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"Posts" covers both questions and answers (and tag wiki pages), but not comments. For example, you may use this tag for issues related to general editing.

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See previous revisions of posts

I would like to see each historical status of a post. Without the difference. Just look at what a post looked like before, and that the user can choose the version in time and display it.
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Why is the 'Favorite' count so low in the Stack Overflow data? [duplicate]

In the Stack Overflow database, there is a column called "favorite count". I have found that favorite count indicates users find the question interesting or save it for later review. I have ...
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"New posts" on admin panel incorrectly takes into account tag excerpt/description

On admin panel I see the "6" in the "New Posts" column for myself (per month): * screenshot has been taken on Google-translated page from Russian to English According the summary ...
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How do I extract posts from Data.SE that contain code in them?

I'd like to extract posts from Stack Overflow using Data.SE, that contain code in them. I am mainly interested in the posts that come from the tag [artificial-intelligence]. Here is the code that I ...
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How can we identify ChatGPT-generated posts?

As a moderator on two sites, I am following the Stack Overflow community's policy regarding the ban of ChatGPT closely. However, does the community and its moderators have any handles on how to ...
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How can I see my posts that were edited by someone else most recently?

I wonder how I can see my posts that were edited by someone else most recently. SEDE query or is that somewhere in the UI? The activity tab captures other kinds of activity, e.g. my edits.
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Have post previews surround blockquoted text in quotation marks

When a post uses a blockquote, the preview of that post obviously doesn't retain that formatting, but this means that the text runs together like it is one sentence. For a concrete example, here is an ...
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I'd like to see rude/abusive flags raised on my posts

I participate on a site which discusses a lot of science. I got an answer of mine edited and I thought it was because I had compared a certain exoplanet to hell. I just rolled back the edit, then a ...
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Why do magic links, that work in comments, not work in posts?

DSP.SE ^ is actually [DSP.SE]( As a comment, it renders, but it changes text and inserts the URL separately: What's the deal?
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Preventing Zalgo text from spanning outside the box

When an extraneous amount of Zalgo text is posted, it will span outside the box and prevent others from seeing the posts above/below it. Zalgo text should be contained inside the box so that it doesn'...
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Could we block image only posts?

Admittedly it's uncommon - with maybe 5-6 incidences a month of meta of folks posting a selfie or 3 for no apparent reason, either as a question or an answer. There's no other text on these posts, and ...
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How does the question seeding work?

When I first found this network (from Math SE), I was questioning why the question seed was combined along with the answers. If I were to look at the revisions, the link would show posts instead of ...
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‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​It's possible to create empty content fields - particularly question titles and bodies - on sites

‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​Prior to an edit, this question was posted with no content in it, both in the title and the question body. The explanation to reproduce is provided in Temani Afif's ...
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Is it possible to copy formatted text from Stack Overflow posts/answers, i.e. colors, fonts, etc.?

I'm attempting to copy and then paste code examples from existing Stack Overflow posts into personal documentation which I often end up using Word to paste into. I find that I often am having to copy ...
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Profile preview does not work for all posts

If you know, there is something like popover in all posts' authors area. So when I hover the author's avatar, I get some information about him. So, this does not work for all posts.
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Should the text of answer short links automatically get prettified like the text of other links?

If I paste the URL for a Stack Exchange answer (with or without the anchor), the text of the automatic hyperlink is automatically populated with the title of the question: https://meta.stackexchange....
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3 answers

Disallow emojis in comments and posts? [duplicate]

It is possible to type emojis in SE questions, answers and comments. Although I have never actually seen another user do it, I managed to do it accidentally and the emojis look ugly and do not fit in ...
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Does the Stack Exchange engine support addons/plugins?

For example there's the following idea on Medical Sciences Meta As a non specialist I would strongly suggest a way to anatomically show the mentioned parts of the body in optional popups maybe, ...
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Copying text from OneNote and pasting creates an image instead of text

Steps to reproduce: Write something in OneNote Copy that text Try pasting in Stack Overflow It opens the image upload dialog box (Example: The image in this question) PS: I tried pasting the same in ...
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Results from SEDE's Posts is the same as PostsWithDeleted

The SEDE is currently reporting the exact same results from Posts and PostsWithDeleted. For example, Query from Posts by UserId Query from PostsWithDeleted by UserId When I include the execution ...
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Archive Stack Exchange posts (or make them private)

Is there a way to archive posts on Stack Exchange? I want them to be private.
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Prevent 0 character links

SmokeDetector drew our attention to this former spam post on Biology Stack Exchange. Here's a screenshot of how it looked like: At first, I thought it was just another 'not an answer' post, but one ...
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How should posts with malicious URLs be handled?

I recently found a question on Stack Overflow which asked why a corrupt video would cause an iOS device to hang or crash: While the question is off-topic ...
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To vote or not to vote, that is the question

Many times I have seen people ask for views on good questions and answer. Especially since Winter Bash 2016 has started, I see people requesting for views on good posts, sometimes even asking for ...
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Linking directly from a site's main page to a post (via answered/modified link) makes the post appear red in color

Normally when you click the modified/answered link next to a question in a feed, it takes you to the post that got the update, highlighting it in orange for a moment, and then fading back to ...
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Why are some questions and not others highlighted? [duplicate]

I've noticed that on Stack Overflow, some posts are highlighted yellow, while others aren't. Is there a reason for this?
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Where to post supplementary drawings?

