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For questions about the post ID - every question and answer has its own post ID which is unique on that site.

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Question has much higher identifier number than expected [duplicate]

Yesterday a question was posted at the Genealogy & Family History Stack Exchange that ticked the question counter at over to 3,000. With a number of ...
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Is it possible to find answers by ID?

It's possible to find questions by ID by going to <site>/questions/<id> (which automatically redirects to <site>/questions/<id><question name>), but I don't know how to ...
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What should be done with the feature that redirects searches for numbers to the question with that ID?

Stack Exchange sites have a little-known feature: if you type in a number of four or more digits into the search box, and the number happens to be the ID of a non-deleted question (not answer), you ...
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Where are our missing posts? Site URLs show more posts than SEDE knows about, including deletions

Somebody noticed that our site has just passed 100,000 posts. The total we can count on the site (questions and answers, including deleted) comes up about 9k short, and a SEDE query for all post ...
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Serial numbers for questions

Shouldn't questions — in any community — have some handle (e.g. serial numbers) to retrieve them back the next time you visit the community?
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Inconsistent behavior when typing a number into the search field [duplicate]

Over at the Personal Finance & Money community, when I type 1040 into the search box in the upper right corner and hit Enter, it immediately returns the question with ID 1040, even though there ...
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How is it possible that this question has a (deleted) answer with a lower post ID? [closed]

Archaeological question. When looking for the oldest question on Meta, I found that "" redirects to "
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Passing the post id as a parameter

Is it possible to pass the post id as a parameter? i.e. to use something like in place of or
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Post ID is listed twice in SO permalinks

Why is the post ID duplicated in permalinks on SO (or any other Stack Exchange site)? For instance: http://
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