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Is it allowed to use Stack Exchange to connect to People? [duplicate]

Is it allowed to use Stack Exchange to find people who would like to work on a project? I am basically looking for students who are interested in creating something to show to future employers.
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"host" a project QA at StackOverflow [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is it okay to use Stack Overflow as the support forum for a product or project? I created a new project in Bitbucket but it doesn't support forum or mailing list capabilities. ...
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Am I allowed to post an entire project instead of portions of code in Stack Overflow?

There is a project (Objective-C, made with xcode) that I messed up, there are runtime errors to correct. But the project is so big, the code is huge. Am I allowed to attach a zip file containing the ...
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Am I allowed to post a project URL on Stack Overflow so others can rate and review that project?

I am currently completing a PHP & jQuery related project and I'm interested if I can post a question on Stack Overflow so other programmers and developers from specified technologies could rate it,...
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Does anyone know of a similar site for hardware project collaboration?

It seems to me that there are a lot of people out there with great ideas, and unused brain power, who would like to help in the development of Open source Hardware/Software projects. What's needed is ...
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Let us list Technologies for projects in CVs

Related Suggestion I think the Projects and Links section should be broken into two (Projects becoming separate) and have the projects section behave similarly to education or employment. I'm thinking:...
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OK to mention an Open Source project in SO post?

I am currently writing documentation and setting up a website for a open source PHP project under the LGPL - a very flexible content aggregator that for example can turn a XML datasource into a valid, ...
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How much can people deduce from my project(s) by looking at my posts?

I post some of my issues to Stack Overflow and other places on the web. Should I be concerned about what people can deduce from these posts about my projects?
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