I have a question to post on stack exchange physics but a picture is worth a thousand words. What is the preferred site to use for uploading supplementary drawings that clarify my question? Should I ...
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How far does an IP block reach?

I understand that if you post something which gets flagged with an offensive flag and if that offensive flag gets validated that the user whose post is in question gets deleted, the user who posted ...
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Locked voting - should we allow change after a long period of time?

I'm sure this has been asked and talked about. But this just happened: I revisited some old question of mine. I noticed a comment and tried to upvote but was told that I already upvoted and cancelled ...
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Eeeek! SE Android app crashes a lot after latest beta update (v1.0.66)

The latest beta update made the app crash a lot: when I press 'Add comment'. after deleting a comment. after up/down/unvoting a post (happened when I upvoted an answer) after editing a post (but the ...
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Is there a quick way to see all of your (recent) posts in the Android app?

What is the algorithm used to determine whether your own posts are shown in the feed? I see mine sometimes just after posting, but there should be a quick way of displaying all recently active posts ...
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What are the criteria for posts to be included in "Top network posts" on new profile page?

From the name of it, certainly it looks for posts with the highest scores. However, recently I found that some of the posts are not listed. Example: My answer on UX.SE (not sure if it's that good, ...
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Is the post ID unique across all Stack Exchange sites?

The URL of any post on any Stack Exchange site (Webmasters, Stack Overflow, Photography and so on...) has the following format:
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5 votes
2 answers

Is an answer a post? is a comment?

What is a "Post" defined as? Does it include all of the following, or just a subset: Questions Answers Comments Community Wiki Questions Community Wiki Answers Chat message other things? I'm asking ...
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Posts white-out after browser tab has been open for a while

I've noticed some strange behavior a lot lately. In Safari, if I leave a tab open to a StackOverflow post for a while, then navigate back to it, parts of the post are whited-out. Is this a web browser ...
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What would be a guide to review first-post? [duplicate]

I find a lack of coherency between the many people that review in SO specially related to new-users. The actual help says: No Action Needed when this post needs no action from you. I'm Done is ...
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Allow us to export posts to ebook/pdf format

Wiki has this function now. This is quite useful IMO as I want to print out one Q&A or maybe all the favorite topics I have collected over the years and then compile them into a book stylishly. ...
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Do only questions count as posts? [duplicate]

It seems like when I hover into my Tags section in my profile, I only see posts counting as questions. Shouldn't it count as answers as well? I have 63 questions and 7 answers so shouldn't that be 70 ...
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Cannot edit posts on Stack Overflow

When trying to edit post it loads and loads, but nothing happens. Looking at the Developer Tools of Chrome, I see a 500 Internal Server Error. Editing on Meta Stack Overflow is fine and works as ...
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Show type of post in user's "Top Posts" section in the Android app

In per-site user profiles, as well as the per-site cards in the network profile, a list of "Top Posts" is displayed. But there is no indication of whether a post is a question or an answer. Perhaps ...
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How to display userid when posting comments? [duplicate]

I'm logged in yet when I post a comment, it always comes up with an artificial userisxxxxx. how to get my user name to display instead of an artificial userxxxxxx?
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How do I see my posts with the changed layout?

When I log into Stack Overflow, my user ID (an arcane number you assigned me) is not at the top of the page. I used to click on it to see my posts. How do I review my questions and answers now?
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3 answers

Why are time stamps missing from recent questions?

As I've looked through questions Stack Overflow recently, I've noticed that recently asked questions use relative time (posted yesterday or last edited 2 days ago), which is fine. Yet if I find an ...
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Make it possible to 'subscribe' to a post [duplicate]

Often, I will downvote a post because of major spelling / grammar errors. The expectation is that if the post is improved, I would remove my downvote. That's better for everyone. But how can I be ...
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Flagging Posts and Comments as Spam

I was reviewing a question and came across this, before it was revised: I flagged it as spam, as it seemed to be a plug for that person's business. ...
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Translating posts

I recently edited a post that was in German. I can speak a little German, but used this: Using this experience as an example, Am I able to create some useful ...
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Show if a person is editing a post

Often, I see an incomplete post getting quickly down-voted; then, the author edits it, making it fine, but the down-voter never revokes it. Should we add a system where you can see if someone is ...
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Why isn't the period rendered after a question link?

In an answer, I was writing the following sentence and I noticed the period was not rendered. (See
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Knowing Your Limits: What is the maximum length of a question title, post, image and links used?

There's one question in SO I'm planning to answer with a really long answer. While I'm still baking my post, these questions dawned to me: What is the maximum character length of a post? How many ...
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Approve or reject the post during review task

I've noticed that while reviewing the post is not locked for the concrete reviewer and someone other reviewer can make an action such as approve or reject. If such thing happens when you want to make ...
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