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The posting tag is primarily used when asking questions about why you're running into issues posting questions/answers/comments on SE sites.

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The "You can only post once every 30 minutes" bug [duplicate]

I have this on Stack Overflow (I am posting an answer): but I haven't posted anything (only flag and votes up) in the last 30 minutes. How can I fix this bug?
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When does a post return to the top? [duplicate]

When does an old post return to the top of the question list? It seems to involve re-editing AND a window of time, i.e., if the edit is much later than the original post, it wouldn't move back to the ...
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Input box keeps snapping to the bottom of the text when writing a new post or editing it

Since Deprecating our mobile views, I have noticed an annoying bug affecting writing or editing answer or question posts on a mobile phone. If you are in the middle of a long portion of text, if you ...
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Period of a few minutes where I was getting error messages with posting and updating a question on this site

As I was trying to post and update my question Intermittent problems where I can't get any question search results for just my tags on the Math site, I got several error messages occurring, ...
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Why ON earth is stackoverflow more strict than the other sites? [duplicate]

On stack overflow, it is much easier to see the You post cannot be submitted due to the volume of spam and abuse originating from your network error. Also this you can only post every 90 minutes ...
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'Enter' is instantly submitting questions and answers on Android [duplicate]

How are you supposed to to start a new paragraph or line break on here using a basic keyboard? Or maybe I should ask "What's the preferred method?", as using the normal button (Enter) will post a ...
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Don't send request to the server if content hasn't changed

For example, when you press "Save edits" on comment, the request will be send to the server, even though the content of the comment wasn't changed. You can check the content before sending to reduce ...
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How to ask a mathematics question using the right symbols and operators?

I am not able to use some special symbols like for theta, alpha and all similar symbols. Also, how to get on with the exponent and fraction?
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When clicking a tag element in the preview of a post I am writing, shouldn't the default be to open that tag in a new tab?

The title pretty much is all I am asking. I was just writing an answer in which I wanted to use a tag like-this. I wasn't sure if I spelled it correctly hence I clicked it, and rather than opening a ...
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Infrequent data-corrupting bug when writing "values "

Stack Exchange suffers from some zero-width space characters being inserted in the post data quite infrequently when the text "values " (with a trailing space) is being used. For people not too ...
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What is the preferred method to requesting enabling video embedding in an SE site's posts?

I have seen various meta questions either asking for a specific site to have video embedding turned on or discussing which sites have it turned on, but nothing about how to request it. What is the ...
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New user changes post after I answered [duplicate]

A new user completely changed this question after I answered it. Is this allowed? I suspect this is because new users cannot post more than 2 questions. I feel angered by this, as it wasted my hard ...
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Why does half of my question not show in the preview? [duplicate]

When I post, half of my question isn't shown. Why is this?
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I do not seem to be post-banned on Stack Overflow, but I still cannot ask a question [closed]

I would like to ask a question on Stack Overflow, but the site does not tell me why I cannot post a question there. If I click on the the button Post Your Question, nothing happens. I do not get a ...
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I was posting an answer, but it ended up appearing twice under a different question - bug?

I was posting an answer to this question. Something strange happened that I do not understand (involving me clicking the go back button of my browser somehow) and now the answer appears TWICE under ...
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"You can only post every [x] minutes", despite deleting post

I posted a question on a SE site this morning, but after posting, realised there was a mistake in my question which was going to take me a little time to correct, so instead of leaving the bad ...
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How can this post have nothing in it, no chars at all when opening the edit box?

Referring to this post. It's been deleted. So here is a screenshot: And this is when opening the edit box: There is nothing there. Its revision history after being deleted; How is this possible? ...
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Can someone show me how to use HTML or other coding for links? [duplicate]

I had a perfectly reasonable request that I create a link with words instead of a 'bare link'. Another person gave me an example, but I don't understand it and should not ask that in comments. Could ...
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500 Error when attempting to post an update to my profile page on dataSE

Looks like an intermittent issue. I couldn't update my profile page on dataSE a few hours ago: but now its working. Any explanation?
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Newly posted question content appears in the wrong place

Something has gone horribly wrong. Here's what I did: Start writing a new question in the iOS app. Type a title, then tap one of the suggested/related questions. Tap a link to the question which it ...
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Posted question shows wrong origination date : yesterday is incorrect [duplicate]

I posted a question (How do I read ERD Notation (crow's feet) to convert to Natural Language?) on Wednesday, 02/17/2015, but it is showing that I asked the question "yesterday". All of the ...
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Unicode characters in answer garble the entire page [duplicate]

Over on Science Fiction & Fantasy, we've had a couple of answers containing some Unicode characters that spilled over onto the rest of the page. The comments were deleted and edited to push the ...
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What should you do when you realize that the question you asked wasn't really the question you meant to ask?

On Writers Stack Exchange, I wrote about whether or not it was plagiarism to heavily borrow from a single nonfiction writer when you write a piece of fiction. I was quickly corrected and told I should ...
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Is there a way to know how long is left until I can post another question? [duplicate]

When I try to add a second question to a S.E. community and get this: It makes me a bit depressed. S.E. has great design and UX but I really wish there was a little counter to tell you when you can ...
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Can advanced spoilers be implemented? [duplicate]

From this question, it was suggested that advanced spoilers be implemented, such as multiline spoilers and block elements (like quotes) inside spoilers. Can these features be added? Adding this would ...
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How do you make advanced spoilers?

