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Publicity badges are those badges earned for driving traffic to the site. They include Announcer (Bronze), Booster (Silver), and Publicist (Gold).

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What "visitors" count towards the publicity badges?

I was just thinking about these badges and how exactly your number of visitors is calculated. Really, this boils down into three key groups which you could gain counts from: New visitors: Those who ...
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View analytics for referral links

Clicking the link button brings up a text box with a referral link of the form /q/[post ID]/[user ID]. The presence of the user ID in this link allows the system to track the number of visits due to ...
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Award publicity badges for sharing Tag Wikis

This is part 2 of Highlighting the Tag Wikis. Currently, there are three badges (Announcer, Booster and Publicist) that encourage sharing questions (and implicitly, answers). I suggest that these ...
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Now that internally shared link clicks count toward publicity badges, can we please keep the user ID referral in oneboxed links posted in chat?

I recently posted a shared link to an answer in chat that contained my user ID, in order to try and earn a publicity badge (e.g. Announcer) for sharing the link (taking a chance even if it's unlikely)....
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Per user link limits the utility of StumbleUpon

One of the more effective methods of promoting questions, especially on some of the "softer" sites is StumbleUpon. StumbleUpon is a service that effectively allows you to say "Show me a web page I ...
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Should closed questions qualify for Announcer, Booster, and Publicist badges?

I've been running a publicist badge experiment lately. I think it is safe to say that there is a strong benefit to sharing most of the questions. However, is it worthwhile to reward users for ...
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Should the Booster threshold be reduced?

This has been asked in the past (e.g. Booster badge should be golden or easier to achieve ) but since that point a few patterns have developed which make the argument stronger. The Nice/Good/Great ...
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Publicity badge descriptions not updated everywhere

The badge description for the publicity badges like Announcer have recently been updated: Update publicity badge descriptions - they work for answers as well as for questions. This is reflected in the ...
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Announcer, booster, publicist badge pages: Link to migrated question

I want to suggest that on the pages that show the users that have achieved the badges of announcer, booster and publicist, instead of displaying "Post is no longer available", the text "This questions ...
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