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For questions about the user profile page, which contains a list of all the questions, answers, and an audit trail of the user's activity on the site.

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New responsive Activity page

Update 2 - December 8, 2021: We’ve shipped a bunch of refinements over the last 24 hours or so. We’re going through the bugs and design requests and marking them with the proper tags. There’s a lot ...
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Bookmarks have evolved into Saves

Update Oct 6 Maintenance is complete: all bookmarks have been migrated to Saves across all network sites, including Stack Overflow. All saves, saved lists, private notes, and bookmarks are now ...
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We're working on a new stat to help convey the reach of your posts here

We've got a new statistic on the shiny new Profile Page Prototype. It's not perfect yet. And we did a pretty crap job of explaining what it's all about! Let's talk. What you do here isn't just about ...
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How do I change my profile picture, or avatar?

Where does the image come from? How do I change my profile picture, or avatar? How do I change my profile picture on all SE sites at once? How can I use different avatars on different SE sites? How do ...
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Help us test the shiny new "User Activity" page! (Plus a bunch of new features.) [duplicate]

We've launched! Please give feedback here. Today, we're shipping the new "Activity Page" of the Profile here on Meta SE, so you can test it out and hopefully share some feedback and ...
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Some changes to the profile while we make it responsive

Update 1 I’ve restored the profile age to all and fixed a few bugs y’all reported. I’ll be addressing individual answers as best as I can. Original post On our way to a fully responsive Stack Overflow,...
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New profile pages are out - bugs and feedback master list

Update: Thanks for all the feedback and bug reports! I am locking this thread so people don't keep answering it when we no longer monitor it. If you see a bug or want to raise a feature request, ...
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How can I change my name on a Stack Exchange site?

How can I change (or remove / reset ) my name on a site in Stack Exchange network?
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What is the 'deleted recent questions' page in the user profile? [duplicate]

On the bottom of questions tab of the user profile, there is a link that states "Deleted recent questions". This links to The ...
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Spam Profiles are getting my goat. Could we have better tools for mods to deal with profile spam?

Super User got hit by another batch of spammers creating profiles. They've got accounts on other sites from what I've heard from other mods and from the comments here. Last time it was streaming. Now ...
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Employee profiles are now marked with a “Staff” indicator

As of 31 July 2019, all staff member accounts have "Staff" next to their name on their user profile. It looks like this: (This is an updated image from the original one included in this ...
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Why is my profile image different?

When I first signed up on a Stack Exchange site and got a profile image, it was this one (see my current user card I'm actually not sure what I look like any more): Later, I got Area 51 and SEDE ...
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Why haven't I received the "Curious" badge?

As you can see in the picture, I have 13 out of 5. But it's been like this for about two months! What's the reason for that?
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Where did the Votes Tab go?

My profile page used to have a votes tab that showed me what my latest X votes were. It is not there anymore. What happened to it? Why was it removed? I looked everywhere but couldn't find anyone ...
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Why isn't my Gravatar image updating?

I updated the image in my Gravatar but my old picture still shows up. Is this a cache issue? Do I need to log out and then log back in?
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Tag score calculation wrong in Android App

I checked yesterday and today the new homepage in the Android app. Very surprised I saw that I would almost reach a silver tag badge, that confused be because I always take a look on possible badges I ...
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Profile Page Makeover, Part 3: the Prototype returns

Update We have done a bunch of work following your feedback - just look at all those status-completed tags on the different answers here! The top suggestion was to do something about the badge ...
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Now live: A fully responsive profile

Update As of 2021-10-21T18:05:38+00:00 this is now live across the network. If you find any issues, you can post them as answers on this question. Try to give some details about your browser and ...
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Add a "voted to close" activity event somewhere on the user profile page

Often when I vote to close, I want to go back and check the comments on the question, to see if it's been improved, to comment further, or to answer the question. It would be helpful to add a bit of ...
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Is spam in the "about me" field a reason to worry? [duplicate]

There are many inactive user profiles on SO that were clearly registered by spammers. The spam posts (if there were any) are already removed but the profiles remain. Some of them put their spam text ...
155 votes
5 answers

Consecutive Day Count in profile

In the comments to Enthusiast and Fanatic Badge on the blog, a comment was added that a nice feature would be adding the number of consecutive days you've visited to the site to the user's profile. I’...
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If I have flagged a post, show me a "flags" link in my profile

The Problem Currently if I flag a post, I cannot check the status of the flag unless I have prior helpful flags. This means, for example, that a new user who wants to check the status of his first ...
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My profile just went blank?

Signing on today, I was showing up as "user351327" on SO and "user46143" on serverfault. Looking at my profile, every field was blank. I'm not sure if any of the fields besides display name used to ...
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New! Smarter profile creation and syncing

We've made some changes to profile editing. The TL;DR is: We now encourage users to set a name and picture during signup. If you sign up with Google or Facebook, we pull them in and let you edit ...
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Rules for Profiles

Are there any rules concerning what I can put in my profile? Return to Stack Exchange Moderator FAQ
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Last seen not updating when using Android app

This isn't directly related to the app, but probably more on the APIs it's using. The last seen on the profile page doesn't seem to reflect that I'm actively using the Android app, or taking actions. ...
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Why is my profile messed up on a single site and how can I revert it?

