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For all issues related to problems that occur if you are accessing Stack Exchange through a web proxy.

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Stack Exchange proxied by Chinese government listed as a Google search result

I was googling some problems and noticed some results (on the first page) pointing to
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Is asking questions on Stack Exchange sites using a proxy prohibited?

If I am browsing using a web proxy, and I post a question to a StackExchange site, is Stack Exchange going to cause it to fail? I think the answer is yes. I composed this item while my proxy was ...
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Network errors while doing reviews

Since some time today, doing reviews is a very shaky operation; every second or third review when I click on the action button (regardless of what button, or what review queue), I get the loading ...
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Stack Overflow's live refresh features do not work when using proxy

Stack Overflow's live refresh gets you instant notifications without having to do a F5 every time. But this behaviour doesn't seem to work when the browser uses some proxy connection to connect to the ...
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Could we switch to wss:// for the live refresh?

Currently, the live refresh feature uses an insecure websocket connection (ws://) to fetch updates. However, this does not work with HTTP proxies due to the "HTTP connection upgrade" that happens in ...
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Problem with accessing Stack Overflow under a localhost proxy [closed]

For some reasons, I am using a localhost proxy configured as "HTTP CONNECT Tunneling". When I open anything under, I get a runtime error page. I think this is because my proxy adds ...
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Firefox popup 'Authentication Required' when accessing Stack Overflow

One of the more recent updates to Firefox started to popup a message whenever I access StackOverflow from my work machine, along the lines of: 'The proxy moz-proxy://xxx:8080 is requesting a user ...
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Having a problem visiting Stack Overflow over proxy in Firefox [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: My corporate proxy doesn't support web sockets, which makes Stack Exchange a pain to use Every time I go to Stack Overflow with Firefox at my work (which has a proxy). I ...
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Active content on page causing multiple "proxy authentication required" dialogs to open

My work internet connection runs behind a proxy with pretty standard filtering to keep us away from watching silly videos on youtube all day. I'm running Firefox 11 on Windows and it is configured to ...
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EC2 socks proxy, cannot access Stack Exchange [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why is Amazon AWS blocked I regularly use an EC2 instance as a socks proxy. When visiting Stack Exchange sites, I receive the following error: We're sorry... This IP is ...
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What can be done about an incorrect "you are only allowed to ask 50 questions in a 30 day period" block?

I just attempted to ask my first question ever on Stack Overflow, but the system told me Sorry, you are only allowed to ask 50 questions in a 30 day period What can I do about this? EDIT from ...
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Trouble viewing Stack Exchange sites [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why am I unable to access Stack Overflow? I'm behind a firewall and all of a sudden, I'm unable to access Stack Exchange sites. I checked with the IT team and here is what ...
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Co-workers logged in as me when viewing question I asked

When I sent a link to my question to co-workers (we're on the same LAN, so perhaps we look to have the same IP to the SO site), they were essentially logged in as me and could perform all the ...
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"Last activity" shown as being from, due to http proxy on LAN?

On my account page, it shows my last activity as being from My guess is because my browser is configured to use a HTTP proxy on, and maybe that proxy is setting some X-Forwarded-...
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