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Stop automatically merging accounts without asking the users

Currently, users are automatically merged if SE detects certain situations that indicate that the users belong to the same real person. Some aspects of this have been mentioned in meta posts, but in ...
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Why do Stack Exchange sites occasionally request my device location?

I received the following prompt when visiting Math Stack Exchange following a link from Google: The exact URL in my address bar was:
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Stack Exchange Privacy Policy Revision history

On, there is mention that "If we change this policy, we’ll update this document to keep you in the loop".. Great! However, I have never liked ...
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Anonymized chat messages are now searchable by user

Something appears to have changed recently whereby anonymised messages have become searchable under the user. For example; This ...
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Use a privacy-friendly reCaptcha alternative

I'm very concerned with Google tracking my online activity. According to this article, Google's reCaptcha v3 poses significant privacy concerns, including: sending "hardware and software information, ...
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Honour the Do Not Track header

2011-10-26: waffles's answer to Do Not Track header: We do not do anything special for the proposed spec. There is no requirement anywhere that we implement anything. A bill may be passed in congress ...
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Websockets can be used to spy on users' activity

Stack Exchange's removal of "last seen" has demonstrated that the time that users are active is considered private information. However, there are still a variety of ways to circumvent that, ...
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How does Stack Exchange enforce its advertising policies?

How does Stack Exchange ensure that ads don't deliver a tracking pixel if I have opted out of cookies? Is it impossible for an ad to track me if I have opted out of targeting pixels or could an ad ...
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German localisation of contains 2 paragraphs in Dutch (Not Deutsch) and 1 heading in English

The German localisation of contains 2 paragraphs in Dutch and 1 heading in English: First reported by @Bergi in this comment: Upcoming privacy updates: ...
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In the data request page, what does the "Do not sell my information" request type do?

The recent "Upcoming privacy updates: removal of the Activity data section and Google conversion pixel deprecation" communication made me realize that the Data Request submit page includes &...
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Stack Exchange should review and document their data retention policies

Recently, Stack Overflow posted a blog post about their Providence system (see also a 2015 blog post by Kevin Montrose about this same subject). This is related to the Personalized Prediction Data. It ...
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Please preserve the "customize public view" feature

Based on the answer to this question it appears that the recent Careers 2.0 Profile email was directed at the "customize public view" feature. I would like to formally request that this feature be ...
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Will Stack Exchange consider publishing a transparency (FISA, DMCA, etc.) report?

GitHub regularly publishes its yearly transparency report with the following data (or legally required mutilation thereof): Disclosure Requests — requests to disclose user information, which ...
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The Activity Data section of the user settings page is misleading

The new advertising policy states: Retargeting pixels are allowed for a limited number of vetted and pre-approved Programmatic partners. On the settings page of my profile it states: Stack Overflow ...
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Why are Filter Subscriptions public? And can that be changed?

A while ago, I discovered the Filtered Questions feature on (not to be confused with custom filters on individual sites) and wanted to use it to receive email notifications about ...
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Opt-out cookies in cookie consent

Sometime over the last month, the cookie consent on the SE network now defaults to having all cookies enabled when you press the "Customize settings" cookie popup, forcing users to opt-out ...
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Allow me to Decline all cookies (one click OptOut button)

All SO sites currently use this for cookie request Allow me to decline all in one click. Add a Decline All cookies button.
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What information is collected about users when they are OFF site, and how is this used?

From the Stack Exchange Cookie Policy: "If you use the Stack Overflow Network, both Stack Overflow and third parties will use cookies to track and monitor some of your activities on and off the ...
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Solution for semi-anonymous posts / accounts

I'd like to discuss private / anonymous posts or accounts. I know, these posts are public, and linked to you in some way or another. Ok, "semi-anonymous", are you happy now? No, this simply ...
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Should we be informed that non-SE employees have access to profile info?

I came across this question in which a moderator noted that a user had a "same IP diff email". I was under the impression that our e-mail was only visible to us or used for the purposes ...
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Link to cookie policy doesn't work in "Accept all cookies" popup

See also, a more narrow bug here (tagged "status-completed", incorrectly(?)). Upon visiting some SE sites (e.g., logged in or not, I receive this popup: The "Customize ...
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Review audit of deleted answer shows personal information

I just received a review audit. It used a deleted answer, but the answer contains personal information about that user including their phone number and email address. Here's the text with the personal ...
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Is embedding arbitrary external images GDPR compliant?

Currently, SE allows user to embed arbitrary images (from HTTPS sources) into posts and into comments in chat. The consequence of this is that whoever controls the server those images are hosted on ...
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Privacy Management/Account Disassociation

It seems that now the "Clear All Associations" button has been removed and there is no way to disassociate one account from another at all short of creating an entirely new OpenID (and thus having to ...
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Remove personal images from Stack Overflow account

I am unable to remove my image that for some reason is being linked to my Stack Overflow account. I went in to User Edit and changed the image to the default image (no face) but I can not find the ...
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Stack Overflow login (or other OpenID sites) - without accepting cookies from not visited 3rd party sites?

The login to Stack Exchange sites on Firefox only possible if you allow cookies from "not visited 3rd party sites". That's not so nice I think, because normally you won't ever accept cookies from ...
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Area 51 login apparently requires the HTTP referer to be on

I have a Mac on Mojave 10.14.6 (10.15 is newest) with Firefox 69.0.1 (according to Mozilla's website, the current release is 69.0.3). I just tried to log in to Area 51, and got stuck on the page ...
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Why can't we see what others have voted to close?

When I go to the votes tab on my profile, I can see what I have voted to close. When I go to someone else's profile, I can't see the votes tab, meaning I can't see what they voted to close. What's ...
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