I was just asking a question on Gardening SE and suddenly my user name there is a25bedc5-3d09-41b8-82fb-ea6c353d75aand my picture is replaced by a Gravatar. My location is also left blank. Here's a ...
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Community wiki post not displaying majority author correctly

Check this answer -- originally authored by me with minor changes by Peter Mortensen. It shows 56% authorship by Peter when he only contributed 27 characters. Should "Developer Testing" be ...
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Location in profile was changed without edit or knowing

The location on my profile page it has changed from NRW to North Rhine-Westphalia. However, I did not edit that value or field myself. Did someone else change it? Why did it change?
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Is it acceptable to insult god in a user profile?

Like always I hang around in Stack Overflow's chatrooms. Today, someone posted a link to his new "reloaded" user profile. Along the lines I read in Arabic "god is a pig". So I asked him to remove it: ...
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2 answers

Make clear which profile data is visible to whom

Looking at my own profile and the edit profile form, it isn't really clear to me which data will be publicly displayed/visible to registered users/visible to mods and which won't. When I look at ...
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What causes close votes to be annotated with "(deleted)"?

In the "Votes Cast" section of my profile, my vote to close this question is annotated with "(deleted)": However, the close vote does not appear to have been deleted: it successfully closed the ...
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Why aren't all the badges shown on the track menu?

I like using the 'Track Badges' menu on my profile a lot (I know what you're going to say, I just have a knack for these things), but I keep noticing something a bit unusual. Many of the Badges ...
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2 answers

Hiding sites from the main profile page?

Since the new profile functionality was added, it has been possible to hide a site from showing in your associated sites list on your profile on specific sites in the network. However, regardless of ...
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Single location for SO/SF/SU user info

With the addition of Server Fault and the future addition of Super User, I can imagine it gets relatively hard to keep track of all that is going on without having three windows open at the same time ...
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Make the "past names" list public info for 30 days after changing your name

So this new feature just got rolled out... There's a new numerical field in user profiles called "past names" which when clicked will display a dialog listing previous usernames and when ...
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Add a "recently viewed" tab in the user account page

I'd like to see a list of questions that I've recently viewed. This might go on the user page (but only for the user - not for all to see). This would be different from favorites, as it would only be ...
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1 answer

Who can see the "past names" field in user profiles?

There's a new numerical field in user profiles called "past names" which when clicked will display a dialog listing previous usernames and when they were last used. (I can only see this on my own ...
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Why can I only change my Stack Overflow name once every 30 days?

I have a profile on Stack Overflow. I recently decided to change the name on my profile. I did this, but I made a spelling mistake! I wrote "Kryton" instead of "Kryten"! When I tried to fix this, a ...
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Can I view a list of my "great comments", perhaps in my profile?

I'm a little surprised no one asked this yet, but why isn't it possible to show your comments in descending order of "great comment" votes it has received? You can do this with upvotes on questions ...
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Timestamp on question is later than Profile's Seen, must be some time traveller or ninja

What kind of ninja skills allows for a user to post a question and have the timestamp appear later than when their profile says they were sighted? How did this user post a question without being "...
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Orphaned tag wiki edits have broken activity entries

If a user makes an edit to a tag wiki that subsequently becomes orphaned, the activity entries on their profile are left looking a bit broken. For example, this user's suggested edit activity shows ...
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Ghost (nonexistent) votes in reputation tab

Unfortunately I have recently received some upvotes, which means that new bugz are uncovered... TL;DR: if there's a day, on which you receive upvotes on post, then you check reputation tab and after ...
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Who can see what in my profile?

When editing my user profile (name, date of birth, etc.), how can I tell which information can be seen by other users (publicly visible) and what is only used by the system (and how it's used)?
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How are profile views counted?

This is related to the 'number of times your profile is visited by others'. How exactly does it work? For example, in my profile page, profile view count is 171.
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Trying to hide spam/offensive deletions on user profiles announces them

If a post is deleted as spam or offensive, the user incurs a 100-rep penalty. But SE made the conscious decision to not call that out on the reputation tab; if you go to the page of a user who's hit ...
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Allow "Save And Copy Profile To All Stack Exchange Accounts" to exclude selected sites

The "Save And Copy Profile To All Stack Exchange Accounts" button is quite useful for users with many accounts across the Stack Exchange network. However, many users have profiles on certain sites ...
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"Unanswered" question sort order on profile pages

To help users keep track of (and hopefully get answers to) unanswered questions, it would be useful to have an "unanswered" sort order on a user's profile page. It would order the list of questions ...
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8 answers

What would be good "call to action" elements for "Reinstate Monica" profiles?

Following ideas put up by others, I changed my nickname and profile information to inform potential readers of my content on "other" network sites about the ongoing struggle. Right now, my ...
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"Ban myself" button in user profiles

The purpose is to help the addicted user stick to a decision to concentrate on a different, short-term real-life problems s/he urgently has to deal with. I've seen this feature on some high-activity ...
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