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For questions about pro-tem moderators on a beta site specifically (as opposed to elected moderators on a graduated site).

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Who were the last moderators directly appointed without an election?

When the moderator pro-tempore system was first implemented, mods would be hand-picked from the community by CMs, often after a nomination thread on Meta - the votes on the nominations would influence ...
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How can a site without moderators start the process to get elected and/or appointed moderators?

In a chatroom, someone mentioned having trouble with an aged away spam flag on Ask Patents (the spam is still there as of the posting of this question, weeks after it was posted), and another user ...
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Experimenting with Pro Tempore elections

Last spring, I ran an election on Parenting for a new moderator pro tempore. It went pretty well, so this fall we are going to extend the program to sites that have been in "beta" for years. Here's ...
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Changing the Pro Tem moderators every X months/years

Pro tempore moderators are chosen very early, and then they almost 100% of the time remain in power until graduation, which can take several years. Have people thought about allowing pro tem ...
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When do Pro Tempore Moderators change?

How long is the term for a pro tempore moderator? Nothing on the Moderators FAQ or Elections FAQ mention what the term length is for moderators.
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Do Pro Tempore Moderators get swag like elected Moderators on graduated sites?

It's been said that moderators get some Stack Exchange or site-specific swag (after site graduation) after being elected. Do Pro Tempore moderators also get swag?
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Who do we ask if we want another moderator added during our beta?

I see from Moderator elections in beta sites? that it is possible to have additional moderators added during a site's beta. We've recently had a request from an active site member to be added as a ...
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How does the Constable badge work in the new graduation model?

Recall the description of the Constable badge: Served as a pro-tem moderator for at least 1 year or through site graduation Now that "site graduation" isn't a single discrete thing, until what ...
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Is the algorithm for choosing Pro Tempore moderators on new sites fair?

I come from Startups SE, a fairly new site which just got out of private beta about a month ago. My use of the site has dwindled in the last few weeks, as I took some personal effect to an interesting ...
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Do you automatically become a moderator on your own site? [duplicate]

I've just been wondering. I know moderators are elected but my question is when you create an area 51 proposal and the site gets launched, Are you made an auto-moderator on the site or do you have to ...
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How many pro tem moderators are chosen? Always three?

How many pro tem moderators are chosen for a beta site? I know for Literature.SE there were 3, but does that always apply? Could there ever be 4, for instance?
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Is the proposal creator guaranteed moderator status?

When an Area 51 site goes into public beta is the person who created the proposal one of the pro tem moderators or not? They are talking on Area 51 about combining all the sports proposals into http:/...
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