Is it possible to make spoilers inside blockquotes? > text > more text > >! spoilery text > text > more text How about multiline spoilers? >! Spoiler >! Mor Spoilerz >! ...
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Cannot attach image from Android app

Why can't I attach an image from the Android app when posting a question on a Stack Exchange site?
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It is good practice to use deleted post as a draft?

I'm aware there are drafts which are auto-saved, but I don't want to risk of losing my half-finished answer. Some SE sites even created special sandboxes on meta for that reason. Therefore it is a ...
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Allow comment markdown shortcuts in (meta?) questions and answers

Background I've thought about this on several occasions and always assumed someone already asked for it, but I can't find any duplicates. In comments (and on chat), we can use some handy little ...
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What is the AcceptedAnswerId field in Stack Overflow data MSR 2015? [duplicate]

I mean, how can I find the total list of description for AcceptedAnswerId in the post schema?
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How do I post an example of a CSV to Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I'm trying to ask a question about combining CSV files in Python, and since I'm new to this site I can't post images of it. How do I create a column by row example like this post has done?
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Cannot understand what problems the quality filter has with my question

I can't figure out what Stack Overflow wants from my question. My code is formatted correctly and indented properly and I am still told it is not. I have been trying to post a short question with ...
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Show some sort of popup if a user uses code in their post and does not format it correctly

For example I have seen people post questions and answers like this: You should use instead of because does not do what you think it should do and does what you want. But it should have looked ...
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Warn about inclusion of unnecessary tags in question titles at the time of posting

This search will reveal a ton of questions with c# in their title, which are also already tagged as c#: [c#] is:question title:c# Currently there are 93,199 such questions. In rare cases it may be ...
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Display relevant tag badges next to posts [duplicate]

Each question has some tags. If a user asking a question or posting an answer has tag badges that match the tags used in the question, can those tag badges be displayed next to the user? For example, ...
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What happens if someone imitates other answers? [duplicate]

I don't know how I got this idea, sorry if it is already asked. I searched but couldn't find. Let's say there is a question and X person writes first answer with low quality. Then Y person comes and ...
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Where is the question I just posted?

How long does it take for a posted question to become available? I posted a question about 30 minutes ago and I can't find it. The title is "Android Client won't bind to Service".
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Has the post-closing grace period gone?

I was writing an answer to this a moment ago and, perhaps 10 seconds before I submitted it, I saw a notification in the corner of my eye. It turns out that this notification was for the question ...
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Why do I get the "confirm navigation" message every time I submit a post on Stack Overflow?

Every time I enter a question on Stack Overflow and hit "post your question", I get this: The question still posts without any problems, but the confirmation dialog is really annoying. OS: Ubuntu 13....
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"Body must be at least <x> characters" pops up even when I'm not trying to post

This message: Comes up every time the answer textbox that has text in it loses focus. The textbox losing focus should never result in this error message unless you press "post your answer". ...
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Duplicate error messages when posting answer

If the user inserts in his answer a link to jsfiddle (for example: without providing some code, the following error is thrown: Links to must be accompanied ...
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When should a question be asked on (operating system)

I had asked a question awhile ago about packaging an app with drag-drop ability in Unity: It was closed as misplaced, ...
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Improving Question-Asking - Looking for Suggestions [closed]

Before you read my piece, I would like to tell you why this is not a duplicate of my previous question, How can I improve my questions to regain the ability to ask questions on StackOverflow? That was ...
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How to bypass this system error message? [duplicate]

I want to copy and paste the jQuery code in this forum, but the forum system says: Your code appear to contain code that is not properly formatted as code. Please indent all code by 4 spaces using ...
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Can not post a question. It says see error above, but there is no error [duplicate]

I am trying to post a question, but I get: Your question couldn't be submitted. Please see the error above. But there is no error above. There is a right panel about formatting, but I do not see ...
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Error unreadable when attempting add new tag [duplicate]

I tried to submit a question, but I kept being told that I couldn't submit and that I should "check the error above." There was no visible error. I had to find it in the source for the page. It ...
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Catch-22 situation: Link limit for new users prevents me from answering

I'm new to Stack Overflow. I was hoping it would be a way for me to share my experience and help people. I've just spent more than an hour writing an answer, with links to the appropriate MSDN ...
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Part of my post was replaced with random gibberish

An answer that I posted on Meta.Programmers was rather broken, with a block quote replaced by apparently random letters and numbers. Aarthi fixed it with a non-breaking space, but I don't understand ...
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Post Entire HTML Document in Code Review Without Editing First [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do I format my code blocks? This question has been asked and answered before. But some of the answers are outdated, and some don't work, and the only one that does, well, ...
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Posting questions by email?

I want to be able to ask a question by sending an email to some special email address for Stack Overflow. I have found this convenient in other situations like Google Groups, blogging, and Facebook ...
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