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<pre> might not always behave like <pre> when it comes to indendation [duplicate]

Someone might create a pre block in order to preserve indentation like in HTML but this does not work when the pre block is itself indented for a list. Is this behavior expected? I don't see any ...
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Codeblock shows blank area when scrolled down [duplicate]

When looking at this question and scrolled down the codeblock I saw this: Under the horizontal scroll bar there is a blank area still in the codeblock. I have never seen this before so I thought it ...
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Edits to preserve author code formatting rolled back. Why?

I have found various questions or answers where the author formatted a code examples or console output using a four-space prefix, but this does not render with indentation. Times where this was ...
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&para turns into ¶ within PRE

Within a <PRE> block, &para turns into a new paragraph symbol: ¶ I use <PRE> blocks for code when I want to bold, so a function that's written void go( ObjectA &parameter1, ...
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<pre> tags seem to break imgur images in edit preview?

I answered this question (links to my answer) and uploaded a couple of screenshots: Connection between MSSQL and PHP 5.3.5 on IIS is not working When I was composing the answer one of the uploaded ...
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Can the </pre> tag start in a new line (possible previewer bug)?

How is the exact syntax of the <pre> tag? Can I put the closing </pre> tag on a new line? If I do, then the preview is completely messed up, but the final result is as expected. (I know ...
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Inconsistent preview with unclosed <pre> tag

The following text: * Boo <pre> Zoo Is previewed as But rendered (at least on my Firefox) as
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4 answers

<pre> versus four-space indentation?

I frequently make answers with code samples that are surrounded with pre tags instead of having each line indented with an extra four spaces, because doing the latter either means I have to add four ...
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1 answer

Inserting an image in a <pre> tag

How can I insert a linked image in a <pre/> tag? I've tried: <pre> ![my picture][1] </pre> [1]: But this isn't working. P.S. Please don't downvote the ...
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2 answers

Nested <pre> blocks appearing in a question

Here's a problem (at least it seems like a problem) I noticed in the first couple revisions of this question. Based on experiments shown below, when I include within a <pre> block lines that ...
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Multiple <pre> blocks are not rendering correctly

How to determine which NIC data/traffic is using? My answer has two <pre> blocks in it. The first one came out OK, the 2nd one looks funky in the preview but still readable. In the final answer, ...
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1 answer

Newline before closing </pre> might break formatting in other parts of same post

Adding a newline before one of the closing </pre>'s might yield missing <p> .. </p> tags in other parts of the same post. Things seem to be formatted fine if the first closing </...
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3 answers

<pre> tag formatting doesn't always apply properly

I've just edited Backup solutions for Rackspace cloud sites? to add <pre> tags around the shell script, and whilst the live preview showed the correct layout, when I save the edit I got a ...
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Can we have the pre tag work as the code tag does for angle brackets?

Extends. The <code> tag works really great: test < less than > but markup still works < and > don't get parsed out as tags. The <pre> tag operates different: test but markup ...
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Improper support for character codes in code and pre blocks

While editing this response, I found a bug in the character escaping code. It is currently possible to write an & using &amp;, but there is no way to specify characters using the numerical ...
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