to wiki by the poster. Since at the time it seemed pretty clear that the poster originally posted the rant and then ...
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Can negatively-received [feature-request]s lead to a question ban?

Should a few negatively-receieved feature requests from the same user cause a question ban on meta? Since voting on feature-requests is used to express the community's agreement/disagreement with the ...
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What deleted answers count toward the answer ban?

According to the canonical post on automatic bans: Yes, ... deleted answers count towards an automatic ban. Now, this is not very specific, and I suspect that is intentional. However there are ...
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Add cookie blocks to the IP-based spam-blocking system

Note: Not a duplicate of Please don't use a spam filter based on IP address. That proposes that we stop blocking IPs; this one suggests implementing an additional feature while keeping the ...
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Moderator override on automated bans

The SE system bans people from posting questions and/or answers based on an algorithm we can only guess at. It largely does a good job at arresting low quality posts from users but occasionally it's ...
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Do migrated questions count towards the question ban?

I saw this user's profile. 3 out of 4 old questions were migrated from Stack Overflow to other sites and the 4th one does not fit Stack Overflow either and was already closed. Do migrated questions ...
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Do non-duplicate closed questions contribute to a post ban?

We know from the FAQ on duplicate questions that: [T]here's no automatic penalty if your question gets marked as a duplicate of another. via an edit from Tim Post with the summary: Other ...
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Votes on rejected migration on destination site should not contribute positively or negatively to post ban calculation on the destination site

A moderator on one site requests migration and the post comes to the destination site. The destination site rejects the migration, but in the process, the migrated question received plenty of votes in ...
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Alert users of question ban on iOS before asking a new question

When using the web version of Stack Exchange, if a user has reached their account's question limit, (aka: their account has been question banned), they will see an error message before they can type ...
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Please extend the automatic slow-down system to also apply to answers

A couple of years ago a rolling rate limit was added that limited the number of new questions a brand new user could ask, and adjusted that limit based on the feedback they were getting. It was there ...
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Auto-Ban justification

In my past, I have not had the perfect question history. However, I have had questions that, for the most part, have been researched, had clear answers, and were specific. I was auto-question-banned a ...
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Statistics about people who have recovered from their question ban

I've asked this question on Stack Overflow in Russian, but our CM told me to ask this question here. I've found only a few similar posts: Can we have some statistics about users who could overcome ...
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For quality blocks / warnings, system seems to penalize migrated answered questions the same as deleted ones

As far as I know, question blocks / quality warnings system tends to rather heavily penalize deleted answered questions: The folks we're concerned about are the ones who ask a question, and then ...
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The contact form directs answer-banned users to an article on question bans

If an answer-banned user tries to use the contact form, they are supposed to select "My question or answer was denied". Doing so brings up text that speaks exclusively of question bans: Users who ...
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How do votes on closed questions affect a question ban?

Writing a question that is later closed is not a good thing. Enough of these will lead to a question ban. Two things that mitigate against a question ban, are upvoted answers, and upvoted other ...
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Question Ban page has no formatting on SO and is rendered as gibberish on RU.SO

The situation is this: I asked the wrong question on, after which I received a ban on asking questions (I am not appealing the decision). But the ban itself looks strange. I ...
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Bit more info in meta faq answer - "Sorry we are no longer accepting... ", Or is it intentionally left out?

If it is not clear already, this is the question I am talking about. I am somewhat frequent here in meta recently, and come across many questions from users who are question banned. I think it would ...
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Why aren't high-rep users able to post from IP addresses that are automatically banned?

As explicitly stated in the last section of the FAQ (emphasis mine), My account is in good standing. Why am I still blocked? The ban also takes in account the IP address. If you browse from a shared ...
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Information about migration rejected because of post-ban/suspension?

If a question is migrated by close voters or mods and the user cannot ask questions on the target site (they reached question ban or are suspended) then the migration does not go through: Block ...
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Where can I read about the question/answer ban system rethink?

From what I recall, there's a project in the pipeline to redesign or replace the question/answer ban system. This was in regard to a specific problem: users who post extremely poor quality material ...
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How to identify cause of Post Ban

I am being banned suddenly from posting answers. I want to identify the posts which contribute towards this ban. I learned from the Help Center that only way to lift a Post Ban is to improve the ...
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Side effect of merging bad account with good account?

This question is already answered here How can one link/merge/combine/associate two accounts/users? (Anonymous/unregistered/cookie or OpenID/registered) but I have a slightly different from this one. ...
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Immediate unlock/lock succession is recorded in the wrong order in the revision history

Scenario: attempting to migrate a question to SO. The asker is question-blocked. I get a popup telling me that the asker is blocked from asking questions and the migration is automatically rejected. ...
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Are views and answer scores considered in the question ban algorithm?

Is a question with a lot of views but 0 score or [-5;-1] score and highly voted answers treated any different from other questions in the same score range ? High views and neutral/slightly negative ...
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Being banned from questions and how to get people to change their vote after fixing the questions

I got downvoted on a few posts; despite having an overall positive question rating, I do have a few poor and downvoted questions. I took the time to fix them; however, people who downvoted won't take ...
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