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Questions may be protected by users with 15,000 reputation or by diamond moderators. Protected questions can only be answered by users with at least 10 reputation (110 if they have the association bonus).

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suggestion: warn on adding answer to protected question

"Protected" prevents newbies from adding silly answers to popular questions. It doesn't stop not-so-newbies, as I just noticed following a link from the flags page. How about if proposing to answer a ...
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Why do protected questions only require 10 reputation to answer?

I have noticed that questions are sometimes protected to prevent "thanks!", "me too!", or spam answers by new users. In order to answer those questions, you must have earned more than 10 reputation on ...
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Is it worth flagging a question and asking moderators to protect a question?

Given the number of comments on this SO question: In C++, why should new be used as little as possible?, I'm wondering if it should be protected. Do moderators, et al., appreciate flagging a question ...
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How to Protect a Question? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is a “protected” question? How do you protect a question? Is there a link I can click? I have sufficient rep, but I don't see a protect link. Are there any ...
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Mute down the protected message for advance user

The protected message on question take quite a lot of screen space and you get after a while of using the site. protected by {user}♦ {date} This question is protected to prevent "thanks!", "me ...
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Does community user auto-protect old questions? [duplicate]

An old question on Super User with lots of views was just bumped by a spam user. The post was spam-flagged and removed, and the question was simultaneously protected. Does this mean this related ...
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Should active bounty questions be protectable?

When a bounty is active on a question, that question can't be closed. There's currently no restriction on making such a question protected, though: Should we remove the option of protecting questions ...
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Automatically protect questions with three or more low-rep-user deleted answers

There are a few "automatically protect questions" requests out there, but I'd like to add another twist. I'd like to request that questions that have three or more deleted answers by users with <...
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Why are closed questions not automatically unprotected?

I recently became a pro tem moderator of the Quant Finance SE. I protected a question that eventually was voted to be closed. Even after it was closed, the question was still listed as protected. This ...
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Add ProtectedDate to Post records in the data dump

The current version of the data dump does not have information on whether or not a question is protected. Can we add a ProtectedDate column to this table? It would be NULL on answer records and ...
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Should we automatically protect questions that are at least a certain age?

I came across a question on serverfault today that is about 18 months old. The reason I found it is that a 1 rep user had just added an answer. I didn't notice the date at first, and added my own ...
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how quick to be on the 'protect' trigger [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: For 15k+ users: Guidelines on Protecting Questions? So, I got the 'protect' link on stackoverflow. If I read the late answers link, I'll see plenty of pointlessness attached ...
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For 15k+ users: Guidelines on Protecting Questions? [duplicate]

Just got a notice on StackOverflow that I can now "protect questions" .... I've seen diamond moderators do this a few times before, but for the most part I haven't seen it used too often. Therefore I ...
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Should spam bait questions be protected?

Questions on "What website should I read to learn language X?" tend to attract spammers, such as this user who only answers such questions. Rather than flagging such spammers, should the spam-bait ...
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Auto protect questions with a sudden influx of viewers

A sudden, large increase in viewers, for instance from Reddit, can result in no small amount of noise and spam, as it more often than not occurs when there's a contentious topic at hand. It may be ...
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How much rep do I need to protect a question? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is a “protected” question? I know some uber mods can protect a question? how much rep do I need to be able to do that?
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Why was "What's your favorite programmer cartoon" protected?

What’s your favorite “programmer” cartoon? locked by Community♦ Aug 6 '09 at 16:23 protected by Marc Gravell♦ Jul 5 '10 at 19:33 This question is protected to prevent "thanks!", "me too!", or ...
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Protected should need more rep to answer

Today I was looking at the last page in newest for all questions tagged "iPhone" and saw this question. And then I read about the "protected by" state it was in. But, 10 reputation doesn't seem enough....
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27 votes
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Should we automatically protect all questions with more than N answers?

I was thinking, if a question has more than say 40 answers there is very little value in getting answer number 41. The chances of it floating to the top are slim. Does it make sense to automatically ...
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Are protected questions used anywhere?

Ok so a few months ago Protected Questions were added to the system. However, to date the only one I've come across is the example question on Meta. Are any questions being made protected? I remember ...
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Automatically protecting questions from junk answers

Given the many junk answers that tend to accumulate, and the current absurdly low rep threshold for bypassing protection of questions, should questions be automatically protected? I'm not after ...
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52 votes
4 answers

Can we have a "isprotected" search operator?

Please add a search operator that selects for (or against) the protected status flag.
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166 votes
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What is a “protected” or "highly active" question?

Questions can be protected (i.e. marked "highly active"). What does it mean for a question to be protected? Why are some questions protected? Who can protect and unprotect questions? Who can answer a ...
17 votes
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Protect a question from being spaminated, but allow legitimate users to carry on

Let moderators offer a protection status visa to certain questions under constant non-answer fire. Much like Wikipedia, this would allow users above a certain level of reputation (but at what level?)...
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